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All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.

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We Are Not Actors!

when millions of our ancestors died for the truth,
when millions of them never acted in their life,
when millions of us work hard with our only face,
who told that world is full actors and actresses?

memorized scripts are repeated,
repeated verses can be recorded and edited,
The director vision is visualized,
Rehearsal can make the scenes perfect.

we live a scene only once in real life,
no directors, editors and the script writer,
we live our life with emotions and blunders,
we feel every moment that is not felt by the actors,
who told that world is the stage and we are the actors?

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We Are Warriors Of Our Own Life

Depressions are the games of minds…
A journey through the eyes of the believer
Soul breaking is sometimes so awful
Brave on… and face the odds upfront
The smile that melts the heart

Some conversation can be pleasant
Will last for long in our minds
We are here to fill…
The emptiness of the life's stage
Carry on with normal life
We have to take what we hated most
The bitterness and the pains

Love is complex and complicated....
But once you have had it
It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.....
All the way
A tear is a sign of purity
Love is a many splendid things…
A plain life is a real life
Sweet surrender of words that heal....
The world is the stage and we are the actors
A book is my world…
A friend in needs is a friend…..
We greet to a good deeds
A true friend will give you money
When u don't have none
It’s like……….
Father to child bonding
Holy and sacred

Fate is something written
Upon our faces but we can not see
Sins of depleted innocence
Suicidal inflicted by courage to die.....
We’re warriors of our own life

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The future lies in designing and selling computers that people don't realize are computers at all.

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Real Success

Don't let hunger for success destroy the way you are.
Power and money never substitute for the stuff of a star.
They leave you less a person after 15 minutes of fame,
Unable to remember from where or whence you came.
You are a precious gift, an invaluable one-of-kind;
A miracle of unique precision never before designed.
Your value is unfathomable. There's one of you on earth.
All computers in the world couldn't measure your worth.
Whatever your way of life there's one thing you will need...
It's not power and money with their hypnotizing greed,
Just sensitivity for others that will guarantee you succeed.

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Dredging The River

It is often a taker, but now it's a giver:
Workmen are busy dredging the river.
On the bed of the Thames, many things lurk;
Recovering them all is long, mucky work.

Crisp packets, cans, and shopping trolleys;
Takeaway cartons, and sticks from lollies.
Spectacles, scarves, gloves, and hats;
Deflated old footballs, and cricket bats.

Cardboard cups, and broken skateboards;
Roman coins, and Iron Age swords.
An amazing menagerie of mobile phones,
And jewellery set with precious stones.

Tennis balls, toys and bicycle tyres;
Cameras, iPods, and electrical wire.
Hub caps, rope, and laptop computers;
Pieces of pottery and jugs made of pewter.

These are among the artefacts found
Under the Thames in old London Town.
Some are mundane - just run of the mill;
While others promise to provide a big thrill.

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Cooking Frogs by Economic Reactance

Slowly the electronic computer system upsets the cradle of power
NZ was alerted to the Smart Card; a new tactic came another hour
As Biblically foretold, power is now in a number on a passport chip
Soon you won't be able to buy or sell without itemizing every bit

Principles of power, now influences over all, are applied to economy
Best to surrender ones’ mind to God than have the world’s lobotomy
If one assumes the appearance of power, people soon give it to you
Yet submission to the higher power brings greater effects to review

Keys to economic advantage maintained with high-speed computing
High tech productivity is thought a vital key, there’s no disputing
Computer tech is rather geared to govern all forms of individuality
Cooking a frog you turns up the heat 'slowing' for induced reality

Can any thus comprehend subtle governmental moves for supremacy?
Theoretically expressed as economics, Scientists control legitimately
Moral issues are rarely raised in view of the law of natural selection
Pivotal magnates ignite economy of the privileged few with no rejection

Bullets are propelled under hidden war tactics, fostering said fractions
Gunpowder of programmers, bank pimps, and chiefs, puppet reactions
“Give me control over a nations’ dough; I care not who makes its laws”
Notably, Mayer Rothschild related; and many activist adhere to it all

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Grabbers and Looters

Even though we all are stage actors
We still lack courage and need mentors
Politics has become an easy way of amassing wealth
Where as public has accepted the deterioration in moral health

You need no expertise mafia style of functioning
Any seat any where in India is available with auctioning
Such a well knit organization with yes men around
Indian democracy is suited to all and legitimately found

I have high hope for its success
Even though people are denied access
Judiciary has become long process
Fewer days for function and more days for recess

'Not guilty unless found and proved in court'
What can you term this procedure of any sort?
Can that be appreciated for lingering justice?
Where have gone all high ideals and promises?

Our forefathers dreamed of beautiful and strong nation
Based on equality, freedom and for neighborly good relation
What has it turn out to be in public eye and in general?
Will it witness downfall or go for quick funeral?

In general the political class has presented worst scene
Dignity, integrity and honesty is not apparent and rarely seen
Low standard of morality and unruly scenes are order of the day
Parliamentary norms are forgotten and temple status is thrown away

They have mastered the art of telling lies with no shame
Everything in their store to accuse others and pass the blame
Almost majority of the members are with dark history
They have the powerful system to their rescue not to feel sorry

Land grabbing and laundering of national wealth is common
Cut backs, commissions and shady deals are generally known
'But who will bell the cat' and bring them to books
They have power, money and muscles to prove powerful crooks

Life has become really hell for the want of effective control
No one can exactly say or assert who has grabbed or stole?
We are passing to next generation a scene of grabbers and looters
Gangsters, kidnappers, traitors and above all fear of sharp shooters

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Nine Billion Names Of God

Once nine billion names of God were known
the world would end, the monks declared.
When scientists transferred them from a stone
on which He’d written them, they then compared
these names to those of all the stars astronomers
had managed to discover, and thus found
a proof their names were all eponymous,
based on a God, who out of sight and sound,
left traces in the starry sky that He
exists, the Founder of the universe.
Once this was known, they could no longer see
the stars, which He extinguished with a curse,
because although He challenges us to know
His names, He does not want us to find out
precisely where the trees of knowledge grow,
because His universe is based on doubt.

Dennis Overbye (“A Boy’s Life, Guided by the Cosmic Wonder, ” NYT, March 25,2007) writes about the science fiction writer and space visionary, the co-creator with Stanley Kubrick of the classic 1968 movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Overbye, who was greatly influenced by Clarke’s writings which he describes as the ultimate reason why he ended up becoming an MIT graduate, reports that a supernova exploded in the constellation Boötes on the day of Clarke’s death:
It was the remains of a cataclysmic explosion, a gamma-ray burst, that must have torched a galaxy seven billion light-years away, around the curve of the cosmos, as Clarke might have put it. Nobody knows if there could have been somebody or something living there, when the universe was half its present age. When I heard about it I couldn’t help thinking about Clarke’s Jesuit and the star of Bethlehem. Whoever or whatever was there now belongs to the ages. Darkness has now reclaimed that spot in the sky.
Overbye also writes:
In his short story “The Nine Billion Names of God, ” published in 1953, Clarke wrote of a pair of computer programmers sent to a remote monastery in Tibet to help the monks there use a computer to compile a list of all the names of God. Once the list was complete, the monks believed, human and cosmic destiny would be fulfilled and the world would end. The programmers are fleeing the mountain, hoping to escape the monks’ wrath when the program finishes and the world is still there, when one of them looks up. “Overhead, without any fuss, the stars were going out.”


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My lifelong friend

[Sri Lanka raids office of pro-opposition news websites
Posted by Karthiyayini on June 30,2012 in Exclusive, Headlines, News, Sri Lanka · 0 Comments
Colombo, June 30 (TruthDive) : Media freedom has always been a huge concern in Sri Lanka. The country shows its ugly face yet again by showcasing it as one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists.
An independently running and pro-opposition office of two news websites have been raided by Sri Lankan Police. The Police have arrested nine workers including the editor of one of the websites, searched the premises for about three hours on Friday and seized computers and documents.
A statement from government stated that the police officers had acted on a court order, searched and sealed off the office on Friday. The websites were said to be publishing flawed information and had put a ‘blot on Sri Lanka's image.'
The Opposition United National Party member Mangala Samaraweera said that the office had operated two websites - and that belong to the party. He added that the nine arrested employees were released on bail after an appearance before a magistrate.
Samaraweera said that Friday's raid had been initiated as his party's website had uncovered corruption and other unlawful activity by the government.
Gnanasiri Kottigoda, who heads Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, stated that the police action showed that the government has not ceased to harass and intimidate independent media institutions and journalists in Sri Lanka. He also opined that it is a step towards silencing the independent media groups in Sri Lanka.
The Committee to Protect Journalists said, in the year 2010, Sri Lanka was ranked as the fourth most dangerous country for journalists. Since the beginning of year 2006, at least 14 Sri Lankan media employees were said to have been killed, according to Amnesty International. and four other websites were blocked by authorities last year over so-called character assassination, and the action is still in effect for four others. went on to file a case in the Supreme Court after which the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority agreed to unblock the website on condition that it would not provide links to blocked or unregistered sites. Several media rights groups and other countries, including the United States had severely criticized the blocking of the websites by the Sri Lankan government.
To top it all, attacks on media men and media institutions either fail to get properly investigated or blocked, according to Reporters without Borders.]

I was born with you and since in the cradle
We crawled together.
It's not a bed of roses,
My bare-feet very familiar with the thorny painful streets.
Sometimes you hide in my eyes as tears
And often remain as a hug in my weeping heart.
You too starved in my difficult times
And you never betray me that's certain as death.
I realized that you never smile but I embrace you
From the bottom of my heart
And you are my lifelong friend, Sorrow!

nimal dunuhinga

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Better, Deeper, More Intelligent

Better, deeper, more intelligent,
and sensitive than us, Jane Austen
provides a literary environment
in which we all, by getting lost in
admiration for her heroines,
feel so diminished we conclude
whichever of the many heroes wins
their heart is an unlucky dude.

Riding with her, dressed by Abercombie
and Fitch is not the sort of way
I’d like to spend my time. I’m not a zombie.
Perhaps because I am not gay
I can’t relate to all the topics Jane
obsesses on, and in Northanger
Abbey heroines would all complain
I was a crashing bore and wanker.

“Why couldn’t all these heroines go out
and get a job? ” was asked by Emma––
not Jane’s, Ms. Thompson’s Emma, without doubt
a heroine who’s not a femi-
nist––oh horrid word––but understands
how prejudice which is their pride
lands nearly all of them in Jane’s badlands
composed of English countryside.

Who needs a woman who is deeper than
themselves, far better, surely, and
far more intelligent? I’m not that man.
Although I think I understand
what all her heroines are saying, I
don’t look for girls who're good or deep.
I’m merely looking for the sort who’ll lie
with me before I fall asleep.

Inspired by an article by Jennifer Schuessler on “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, ” by Seth Grahame-Smith (“I Was a Regency Zombie, ” NYT, February 22,2009) :

The classic examples of that would be any speech by Judi Dench — her accent certainly helps — or Emma Thompson’s understated, wryly funny acceptance speech at the 1996 Oscars, when she won the award for best adapted screenplay for “Sense and Sensibility.”
“Before I came, I went to visit Jane Austen’s grave in Winchester Cathedral to pay my respects, you know, and tell her about the grosses, ” she said. She also thanked Sidney Pollack “for asking the right questions, like, ‘Why couldn’t these women go out and get a job? ’ ” Ms. Thompson — who accepted another award, at the Golden Globes, with a speech in the style of Jane Austen herself — then did what cool British award winners do: she put the Oscar in her guest bathroom.

These days, America is menaced by zombie banks and zombie computers. What’s next, a zombie Jane Austen? In fact, yes. Minor pandemonium ensued in the blogosphere this month after Quirk Books announced the publication of “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, ” an edition of Austen’s classic juiced up with “all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem” by a Los Angeles television writer named Seth Grahame-Smith. (First line: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”) … In fact, “Pride and Prejudice” may already be a zombie novel, contends Brad Pasanek, a specialist in 18th-century literature at the University of Virginia. “The characters other than the protagonist are so often surrounded by people who aren’t fully human, like machines that keep repeating the same things over and over again, ” Professor Pasanek said. “All those characters shuffling in and out of scenes, always frustrating the protagonists. It’s a crowded but eerie landscape. What’s wrong with those people? They don’t dance well but move in jerky fits. Oh, they are headed this way! ” While the vast industry of Austen sequels and pastiches runs heavily toward the romance-novel end of the literary spectrum - see “The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy” by Maya Slater, to be published in the United States in June - scholars have long emphasized the mean-girl side of Jane’s personality. Professor Pasanek, who has collaborated on a project that uses spam-detection software to analyze Austen fan fiction, cites the psychologist D. W. Harding’s 1940 essay “Regulated Hatred, ” which sounds more like a death-metal band than a piece of influential Austen scholarship.“Most people try to ignore the fact that Austen’s novels are sort of acid baths, ” Professor Pasanek said. “She’s so much better, deeper, more sensitive and intelligent than everyone around her that she has to regulate her own misanthropy. Her novels are hostile environments.”


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Real programmers don't work from 9 to 5. If any real programmers are around at 9am it's because they were up all night.

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John Lithgow

If it's well written and well directed and you've got good actors to work with, acting is easy. But making sure all the ducks are in a row is the hard part. It's very rare.

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Newt Gingrich

I think one of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don't encourage you to be nasty. We encourage you to be neat, obedient, loyal and faithful and all those Boy Scout words, which would be great around a campfire but are lousy in politics.

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Jonas Brothers

They are my hero nd inspiration because
I'm chsing my dreams and working hard
I listen to their songs when I'm in a bad mood
They are my ultimate favorite band
I keep replaying their songs
It never old no mtter how old I'm
Every thing they done is been amazing
They are gifted with talent
I hope they don't stop doing what they love to do
I can't never get enough of them
I love their concerst, albums, and styles
It's always something different nd excited
Every time they are on the stage,
They put thier heart, soul, and voice to be out there
They are great actors too
Joe, Kevin, and Nick are best boy band ever
At end they are just fanastic and rocking out good
I will thank them one day, for all they done like the impact they hd on me
They give me strength to be happy
Jonas Brothers

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The Big Guns

oh! big gun looks
the pity pray
easy to sway and ready to play
please turn that table let's
make a holiday
and do the merry go lucky

smell of powder ready
to explode, faster than sound
as scud missile and hundred of
hundreds mercenaries
always in a hurry
for the ground is telling that
got no enemies, their cash
and strength
finds no fire that means they
are lousy

hey! Big Boy with a big gun
your smile seems hanging in the tree,
for even the twig birds
feel uneasy; come dine with us
and see our armory,
pure of joy all them have been
tame to be free

now the highway
is nothing than a home to live
to anybody, we are
the same people
made of flesh and willing
to take a rest

'a poem dedicated to the Super Power
Nations... RUSSIA, CHINA, USA, and
GREAT BRITAIN' please be mindful...

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If There Is Something More (Wreathed Quatrains) (In Answer To Edgar Allan Poe)

If all we are, see or may deem to be
is free like drops of sand on the beach
and in each there is no constancy
in fancy for something more we reach,

what we teach are trifle roles that are set
even if we have met, we are just on a stage
where we wage just on chance a mere bet,
where what we get, destiny gives with rage

in every age we are just actors in a dream,
like a stream where happiness is swept away
and every day nothing is as it seem
even if we deem, nothing is set to stay;

be that as it may, we know how life is,
we enjoy a kiss and passionate feelings
we are healing in happy human bliss,
more than this we are not away reeling;

even in the sting of life we are safe,
even in if grave situations does insist,
we do persist against the decimating wave,
oblivion's rave, we do in God's hand exist.

[Reference: 'A dream within a dream' by Edgar Allan Poe.]

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All of us - righteous and sinners,
Born in prison, raised at the altar,
All of us are funny actors
In the theater of the Creator.

The Lord sits on His throne,
Merrily follows the show.
Brightly on His sumptuous gown
Sparkles and golden stars glow.

Oh, how easy and pleasant
Is the empyrean staging!
Mary the Virgin is content,
Finds the libretto engaging:

- Hamlet? He has to be pallid.
Cain? He should be audacious…
Audience takes in angelic
Shiny victorious trumpets.

God leaning forward is watching,
He is caught up in the drama…
Pity if Cain is crying,
Hamlet will have blissful moments!

That goes against His intentions!
To avoid deviations,
God will entrust the production
Into Pain's hands, a deaf titan.

Now the pain’s shooting higher
Cunningly webbing and freely,
Those who choose to retire,
Are castigated severely.

Tortures grow out of proportion
Fear and dismay - even greater;
What if continues His celebration
In the theater of the Creator.

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Soul Kiss

Every time I turn on the tv its always the same old tease
See everything you ever dreamed that you could want
But nothing that you need
And every gorgeous girl in hollywood could soon be mine
I got the money and from time to time I have the time
Get the image right
Party through the night
But as its getting light
Im still waiting for a soul kiss
Do I have to say please
And its always just a near miss
Always just a big tease
Is it always gonna be like this
When youre lookin for a soul kiss
And all the record stores
Are filled with pretty boys and their material girls
And even students vote for actors
Then they tell you its a safer world
And all the hippies work for ibm or take control
Of faster ways to sell you food that isnt really whole
I like to wine and dine
You sure are lookin fine
And we could kill some time
But Im looking for a soul kiss
Ive even said please
But its always just a near miss
Always just a big tease
Is it always gonna be like this
When youre lookin for a soul kiss

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Fable Or FairyTale?

It t'was the first day of make believe-
A day when stories and plans were made...
Character actors were auditioned and hired-
And in the days ahead put on parade;

It was the second day of make believe-
The sun was buried in a purple haze...
The Big Apple Trees were growing lemons...
And the blackest nights replaced sunniest days;

Spring t'was more as the Fall...
And Summer t'was clad in snow...
Leading us into the third day of make believe-
Where the moon had all but lost its glow;

The majestic mountains had grown to be more like valleys...
While the lakes were more liked dried solid ground...
Devoid of any water whatsover...
And the birds had lost their most melodic sound;

It t'was the fourth day of make believe-
And our world no longer revolved...
It became totally still under someones will...
An enigma that the actors could not solve;

Today all the make-believe has passed away...
Along with the greed-filled conspirators of yore...
Dressed in all black-are the vile demons that attacked-
Who are in mourning for their material world evermore;


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If There Is Something More (In Answer To Edgar Allan Poe) (Novelinee Sequence)

If all we are, see or may deem to be
is smashed like drops of sand on the beach
while in nothing there is constancy,
continually for something more we reach.
where we play but trifle roles that are set,
if all of life is just but on a stage
then all things are just on chance a mere bet,
where destiny strikes with a sudden rage,
then for survival man does a war wage.

If to survive man does a war wage,
then any happiness is swept away,
man yearns for the divine in every age
while actually nothing is set to stay,
while we are just actors in a kind of dream
but I know and feel life is more than this,
that things come to much more than they do seem,
where we find meaning in the way life is,
with something more in every sweet kiss

If there is something more in a sweet kiss
than chemistry and passionate feeling,
if we find happiness in human bliss,
are not set to be constant away reeling,
then somehow something lives on, we are save,
even if but mere chance still does insist,
save from oblivion’s decimating wave,
even if we see nothing, as a atheist,
as in the hand of God man does exist.

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