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I usually refer to myself as Hispanic.

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I do not consider myself a Hispanic writer.

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Claudia Black

I would refer to myself as an artist, and this is a career I take very seriously. I need to be creatively stimulated and interested in what I'm doing and challenged.

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I just refer to myself as being Spirit, Mind and Body like everybody else and working toward the mastery of my natural divinity and the healing of my emotional mind.

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At 6:30, which was when the national news began, my father raised the volume and adjusted the antennas. Usually I occupied myself with a book, but that night my father insisted that I pay attention.

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Dusty Creator

as you mold the clay
to make a face out me

you need to put water
and regroup all those

elements of fire and
air and earth

that refer to myself:
some stories and

answers to what i am
and from where i am

to where i am heading
to where shall i end

because you are my creator
and i am your mere dust

and for all things queer
and weird, My Lord, I must abide.

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Better Off On Her Own

My girl came home to me just the other day, acting ok.
I was reading alone in my favourite room, the tv was on.
May I be excused for not telling the truth
cos shes gone, she said shes better off on her own.
She turned her head much better off on her own.
My girl knocked on the door to the place I usually refer to as home.
I died, shoelace untied she looked in my eyes, small and surprised.
And God closed every gaze the moon fell into the lake.
Boy, shes gone, a drift shes better off on her own.
She closed, then she left much better off on her own.
Sitting naked by the windowsill watching cars upon the hill.
Am I sleeping?
I was dreaming for just a moment time stood still.
Better off on her own, better off on her own.
Now shes gone, she said shes better of on her own.
She turned her head much better off on her own.
Shes gone, she sighed shes better of on her own.
The tears I cried much better off on her own.
My girl came home to me just the other day.

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Driven By Delusion

Driven by delusion?
Where did you get that conclusion?

We heard that and chose it to ignore.
Since we know how we arrived.
And persistence did it.
Most times with the pedal pushed to the floor.
With a confidence to approach,
And knock on many doors.

Driven by delusion?

Delusion might have taken the credit.
But we did not sit in stifled reminiscing!
With champagne sipping on caviar dreams!
Are you kidding?
Not one of us tried to find that time.
If you knew how precious to us time means?

Driven by delusion?

We do admit there had been some wishes.
But all of us are aware of this...
A good work ethic could not be dismissed.
And delusion came along for the ride.
Delusion had nothing to do with our drive!
Not a thing to do with this...
Not one bit!

Let me say this...
'IF' you believe any of this was driven by delusion,
You obviously have been fantasized by 'bling'
And not by substance.

Since substance requires one to take control,
With an experience to be behind the wheel!
And none of us has acquired a taste for substitutes.
To waste and use as an excuse.
Choosing to lead.
And not be the ones who followed.

Just 'who' are the 'we' you refer to? '

I always refer to myself in third person!
Especially if the task 'appears' to be more than I can handle!
With 'that' on my mind.
And so far...
I've underestimated myself too often.

But 'never' my abilities!
You have no idea,
How they seem to have a mind of their own!

'I'm learning not to take anything for granted!
Not a single thing.'

Why are you backing away from me like that?

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Edisoned [1920 slang]

Just when I thought today

Was beginning to become a frog's eyebrows

Preceding the gansters episode

Surviving the Chicago lightning

And getting out of that dump

It bacame a Chinese angle

When hearing 'Grab a little air'

I get sapped with some nutcrackers

Then a couple of bean shooters

Are forced to my head

I then find myself in a pair of nippers

I've been pinched

I am sent over to the club house

I made [Kevin] a git-box player

With his mouthpiece

Aiding him to dust out

Must have been playing his git-box

At one of those beer flats

Places where he can play to make spinach to live

I also made this ladyleggar [Michelle]

With a couple of oyster fruit strands around her neck

Possibly paying off protection money

To keep the heat away from her establishment

It appears these flatties sure enjoy

Shaking down these joints

I pipe a couple of flappers in silk stockings

I pipe one of their slips was revealing

Want to tell her

'Hey it's snowing down south'

I couldn't, I'm too far away

While leading me down the halls

The flattie informs me

That they have the goods on me

I should get on the blower

And call a good lip

He leads me to the Coney Island

I know I'll be edisoned

Few moments later they give me the third

If I don't sing they'll give me chin music

Each time there were two gumshoes respectivly

While in the Coney Island

The first two were [Matt] and [Tony]

Then [Rick] and [Mike]

The third set of gumshoes were [Pete] and [Drew]

Each of this six seems to be father time

Each one informs me I'll be heading to the big house

There's a call copper, who says

I was one one of the hoods

That came out of this jitney

And enter that dump where they spotted the goods

They lead me to a holding cell

Before they start tightening the screws

'The quicker you sing who's you're working for'

'The quicker we'll get a croaker for that Harlem sunset'

'We'll get the meat wagon for you'

As they lead me to the cell

I see in one cell a half cut

In another a John D

Couple of other cells were occupied by slimps I recognize

They'll hype you when you're not paying attention

The one next to me

I could tell has another tray of pork chops

After a chime or two I'm back in the Coney Island

I wonder what kind of rap They'll have me on

They tell me I better be a pigeon

Then it'll be a breeze

To blouse out of this dingus

The second set of gumshoes ankles in

One of them takes out their hope chest

Then hands the other a gasper

Then takes one out for himself

He lights them both

Before either one says anything to me

Usually I could cut myself a piece of cake

But with this Harlem sunset I have

I can't do it any longer

Suddenly one of them informs me

There were hot ice in the dump I came out of

He believes I was fencing them

And that I was one of those gansters

Who was pumping metal at them

He was telling me no more bunk

The third set of gumshoes relieves the second

One opens the icebox pulls out two pops

The label is fimiliar on both bottles

They were [Cooper's Cave Soda Company]

He hands the other one

Then pops off the top of his

Takes a snort from it

The other does the same to his bottle

One tells me he doesn't want to hear

'Don't know from nothing'

He doesn't want me to give them the runaround

I'll say the same to these gumshoes

The same thing I said to the goons at that dump

'You're tooting the wrong ringer'

The other says

'We think you know more than we originally thought'

The other replies 'And how'

They tell me I'll be getting more than a three spot

They have the goods to get me convicted

One tells the other

'The screws are going to love this fish in the pen'

Then the other reply

'They're going enjoy putting him the bing'

I know I don't deserve this bit

Then one tells me that he didn't peg me as a stupe

Then this broosky with a pencin thin mustache on his puss enters

He had these kippy dog kettles upon his dogs

He tells them both not to get in a lather

He must be the high pillow

They refer to him as [TR]

He tells the high pillow to get a slant of the hot ice

He gloms through them

He then says

'I have newshawks wanting the lowdown on this'

He then asks

'So what's this gink's monicker'

'Was he packing heat? '

They tell him my name

And informs him I wasn't packing

Then the high pillow informs the others

'He's a patsy, It's a frame'

'He's on the up and up, they're ringers'

He turns to me and says

'You can dust out of here'

I dust out

While ankling the street

I ponder if there'll be another Chinese angle some time today

I also ponder if I'm bait for these flatties

I'm now late to a get together

With couple of bun dusters [Troy] and [David]

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The Dialogue: Time tested knowledge -Globilization is the ladder

Time –Ladder

My words of inspiration
Will always begin by time
They say time is money
I am thinking of time sitting with my best friend
Then I came to recognize that time is friend who is caring
He is sharing me with his past experiences about life
Hear is the beginning:
My friend: Do you see that we are now failing to do the things in the way that our past forefathers were doing
Me: Yes but why
My friend: This is because we are failing to use the time in a more sunssict manner
Me: what do you mean?
My friend: Have you noticed how naughty the pupils are during the class.
Me: yes
My friend: That is because they tend to take all of things that are being said by the lectures fro granted.
Me: Why is that happening
My: That is not only because the students do not looked to attend the lectures, but that is because they think they will be able to catch up the notes either on the book or on the internet.
Me: Oh yes, But not all of us who are having the similar abilities to grasp exactly what the lectures are saying, doesn’t that cause others to fail.

My friend: That affect everybody.

Me: How

My friend: Do you know what? Time is very important. Most of students – tends to blame the lectures when they have failed. The University is another level of education. There is no one who will push as in the high schools. You need to go and search the information for them.
Me: Besides that my friend: Most of lectures have experience. They have devoted their times in doing their studies. Besides that, most of lectures are very old. For us as the students it is very difficult to develop knowledge about something we have never seen. Do you ever red Ferranti – the sociolology book part about Industrial Revolutions?

Me: Do you mean that Industries evolutes in Europe that any other world?

My friend: That is good but can you think of how the Industrial Revolution tests our time-knowledge?

Me: I think of the time when the animals were being domesticated. I red that book from Diamond Larry. Those animals were then used as transport for goods. Two or three Horse carriages followed on one another. But they may have seen how heavy the goods are. They developed the wheels so that the weight is reduced. That was fine. However the roads were built because of too much bumps on the lands. They have therefore conquered the knowledge of making the trains. Note that the trains mimic the movement of horse carriages. Thereafter, everything followed. That includes cars, aero planes and even telegrams. What we are talking about today is time-distance friction – which means that our world is totally shrinking. That is literally because it does not refer to the actual shrinking of world. It refers to the time that we are now using to travel from one place to another. So you can see that what ever that is happening is traced from the past experience.
My friend: Wow my friend you have killed it? (We shack the hands)

Me: So we cannot only talk about the lectures but we can make our new statement of change.

My friend: Yes my friend you are clever, because you see that this world is changing. It is also said that in our modern societies some societies are failing to change because they are still stick to the superstitions of the past. In terms of culture do you think how can we change culture in the way that will be time- tested?

Me: I like when you say time –tested knowledge. Do you know what? If we can just switch off the knowledge and hysterical notes of writings about anything, including math, science and even culture there is no point to disagree that we shall not have developed in the way that the modern world development is taking place. I don’t like your term change and I suggest that you will use transform in the future. As you have had of how the industrial development was developed and then transformed. We need to study the ways in which the things were being done in the past in other to be able to transfer our modern word in a very smoothest way.

My friend: those words are now clear. You make me remember something. During the case of the ANC president Jackop Zuma. Well you know the rape case and -

Me: Can guess what you want to say. You are talking about the groups of women’s protection, who claimed that the girl did not cry or screamed because she was extremely terrified.

My friend: Yes and the judge said “that is not acceptable. A lady might otherwise have raped dead. No matter how terrifying the thing is, when we see something that terrifies us we tend to scream or be in the state of death. The statement that the women’s protection is trying raise has therefore no interaction in the universe”

Me: The judges are professionally trained; they are the people who are saying things based on the laws that were invented by based on the past experience. It does happen that Law is changed.But again I do not like to use the word change I will prefer to use the word transform. The transformations of laws are usually caused by the transformations of the modern societies. We are highly globalized and we have no point to oppose that. So in other to make the smooth transformation of our laws we need to see what was it cause and aims and what makes it fail to fit with the modern societies.

My friend: Yes you are speaking like lawyer now.

Me: I am not a Lawyer but what I have said emphasized one thing that “If the world is to be transformed in the smooth way – the time-tested knowledge in which things were done in the past must be used to evaluate the things, because we can not build something out of nothing.”

My friend: This also means that we are going to be tested on what we have done. I mean how we use our time and how we utilize the time-tested knowledge.

Me: Yes time is an ultimate sure goalkeeper. If one cherishes a dream on his or her mind it should be achieved by means of using the time-tested knowledge and that means that you need to use your time relevantly too. Open up your mouth and brain before you do actions you will see how amazing you are.

My friend: So my time is like a ladder. It is the only way to develop positive attitudes Take for example Doctor Nelson Mandela, who became the first democratically elected president in South Africa. He was sentenced almost 27 years in prison. He had seen how painful and disgusting the so-called discrimination is. When he came back he abolished apartheid and we are now leaving in the truly democratic South Africa.

Me: Yes time is a ladder that we shall climb with to everywhere we want to go. As you see Mandela had an experience about apartheid, because he felt to see how bad it was.He abolished it. He did not do the so called an eye for an eye. So everybody needs that Ladder of a time. I need ladder that shall be used to climb out the mountains. The ladder might be fit and fixed. Sot hat we shall be able to come back safety when our goals and visions have been fulfilled. My friends you are talking like a philosopher are you?

My friend: I am not a philosopher: anyone has told me to take those courses. I don’t believe it takes to study philosophy as to be a truly philosopher. There are as many people all over the universe. They call themselves engineers. But I will never call myself as a sociologist. The fact that I am studying sociology does not define me. I will be defined by time and my knowledge. I need person like you to kick start me but I do not need a person to push me.

Me: what do you mean?

Do you know the difference between the ultimate gold and fake gold. The faked gold tends to loose it color when it is thrown in the hot water. But the ultimate gold tends to shine more that ever before when it is thrown in the hot water. And do you know what does that mean? There are extremely rich people and there are poor people. Those people usually do absolutely nothing to help their societies. There are true philosophers with enough knowledge who can not pass it to the public. They wish to do so, but they are silenced because they ere not educated. I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to be at the university. So I shall use this chance to help in opening the mouths of the silenced philosophers. I shall use my time ladder. I don’t manna be reach and stay with my family while others are hungry outside. That is going to kill me and not the hungry people. Because we are living in the single universe that needs to be developed equally in order to achieve the developed world. (Now crying) I don’t want to be like those biggest extinct animals. Those animals were stupid’s. They refuse to adapt to the newly emerging environmental conditions. They realized that the food is so scarce but they choose to eat a lot. Take for an example of a person who usually encourages the apartheid. That person eventually changes when he has realized the truth. Unfortunately the saying argues that “the king is king buy it own people” So after the decades of the xenophobic plantation it is difficult to be removed. A king is transformed – he is no longer xenophobic –but it people are xenophobic. They kill people- foreigners. The king cries – not because he feels so pathetic over the killing –and I want to say no.
The king is very old and he does not know where shall it say to the God over his xenophobic inflicts or education. The king has no choice how to tell people that xenophobia is disgusting. He will loose his nation. No king is without stress in the universe.

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Psychological Warfare

This above all remember: they will be very brave men,
And you will be facing them. You must not despise them.

I am, as you know, like all true professional soldiers,
A profoundly religious man: the true soldier has to be.
And I therefore believe the war will be over by Easter Monday.
But I must in fairness state that a number of my brother-officers,
No less religious than I, believe it will hold out till Whitsun.
Others, more on the agnostic side (and I do not contemn them)
Fancy the thing will drag on till August Bank Holiday.

Be that as it may, some time in the very near future,
We are to expect Invasion ... and invasion not from the sea.
Vast numbers of troops will be dropped, probably from above,
Superbly equipped, determined and capable; and this above all,
Remember: they will be very brave men, and chosen as such.

You must not, of course, think I am praising them.
But what I have said is basically fundamental
To all I am about to reveal: the more so, since
Those of you that have not seen service overseas—
Which is the case with all of you, as it happens—this is the first time
You will have confronted them. My remarks are aimed
At preparing you for that.

Everyone, by the way, may smoke,
And be as relaxed as you can, like myself.
I shall wander among you as I talk and note your reactions.
Do not be nervous at this: this is a thing, after all,
We are all in together.

I want you to note in your notebooks, under ten separate headings,
The ten points I have to make, remembering always
That any single one of them may save your life. Is everyone ready?
Very well then.

The term, Psychological Warfare
Comes from the ancient Greek: psycho means character
And logical, of course, you all know. We did not have it
In the last conflict, the fourteen-eighteen affair,
Though I myself was through it from start to finish. (That is point one.)
I was, in fact, captured—or rather, I was taken prisoner—
In the Passchendaele show (a name you will all have heard of)
And in our captivity we had a close opportunity
(We were all pretty decently treated. I myself
Was a brigadier at the time: that is point two)
An opportunity I fancy I was the only one to appreciate
Of observing the psychiatry of our enemy
(The word in those days was always psychology,
A less exact description now largely abandoned). And though the subject
Is a highly complex one, I had, it was generally conceded,
A certain insight (I do not know how, but I have always, they say,
Had a certain insight) into the way the strangest things ebb up
From what psychoanalysts now refer to as the self-conscious.
It is possibly for this reason that I have been asked
To give you the gist of the thing, the—how shall I put it?—
The gist.

I was not of course captured alone
(Note that as point three) so that I also observed
Not only the enemy's behaviour; but ours. And gradually, I concluded
That we all of us have, whether we like it or lump it,
Our own individual psychiatry, given us, for better or worse,
By God Almighty. I say this reverently; you often find
These deeper themes of psychiatry crudely but well expressed
In common parlance. People say: 'We are all as God made us.'
And so they are. So are the enemy. And so are some of you.
This I in fact observed: point four. Not only the enemy
Had their psychiatry, but we, in a different sense,
Had ours. And I firmly believe you cannot (point six) master
Their psychiatry before you have got the gist of your own.
Let me explain more fully: I do not mean to imply
That any, or many, of you are actually mentally ill.
Though that is what the name would imply. But we, your officers,
Have to be aware that you, and many of your comrades,
May have a sudden psychiatry which, sometimes without warning,
May make you feel (and this is point five) a little bit odd.

I do not mean that in the sense of anything nasty:
I am not thinking of those chaps with their eyes always on each other
(Sometimes referred to as homosensualists
And easily detected by the way they lace up their boots)
But in the sense you may all feel a little disturbed,
Without knowing why, a little as if you were feeling an impulse,
Without knowing why: the term for this is ambivalence.
Often referred to for some mysterious reason,
By the professionals as Amby Valence,
As though they were referring to some nigger minstrel.
(Not, of course, that I have any colour prejudice:
After all, there are four excellent West Nigerians among you,
As black as your boot: they are not to blame for that.)

At all events this ambivalence is to be avoided.
Note that as point seven: I think you all know what I mean:
In the Holy Scriptures the word begins with an O,
Though in modern parlance it usually begins with an M.
You have most of you done it absentmindedly at some time or another,
But repeated, say, four times a day, it may become almost a habit,
Especially prone to by those of sedentary occupation,
By pale-faced clerks or schoolmasters, sitting all day at a desk,
Which is not, thank God, your position: you are always
More or less on the go: and that is what
(Again deep in the self-conscious) keeps you contented and happy here.

Even so, should you see some fellow-comrade
Give him all the help you can. In the spiritual sense, I mean,
With a sympathetic word or nudge, inform him in a manly fashion
'Such things are for boys, not men, lad.'
Everyone, eyes front!

I pause, gentlemen.
I pause. I am not easily shocked or taken aback,
But even while I have been speaking of this serious subject
I observe that one of you has had the effrontery—
Yes, you at the end of row three! No! Don't stand up, for God's sake, man,
And don't attempt to explain. Just tuck it away,
And try to behave like a man. Report to me
At eighteen hundred hours. The rest of you all eyes front.
I proceed to point six.

The enemy itself,
I have reason to know is greatly prone to such actions.
It is something we must learn to exploit: an explanation, I think,
Is that they are, by and large, undeveloped children,
Or adolescents, at most. It is perhaps to do with physique,
And we cannot and must not ignore their physique as such.
(Physique, of course, being much the same as psychiatry.)
They are usually blond, and often extremely well-made,
With large blue eyes and very white teeth,
And as a rule hairless chests, and very smooth, muscular thighs,
And extremely healthy complexions, especially when slightly sunburnt.
I am convinced there is something in all this that counts for something.
Something probably deep in the self-conscious of all of them.
Undeveloped children, I have said, and like children,
As those of you with families will know,
They are sometimes very aggressive, even the gentlest of them.

All the same we must not exaggerate; in the words of Saint Matthew:
'Clear your minds of cant.' That is point five: note it down.
Do not take any notice of claptrap in the press
Especially the kind that implies that the enemy will come here,
Solely with the intention of raping your sisters.
I do not know why it is always sisters they harp on:
I fancy it must ebb up from someone's self-conscious.
It is a patent absurdity for two simple reasons: (a)
They cannot know in advance what your sisters are like:
And (b) some of you have no sisters. Let that be the end of that.

There are much darker things than that we have to think of.
It is you they consider the enemy, you they are after.
And though, as Britishers, you will not be disposed to shoot down
A group of helpless men descending from the heavens,
Do not expect from them—and I am afraid I have to say this—gratitude:
They are bound to be over-excited,
As I said, adolescently aggressive, possibly drugged,
And later, in a macabre way, grotesquely playful.
Try to avoid being playfully kicked in the crutch,
Which quite apart from any temporary discomfort,
May lead to a hernia. I do not know why you should laugh.
I once had a friend who, not due to enemy action
But to a single loud sneeze, entirely his own, developed a hernia,
And had to have great removals, though only recently married.
(I am sorry, gentlemen, but anyone who finds such things funny
Ought to suffer them and see. You deserve the chance to.
I must ask you all to extinguish your cigarettes.)

There are other unpleasant things they may face you with.
You may, as I did in the fourteen-eighteen thing,
Find them cruelly, ruthlessly, starkly obsessed with the arts,
Music and painting, sculpture and the writing of verses,
Please, do not stand for that.

Our information is
That the enemy has no such rules, though of course they may have.
We must see what they say when they come. There can, of course,
Be no objection to the more virile arts:
In fact in private life I am very fond of the ballet,
Whose athleticism, manliness and sense of danger
Is open to all of us to admire. We had a ballet-dancer
In the last mob but three, as you have doubtless heard.
He was cruelly teased and laughed at—until he was seen in the gym.
And then, my goodness me! I was reminded of the sublime story
Of Samson, rending the veil of the Temple.
I do not mean he fetched the place actually down; though he clearly did what he could.

Though for some other reason I was never quite clear about,
And in spite of my own strong pressure on the poor lad's behalf,
And his own almost pathetic desire to stay on with us,
He was, in fact, demobilized after only three weeks' service,
Two and a half weeks of which he spent in prison.
Such are war's tragedies: how often we come upon them!
(Everyone may smoke again, those that wish.)

This brings me to my final point about the psychiatry
Of our formidable foe. To cope with it,
I know of nothing better than the sublime words of Saint Paul
In one of his well-known letters to the Corinthians:
'This above all, to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day
No man can take thee in.'

'This above all': what resonant words those are!
They lead me to point nine, which is a thing
I may have a special thing about, but if so,
Remember this is not the first war I have been through.
I refer (point nine this is) to the question of dignity.
Dignity. Human dignity. Yours. Never forget it, men.
Let it sink deep into your self-consciousness,
While still remaining plentifully available on the surface,
In the form of manly politeness. I mean, in particular, this:
Never behave in a manner to evoke contempt
Before thine enemy. Our enemy, I should say.

Comrades, and brothers-in-arms,
And those especially who have not understood my words,
You were not born to live like cowards or cravens:
Let me exhort you: never, whatever lies you have heard,
Be content to throw your arms on the ground and your other arms into the air and squawk 'Kaputt!'
It is unsoldierly, unwarlike, vulgar, and out of date,
And may make the enemy laugh. They have a keen sense of humour,
Almost (though never quite, of course) as keen as our own.
No: when you come face to face with the foe, remember dignity,
And though a number of them do fortunately speak English,
Say, proudly, with cold politeness, in the visitor's own language:
'Ich ergebe mich.' Ich meaning I,
Ergebe meaning surrender, and mich meaning me.
Ich ergebe mich.' Do not forget the phrase.
Practise it among yourselves: do not let it sound stilted,
Make it sound idiotish, as if you were always saying it,
Only always cold in tone: icy, if necessary:
It is such behaviour that will make them accord you
The same respect that they accorded myself,
At Passchendaele. (Incidentally,
You may also add the word nicht if you feel inclined to,
Nicht meaning not. It will amount to much the same thing.)

Dignity, then, and respect: those are the final aims
Of psychiatric relations, and psychological warfare.
They are the fundamentals also of our religion.
I may have mentioned my own religious intuitions:
They are why I venture to think this terrible war will be over
On Easter Monday, and that the invasion will take place
On either Maundy Thursday or Good Friday,
Probably the Thursday, which in so very many
Of our great, brave, proud, heroic and battered cities,
Is early closing day, as the enemy may have learnt from their agents.
Alas, there may be many such days in the immediate future.
But remember this in the better world we all have to build,
And build by ourselves alone—for the government
May well in the next few weeks have withdrawn to Canada—
What did you say? The man in row five. He said something.
Stand up and repeat what you said.
I said 'And a sodding good job', sir, I said, sir.
I have not asked anyone for political comments, thank you,
However apt. Sit down. I was saying:
That in the better world we all have to try to build
After the war is over, whether we win or lose,
Or whether we all agree to call it a draw,
We shall have to try our utmost to get used to each other,
To live together with dignity and respect.
As our Lord sublimely said in one of his weekly Sermons on the Mount
Outside Jerusalem (where interestingly enough,
I was stationed myself for three months in 1926):
'A thirteenth commandment I give you (this is point ten)
That ye love one another.' Love, in Biblical terms,
Meaning of course not quite what it means today,
But precisely what I have called dignity and respect.
And that, men, is the great psychiatrical problem before you:
Of how on God's earth we shall ever learn to attain some sort
Of dignity.

And due respect.
One man.
For another.

Thank you; God bless you, men. Good afternoon.

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Mario Lopez

I like to consider myself an actor who just happens to be Hispanic.

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Everything I wrote /Only For Myself

Everything I wrote
Only for myself
Is nothing forever
To everyone else.

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I ran away from myself
And came to you.
You said to go back to myself
And find you.

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Simple Observation #87 - The old usually has to........

The old usually has to give way to the new
and then sooner or later its time comes too.

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I Trust The Presence Of Myself

I trust the presence of myself around my God
I trust the presence of myself around my friends

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And I usually use myself as a model, posing in front of a mirror as I dab the strokes on the canvas.

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You know
When you
Put your
In there

I can't

As if
To nowhere

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I Slice Myself Like A Loaf Of Bread

i slice myself like a loaf of bread
so that you can have the best of me
spread out with all the things that you love

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Well do I know myself

Well do I know myself, so
Your coldness
I did not think to blame, yet
My bitterness has
Soaked my sleeves, it seems

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Simple Observation #16 - There's usually a reward for a...

There's usually a reward for a difficult job that's well done
and any satisfaction gained is a short lasting phenomenon.

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