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You can always improve your bench and relief pitching.

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With Assistance You Can Win Back Your Pride

I'm not an ''alkie'' but I enjoy a drink,
My intake I can never remember,
My friends are saying I'm on the brink,
Of the pub I'm an honorary member.

I never take notes of how much I've had,
Nor how many times I go out,
They look upon me as a Jack the lad,
I certainly don't behave like a lout.

Am I aggressive well that would depend?
I don't go looking for fights,
But if I'm pushed myself I'll defend,
I'm entitled to protect my rights.

I miss the odd workday here and there,
But that's nothing to do with the booze,
So before you start let me make you aware,
I will always do what I choose.

Drink has no bearing on my state of health,
I'm as fit as an athlete I'd say,
I'll admit it does take its toll on my wealth,
But I'm fine when I get my next pay.

I always had company but not anymore,
They're saying I was becoming a pain,
When drinking my aggression would come to the fore,
I'll never speak to any of them again.

I drink alone now I can take what I like,
I'm sick of them nipping my head,
Every one of them can go take a hike,
I enjoy getting out of my head.

I buy from superstores and corner shops,
You get far more booze for your money,
In the public bars you get charged for their slops,
With my cargo I'm the bee in the honey.

I've lost my job now why I don't know,
They're saying I was out of control,
Being blind drunk at work I'd hit a new low,
A hair of the dog I would always extol.

I don't have a problem despite what they say,
That's what I wanted to believe,
At least that's the message I was trying to convey,
It was myself I was trying to deceive.

I controlled alcohol not the other way round,
My dependency I would try to defend,
All over the house there was drink to be found,
My condition I could no longer defend.

The next thing I knew I had lost my house,
My wife couldn't stand all the lying,
She said my behaviour was that of a louse,
That she couldn't bear to watch me dying.

My children and parents tried their best,
But their moaning I could no longer stand,
They were just the same as all the rest,
Being deceitful and so underhand.

My ill health was something I wouldn't admit,
Though at times it made me quite pensive,
Despite my state I refused to quit,
My addiction was far too extensive.

I looked in the mirror and thought of the cost,
Was this worth losing all that I love?
Staring back was this stranger I thought I had lost,
This was divine intervention from above.

I'm an alcoholic I finally admitted,
The reality then hit me in the face,
The pieces of this jigsaw finally fitted,
To those around me I have been a disgrace.

It was then I tasted some humble pie,
Friends and family then all rallied round,
They told me they didn't want to see me die,
Working together a new start could be found.

My liver was ravaged beyond repair,
Though it's not alcohol, on which I'll lay blame,
The fault lies with me, fair and square,
Blaming others well that's pretty lame.

I'm well on the road to recovery now,
No alcohol is how I must live,
It's now I admit I was addicted and how,
Abuse of alcohol just does not forgive.

There is a road back that you can pursue,
But only you and you alone can decide,
If you have the willpower to see it through,

'' With Assistance You Can Win Back Your Pride ''

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If You can Keep your Cheese - after Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your cheese while few about you
are holding onto theirs', all envy ease.
If none can get your goat nor cow could doubt you
your scent which, heaven sent, can tell true bries
from gorgonzola, parmesan without you
planning for house mouse contingencies,
or short supply where larder rats may scout to
grind, compromise the tasty rind most please.

If by a whisker cheshire follows trout to
provide fit end for sweet delicacies,
or cheddar meat meal follows leaves no gout to
blur enjoyment, taste buds' harmonies.
If desert heat no threat presents, no pout too
in winter's cold where lizard's blood would freeze,
If neither flood nor drought can mar, throughout you
may triumph over blue mould colonies.

If all kowtow, if none would ever flout you
remembering to bow before ‘big cheese'...
if hole in one you score in club you clout to
take golden trophy - competition flees.
If all above's accomplished taste devout, true,
while others fail to prove their expertise,
your's is the world, which elsewhere's up the spout, few
can make their time your rhyme's real_I_tease!

IF - A Writers' Guild Gild Guile Guide
If you can form and not make norms your master,
conformity, performance formal, flame.
If you inform, share, [fl]airing, flow far faster,
yet let not copyright bind tight to shame.
If you treat critic's inconstructive blaster
with humour, beat him at his game's lame claim,
take not to hea[r]t his tumour, bandage, plaster
half-heartedly, pretend [s]he never came.

If you can couple energy creative
well in advance of others in your field,
without confusing nominative, dative,
rei[g]n arguments through cogency revealed
in context, in a manner innovative,
code palimpsests from all but s[t]age concealed,
If trust in self is never compensative
reaction used when you refused to yield.

If you can link great ends with small beginnings,
and yet not brag, nor tag each copy sold,
If dialogue's more vital than piled winnings,
to trim the quill where will won't be short-sold,
If, ignorance ignored, your story's spinnings
creates a pot no Potter has outsold,
yet you can fi[e]nd the flaw, to fresh beginnings
return to steer towards horizons bold.

If you can write without cash motivation,
self-righteousness avoiding like the plague,
create consensus round an innovation
embraced by all without appearing vague,
If you can span from logic to emotion
set constant course from vested interests clear,
If you can ban all untoward commotion,
while conscience clings to all that it holds dear,

If you can set the good within you flowing
without the itch to pitch beyond kitsch brink,
If you can give the nod and wink while knowing
that mental states aren't always in the pink,
If you use inner kinks to keep on growing
without denying others' right to think,
If you continue for tomorrow sowing
refusing using methods now that stink.

If you can lead lead soldiers Caxton crafted
without kowtow before cold compromise,
If neither editor nor public shafted
the output that your inner soul supplies,
If you can improvise, provide redrafted
communication keyed to catalyze,
you'll find to your surprise that you have rafted
alone on conscious stream your just dream buys.

Writers' Real Mirror Reflection Reel
With inside out, and out, surprised, inside,
When penning verse whose end may, too, begin it,
When rhyming reel with real can coincide
Your's is the world and everything that's in it.
If you can write without cash motivation,
Self-righteousness avoiding like the plague,
Create consensus round an innovation
Embraced by all without appearing vague.
If you can scan, span logic to emotion
Set constant course from vested interests clear,
If you can ban all untoward commotion,
While conscience clings to all that it holds dear,
If rhymes may improvise, spurn prose redrafted,
Communication key to catalyze,
You'll find to your surprise that you have rafted
On stream it seems when wit reverse dream tries.

On stream it seems when wit reverse dream tries
You'll find to your surprise that you have rafted
Communication key to catalyze.
If rhyme may improvise, spurn prose redrafted
While conscience clings to all that it holds dear,
If you can ban all untoward commotion,
Set constant course from vested interests clear.
If you can scan span logic to emotion
Embraced by all without appearing vague,
Create consensus round an innovation,
Self-righteousness avoiding like the plague,
If you can write without cash motivation,
Your's is the world and everything that's in it
When rhyming reel with real can coincide
When penning verse whose end may, too, begin it,
With inside out, and out, surprised, inside!

Cropped Apologies to Rudyard Kipling
If you can keep your crops when all the nation
rails, vain assailing creepy crawly bugs,
If you can thrive when most lives' reputation
is knocked for skittles, stumped by snails and slugs,
If you can sow, show though you stay surrounded
by failing harvests sere upon the stem,
where hopes unfounded, speculations grounded,
face farmers who through jealousy condemn.

If greenhouse gases can't delay your planting,
with fallow Brussels' edicts all ignored,
If CO² you compensate by chanting
an incantation to the heavens poured.
If snail trails slip upon your sensor networks,
if nano tech protects your fields' high yield
which on the Futures markets harvests net perks
that from the tax collector stay concealed.

If you can fight Monsanto's sterile sowing,
deny blight warnings, nor fear climate change,
if cash in hand exceeds debts most's greed's owing,
if you're the early bird with worms in range,
If you free farm through seasons, thank your maker
from man's pollution, safe solution find,
yours is the race, you, ace, may need pacemaker
for luck can turn, earn bridges burned behind.

Advice to an Applicant
If you can back your boss and keep on smiling,
while toning down his brash absurdities,
if, having watched the man manhandle filing,
you rearrange the folders pretty please,
if coy and charming, beautiful, beguiling,
anticipating all contingencies,
you manage new accounts, contacts redialling,
correct crass spelling, cover vagaries...

If you can keep your head while he's resiling,
evolve successful counter-strategies,
if ‘mum's the word', discrete, ignoring tyling,
from busy-bodies safe when he agrees.
If you can spend your time in reconciling
his intellectual inanities,
never upset his fragile ego, heiling
whene'er he feels the need, or profits sneeze...

If Windows easy comes, while modem dialing
to DSL migration's not a tease,
if firewall free from viruses hostiling
you clean can keep, recalling password keys,
if the above you show him recompiling
the data lost when he lacks expertise, -
yet know your place as cypher, never riling,
remembering to bow before ‘big cheese'...

If you can stand him publicly reviling
your good ideas, then claim them his with ease,
can watch while rival's ruin he's compiling
so coldly that a lizard's blood would freeze.
If when betrayed by his ambitious wiling
you triumph through innate abilities,
ignoring basic scheming, baser guiling,
you seize the precious point he never sees! ...

If you won't blush when, rash, he'll rush, exiling
your intuitions as freak fantasies,
but confidently while free-time he's whiling,
circumvent his incapacities.
Surpassing him in brains, tact, versatiling,
you never strive to swap your salaries,
but both feet on the ground, still patient, smiling,
can counteract his incoherencies...

If you are sure his image needs restyling,
select the suits that suit down to the tees,
if you are ever ready camomiling,
or sprinkling sugar, creaming, coffee, teas,
if you can trick his wayward infantiling
and censure not his immaturities,
ignore his clumsy tries at fond defling,
yet fondled, tactful, rise from off his knees...

If you take three degrees while reconciling
your private life to further Ph.D.'s,
if you can children bear without work piling
and keep them free from trouble and disease,
if you can spring his quick promotion - vile thing -
and play the game of happy families...
Your's is the job, the rest's cosmetic styling,
Oh prized princess and pride of... secret'ries!

A l'assistante de l'Indirection
Si tu peux supporter de voir tes dossiers
démolis sans souffler mot et puis reclasser,
si tu sais appuyer partout ton PDG
sans sceptique rester quant à ses qualités...

Si tu souris, beauté, sans être emmerdante,
si vive mais jamais surprise, impatiente,
le soutenant quand des contresens fous l'enchantent,
ses lubies supporter sans paroles tranchantes...

Si tu sais sans délais t'adapter au progrès,
les autres anticiper, sans jamais hésiter,
bien le préparer avec de bons conseils,
des envieux protéger ton patron hébété...

Très expérimentée, mais sans prendre de l'age,
compréhensive aider avec ses rattrapages
sans pourtant mériter accéder aux voyages
‘d'études' et aux congrès, - ces minables volages!

Si tu sais lui montrer se servir du clavier,
aux réseaux si primés vite se connecter,
de l'Internet cliquer sur l'intranet branché,
son PC débugger sans jamais se broncher...

Si sa peur du souris, du clic-clic, du mulot
tu peux sans interdits dépasser au boulot,
à ses flagrants délits trouver tout ce qu'il faut,
si tu ses buts poursuis en soufflant le bon mot...

Si tu sais compenser l'orthographe qu'il perd,
scanner, penser, noter, téléphoner, tout faire,
son planning programmer, sans être trop mémère,
le soutenir, si gaie, quand son coeur désespère...

Si tu peux accoucher à l'heure du dîner,
tes enfants élever tous en bonne santé,
ton patron remplacer - ronronnant au soleil -
sans pour autant rêver qu'on t'accorde sa paye.

Si tu sors d'H.E.C. sans prétendre à la gloire,
Sciences Po, c'est fait, sans en faire une histoire,
ou Enarque tu es, faisant dans ton pouvoir
le tout pour manier les re(i) nes du Pouvoir.

Lors mieux qu'homme d'affaires, ou chef de cabinet
mieux que tous ces experts si souvent égarés,
tu seras à tout faire une bonne rêvée,
mieux que mère, sacrée ASSISTANTE tu es!

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or, being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with wornout tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on';

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man my son!
Rudyard Kipling 1865_1936

Biff! The same father to the same son, now grown up.

If you can keep your job when all about you
Are losing theirs (by cutting down of screw) :
If you can keep yourself - for, make no doubt you
Won't get allowance, just for you to blue.
If you can make a heap by all your winnings
Risked on outsiders backed at Kempton Park,
Don't think that you will always get your innings
And kiss your boss's daughter in the dark.

If you should risk promotion, aught should tempt ye,
Eyeing the safe when all the staff have gone,
And, jemmying it open, find it empty,
And hear the watchman growl to you, ‘Hold on! '
If you should fill the unforgiving ‘minutes'
With names of all the people you have ‘done, '
Yours is the gaol, and everything that's in ti,
And, what is more, you'll get six months, my son.
Rachel Ferguson Nymphs and Satires 1932

A London Sparrow's IF
If you c'n keep alive when li'l bleeders
Come arter t' wi' catapults an' stones;
If you c'n grow up unpertickler feeders,
An' live on rugidge, crumbs, an' ‘addock bones;
If you c'n nest up in the bloomin' gutters,
An' dodge the blinkin' tabby on the tiles;
Nip under wheels an' never git the flutters,
Wear brahn an' no bright-coloured fevver-styles;
If you ain't blown b'nippers (Cor, I'd skin ‘me!) :
Stop y'r shells nah, warm-like, under me;
Yous is the eggs an' everyfink ‘at's in ‘em -
An' when they ‘atch, yor be cock-sparrers, see?

If You can Keep Your Man
If You can Keep Your Man when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
Avert a break-up when he starts to doubt you,
Without behaving like a tart or shrew;

If you can bake a cake or change a nappy,
Although you've got a good Redbrick degree,
And yet can say you're reasonably happy
When other graduate wives dropp in for tea;

If you can lose yourself in ‘To the Lighthouse',
Yet, changing books, seek first the Thriller shelf,
If you can laugh at Mrs. Mary Whitehouse,
But sometimes wince at Wednesday Plays yourself;

If you stand up for Women's Liberation,
Think sex equality long overdue,
Yet purr when men evince consideration
And in a bus or train stand up for you;

If you can be a protest march frequenter,
But sometimes think the marchers a bit queer,
Yet, spite of everything, stay left of centre,
Oh, well, who knows? You may be right, my dear.
Stanley Sharpless

If You Can Crush
If you can crush, when all your chums are cribbing,
The urge that beckons you to do the same;
Can keep your tongue from telling tales or fibbing,
And can, when others err, take all the blame.

If you can nurse a crush on dear Miss Withers,
Yet bully off with just one silent tear;
Be resolute when even Matron dithers,
And weld the House together with a cheer.

If you can foil the fiendish Russian spy-ring,
Who've ‘got a hold' upon the Head (the swine!)
And by example selfless and inspiring,
Can make those ghastly Juniors toe the line.

If you while staying virgo quite intacta,
Can scoff at those who label you a prude;
And, when you leave, can know you've never slacked or
(Except to Ma'moiselle) been flip or rude.

If you can scale such pinnacles of virtue
And earn your teachers' praises as ‘a brick',
The truth, dear girl, (I do so hate to hurt you) -
The simple truth, dear Daphne, is you're thick!
Martin Fagg

If you can stand the Quest and all her antics
When all around you turn somersaults upon her deck;
And go aloft when no one has told you
And not fall down and break your blooming neck;

If you can work like Wild and also like Wuzzles
Spend a convivial night with some old bean,
And then come down and meet the Boss at breakfast
And never breathe a word of where you've been.

If you can fill the port and starboard bunkers
With fourteen tons of coal; and call it fun;
Yours is the ship and everything that's in it
And you're a marvel; not a man my son.
Ernest H Shackleton

(28 July 2007)

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You Can Still Change Your Mind

Its gonna be another hard night
You wanna take it all alone
You wann a face up to the trouble
You wanna face up to your soul
And baby you can have it anyway you want it
You just get a little lost from time to time
Sometimes it gets a little crazy somewhere down inside
But you can still change your mind
You can change your feelings
You can still change your mind
Everybody wants all the world can give em
Everybody wants to get all they can get
Everybodys waiting on somethin that hasnt come yet
And you can hide it for a little while honey
You can try and just lose it for awhile
Then its gonna do somethin to ya somewhere down inside
But you can still change your mind
You can change your feelings
You can still change your mind
Oh and I t gets harder by the minute girl
Oh it gets harder every day
Listen to me darlin, oh you dont have to wait
Its alright
You can still change your mind
You can still change your feelings
Just hold tight, everythings gonna be alright
If you can change your mind
You can change your feeling

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You Can Do It

(sands / germinaro / wiesman)
Take your shoes off
Let your hair down
Time for you to get away
Dont you worry bout tomorrow
Or youre gonna miss today
When the madness gets you crazy
til youre lookin for a place to hide
And youre thinking
That youll never
Get yourself some peace of mind
But, you can do it, you can do it
You can do it to your hearts delight
Oh, you can do it with your imagination
And you can do it in real life
Feel the magic of the moment
Let your spirit carry you away
Get in touch with, oh
All your feelings
Youd better find out what they have to say
Oh, you can do it, you can do it
You can do it to your hearts delight
Oh, you can do with your imagination
And you can do it in real life
Feeling free as an eagle
Flying homeward
High in the sky
Youll touch the fire of love inside you
That youre lookin to find
But, you can do it, you can do it
You can do it to your hearts delight
Oh, you can do it with your imagination
You can do it in real life
You can do it, you can do it
You can do it to your hearts delight
You can do it with your imagination
And you can do, can do, do it, do it
You can do it, you can do it
You can do it to your hearts delight
You can do it with your imagination
And you can do it, can do it, do it, do it, yeah, yeah

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You Can't Run

Don't bother trying to get away
Because God made you for me... and here I'll stay
You can try to run
But there's nowhere under the sun
Where you can hide from your destiny
And under the moon?
You'll find no sanctuary or asylum away from me
Hopefully you realize this soon
Because I'm made for you
You're the one I'm living for too
You're so much more than my dream girl
Because I could never dream anything that amazing
My rendition cannot compare to you, she can sing
She's sweet and gentle, temperate and exciting a swirl
Of good qualities, she's loving and emotional, affectionate and physical
She's God-fearing and Steadfast, Intelligent and wise, but my rendition shall
Pale in comparison to you, because you're real and you're all those things
So you can't run even if you tell me to get over you
I can't imagine anyone better
I didn't think it was possible for someone like to you exist too
My dream girl is cool, but for you, I'd just let her
Go, for good, I finally can't wait to be awake
Because you've made reality better than anything I can dream
I'm still convincing myself this isn't fake
But I'm not running I'm here for you, in fact you make me smile, beam
Please don't run because I can't honestly catch you
Please don't run because I love you
Stay because I can't live without you
Stay because I won't ever meet anyone like you
I tell myself God made you for me because I cannot imagine any other
So please don't run away, just stay, cause I know you can run...
Don't run rather
Stay right here close to me, be my one, because you're the one

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You Can Choose Your Friends

We have brothers and sisters our parents as well,
Our families are precious; well that's what they tell,
There'll be times we love them, on occasions we'll hate,
But they'll always be family, now that does frustrate.

On the issue of relations, it's made crystal clear,
They're our kith and kin which we should hold dear,
They epitomise all of our hopes and fears,
While bringing us joy there's also the tears.

We must love them all, forever, it's said,
Though there are some you would love to behead,
Whoever said that must be totally insane,
Or one who refuses to engage with their brain?

The problem with relations,
Is where it all ends?
You can't pick your family but,
'' You Can Choose Your Friends '

If you have a companion whom you no longer like,
You can just say to them, well go take a hike,
But if you fight with your family you're told to forgive,
Which will adversely affect you as long as you live.

Grudges are held when bad words are spoken,
Insincere apologies used as a token,
Until the next time is the golden rule,
That is a fact not the words of a fool.

Because there's a kinship we must show restraint,
Relatives are united is the picture they paint,
At family gatherings do we show some respite,
Do we hell, we get into a fight.

Kinship is different,
Life's rules it amends,
You can't pick your family but,
'You Can Choose Your Friends'

Weddings and christenings have the same effect,
Every one of the family think they are correct,
While sane and sober mistakes they'll excuse,
When they get drunk the battle ensues.

The very next day they'll think, what have I done?
My very own family second to none,
Their love and devotion does make me cry,
As do the stitches and bloody black eye.

Never again, are their fine words of choice,
They just love the sound of their own bloody voice,
Some of their mouths could do with a rinse,
The way some behave can and does make you wince.

They're supposed to be precious,
But when none of them bends,
You can't pick your family but,
'You Can Choose Your Friends'

The problem with life is we all have a choice,
But we're scared to admit it; if we could we'd rejoice,
No families to fight for, no in house disputes,
No relations to battle with, no more blood roots.

Coming and going whenever we so please,
A life without arguing, where everyone agrees.
Yes it's dream but dreams can come true,
But so can nightmares, on that you must chew.

The family portraits conceal many facts,
Including deceitful heinous acts,
Because they are kin their misdeeds we must hide,
All Retribution must be put to the side.

So become an acquaintance,
Follow new trends,
You can't pick your family but,

'You Can Choose Your Friends'

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You'll Always Be My Baby

We were as one
For amoment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine
Now you want to be free
So I'll let you fly
'Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die

You'll always be a part of me
I'm part of your indefinitely
Boy don't you know you can't escape me
Ooh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feeling this strong
No way you're ever gonna shake me
Oh darling 'cause you'll always be my baby

I ain't gonna cry
And i won't beg you to stay
If you're determined to leave boy
I will not stand in your way
But inevitably

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You Can't Do Without Me! !

You can't do without me! !
For i am always on your side;
But, this muse of love is what you now need,
Because, the rainbow ia now looking direct at you.

You can't do without me! !
For i am now here to stay;
And like the muse of peace in the land of your care,
But i am ready to find you and satisfy you with what is hidden in this well.

Put your hope on me and let me satisfy you with my love,
Put your care on me and let me lead you on through the right path,
Put your trust in me and let me guide your ways! !
For, you can't do without me;
And like the muse of love in the land of many waters,
However, let me be the one to lead you on.

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Only You Can Love Me This Way - Keith Urban

Well, I know there's a reason,
And I know there's a rhyme.
We were meant to be together,
That's why;
We can roll with the punches.
We can stroll hand in hand,
And when I say it's forever,
You understand,
You're always in my heart,
You're always on my mind,
And when it all becomes too much,
You're never far behind,
And there's no one who comes close to you,
Could ever take your place,
'Cause only you can
Love me this way.
I could've turned a different corner.
I could've gone another place,
But I never had this feeling
That I feel today, yeah.
Somebody loves you.
Only you can love me this way.

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You Can't Lose

Artist(Band):98 Mute
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There's so many corridors for you to explore
Just when you think you've seen it all you find something more
Always one more aisle to pursue in this department store
Just be sure you don't forget to purchase what you came for
Take a look around do you like what you see
A vast ocean of opportunity
You can always make a change if your view does not suit you
So many splendid paths from which to choose
You can't lose
Stumbling through the world one day I met a man of depth
He was kind and spoke wisely this is what he said
For what it's worth life's worth the wait
Try to sample life from many plates
Paint your life use palates with many paints
And in gold you'll be worth your wait
Lose sight of yourself for a while
And act foolishly just like a child
Make sure you live your life out of style
Break free from the rank and file
An endless storybook always another page
And each chapter can end the way you choose
You've been cast the leading role and your whole life's a stage
Experience is the one thing you can't lose
You can't lose
If you never try you've already died
So you better try
I'm telling you no matter what you do
You can't lose

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Open Your Eyes You Can Fly

Intro - speakout
Never be afraid to love
Never be afraid to just be
Just cast away the chains of doubt
Have the courage to be free
Dont cloud your rise with fathers lies
See only what you want to see
To stuplicate the simple truth
Have the courage to be free
Open your eyes you can fly
Open your eyes you can fly
You can fly (uh uh)
You can fly
Never be afraid to love (no, no, no...)
Never be afraid to just be
Cast away the chains of doubt
Have the courage to be free
Open your eyes you can fly (fly away)
Open your eyes you can fly
You can fly (fly, fly, fly)
Open your eyes (yeah) you can fly (fly away)
Open your eyes you can fly
You can fly (mhh)
You can fly (fly away mhhm)
You cant wait for others to applaud what you do
So just congratulate youself
And start something new
Open your eyes you can fly (open your eyes)
Open your eyes you can fly (you can fly with me)
You can fly (fly)
Open your eyes (eyes) you can fly (baby yeah)
Open your eyes (fly away with never) you can fly (fly away with never)
You can fly
You can fly (mhh fly away way way)
Open your eyes (open your eyes) you can fly
Open your eyes (baby) you can fly
You can fly (no open this)
Open your eyes

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You Are Always On My Mind

I love you so much that,
I cannot sleep at night;
You are the delight of my dreams and,
I want you to know that.
You are always on my mind,
In this world so sweet is you as my lover;
And, i will always remember you.
Everything has to go on smoothly to cement our love,
Down by the river side with the love that muses;
I can alwayssee your image on the surface of the water,
You are mine my sweetheart.

You are always on my mind and,
Don't let the colours and the differences separate us;
Don't let distances separate us too,
For you are all that i need my sweetheart.
Your love matters to me a lot,
You are the dream of my dreams;
Your shape and movement do motivate my intuitions.
You are always on my mind,
You are all that i need;
In times like this, i will always dream of you.
I love you so much that,
I don't know what to do;
I want you to know about this my sweetheart,
You are always on my mind.

Let the emotions of your love move towards me,
Come and be the one for me always;
My world is your world and,
Your world is my world too;
You are the very one to upgrade my status.
You are always on my mind and,
I have nowhere going than to love you;
Like a bread and butter pudding,
Let your love zone be mine.
My beautiful woman,
Love makes the world go round;
And your sweet love is always on my mind.

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Someone You Can Trust

God is Faithful and God is Just, God is someone you can trust.
When in a trial simply be still, as God works out His Perfect Will.
He is God and from the start, He’s working to prepare your heart.
When you are tried, you will see, God is molding you for Eternity.

The Lord our God is loving friend, and concerned about our end.
Fear not which way He takes, for God above makes no mistakes.
And It cannot be your concern, when God’s Will you can’t discern.
If your path takes a sudden turn, He may be helping you to learn.

God may take you to a place, that you need His Awesome Grace.
When you do not understand, with your heart just trust His Hand.
When His Hand seems to depart, you can always trust His Heart.
Christ will not forsake you friend, He’s here to see you to the end.

The Lord is taking us one by one, down a path to reflect His Son.
And God fills us along the way, with Christ’s likeness day by day.
So as we travel this path of life, we shall shine for His Son Christ.
You can trust in Christ Jesus, for He indeed shall never leave us.

I trust in the One who died for me, so that I could live for Eternity.
My trust friend is in my Creator, Who is now my Lord and Savior.
Who can know or love me more, than Jesus Christ our dear Lord?
To get to Heaven it’s a must, that in The Lord you place your trust.

How could you not trust the one, who chose to give His Only Son,
To a dying world as a sacrifice, so men could inherit Eternal Life?
Why would I choose not to trust, the One who chose to die for us,
So through His death I could be, with Christ my Savior Eternally?

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What You Can Be

Sometimes we can't be the one we want us to be,
The dream that we once mold will always be just dream
Hard work and patience, waiting for the time to see,
The outcome of hardships are never meant to be.

Most people do moan, complain and are feeling blue,
Taking everything as nonsense, no one is to be true.
Time that passes by is tiring and boring too,
Nothing was ever done and hollowness will do.

There are so much chaos, frustrations and strains,
Peace, contentment, happiness are hard to regain.
Sometimes it's simply not possible to get in,
Desperately needed someone just to be within.

But why do we stay in a world of nothingness,
Where you can't find the peace and real happiness
Stand, go out and explore, feel the air that blows,
Be the best, show yourself and ignore the flaws.

Gladden your heart, cleanse your thought, magnify your soul,
Soothe your mind, strengthen with the goodness of all.
Be with your friends, good or bad, please don't be annoyed,
Just be yourself, don't wear a mask and you'll enjoy.

Spark your day, be grateful that you have led a life,
Speak to God, hear Him and you will be inspired.
Earn lots of wisdom from the experience we found,
Boost your confidence and feel no fear around.

For us to have a happy life and peaceful spirit,
We do have to accept that all things, we can't get.
Dreams are to be broken for somebody's best.
Just be open minded, face the task to its greatest.

If you can't be the sun in the sky so blue
Because so much clouds are hiding you so.
Why can't be a comet that falls high and low,
Though you are rare to be seen you'll be magic to view.

We can't all be the flowers that bloom beautifully,
And be the center of attraction for the people to see.
Isn't it more important for you to become and be,
The roots that get water for the flowers to gleam.

Likewise, if I can't be the designer of bridge,
The engineer of buildings and homes to live.
I can be the caretaker of my children's lives,
The molder of their behavior and their desires.

So what's the use of dreaming when images are blurred,
It's better to stop reminiscing and just be tough.
Forget the impossible and be realistic enough,
For us to have peace of mind and be on the top.

Don't lose hope and have courage, still you can be,
Someone with purpose, be productive actively.
Though you stumbled and failed in fulfilling your dream,
Your goal is not to end up, now is the time to begin.

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Patrick White

When You've Averaged Out Your Crucials

When you've averaged out your crucials
and you've walked in the light and you've walked
in the shadows of things your eyes still taste of
though you've set a star as the moral compass
of your cloudy destination, and it's following you
down a long stray thread of a road, the smart money
bets on doing some good in the world
you may not even be aware of, let alone
expect payback for as if you were doing business
not gambling on an intuitionally calculated risk
its probably better to leave a sweeter cachet to the place
for your having been here, chicory by the side of the road,
or wild orchids in the marsh, by the addition
of one flower more than to desecrate your life
with bitterness, resentment, the indifference of ambition
when its heart gargles with an inhumane antiseptic
to keep from being infected by the human in its bloodstream.

You don't have to arrange paradigms of shining
into some kind of mandalic starmap unless you want to.
Giving something up isn't the same as adding yourself to it.
Even if you foreknow you're doomed to lose, total eclipse,
if you're a real gambler, you lose with flare, like a solar corona.
You're intrigued by the unfolding of the road you took,
the river you're running, the rapids in the mindstream
you're about to shoot down the middle in an inflatable life raft
in the spring run off of the waterclock of a reverential northern river.
It might be important to seek
the eventual forgiveness of the night
for what we've done to it, treating it as a reward
for breathing our way through another day in the light.
But the stars aren't listening to the alibis
we're whispering in the dark to our selves.
They labour under the cowbells of their own myths of origin.

But you can always do a little good in the world.
The whole place is wounded. No shortage of opportunity.
You can drive the ambulance back to the hospital.
You can be the atom that decides the outcome
of a cosmic event, so slight are the actions of the random,
chaos in action, it just takes one to light up
infinite time and space moment by moment
and blow it out just as quickly to enhance the night,
the pulsar of a firefly in a lighthouse of dark matter.
You ever wonder how many messiahs
have come and gone from the world
without ever once having heard of themselves?
If you don't like to drink spit out of the public fountains
of other people's mouths, though they exhale rainbows in the mist
maybe it's time to taste your own to see if it's sweet or not.
When things are real, not solid, nothing's diminished,
nothing's enlarged, because size is no longer relevant
in a world of wavelengths that have given up living like particles.
And forms are more provisional than cast in bronze.
Waifs of the air, maple leaves cast on the mindstream
covering their own reflections with the fans and hand mirrors
they carry like accessories to their own deathmasks.

Hard to make a wax mould of a dream, an emotion, or an insight.
The mystery of life isn't an interpretation
waiting to be deciphered any way you like,
though you're free to do this with the impunity
of a crossroad puzzle. Its silence is a deeper eloquence
than that, and when it expresses itself it's as immediate
as starlight on water. Its spontaneity never hesitates
to shock us with the impersonal beauty
of a moonrise over the lake in a lunar flood of wonder.
Or some small act of love that's denounced by the doer
as a foolish way to live against the odds, as soon as it's done.

Everybody's on death row here. No one gets out alive
or unwounded. Sparrows and stars and houseflies
pass freely through the bars, and the wind at night
whistles through them like the vocal cords of a harp.
Would it hurt to pass a cigarette through them
to someone in front of a firing squad of stars
or write a loveletter for someone who can't read it?

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You Can't Take Me


I've been wasting all my time
And I've been drinkin all that wine
And I've been drinkin all that beer
And I've been sheddin all these tears
I can't go and you can't stay
Your not gonna take me out that way

Because you can't take me
I said you can't take me
No you can't take me anywhere

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As much as you can

And if you can't shape your life the way you want,
at least try as much as you can
not to degrade it
by too much contact with the world,
by too much activity and talk.

Try not to degrade it by dragging it along,
taking it around and exposing it so often
to the daily silliness
of social events and parties,
until it comes to seem a boring hanger-on.

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Home is not a place or time

Home can be your family, your friends, your hobbies, your past-times.
Home is where your life is at complete ease,
where you can go to receive comfort and relief.
Home is a feeling, a passion, an aid for your grief.
Home is the feeling you never want to leave.
Home can come and can go depending on your need.
Home is the happiness that keeps us at peace.
Home is always there as long as you believe.

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Your Stupidity And Gullibility

who can love still
those who betray you?
the relatives take
advantage of your
you lose
and surrender
to their
fraudulent fancy

who can still love all of them
the odds?

you are never tired
i envy you
for you still love them
truthfully and

so God in his
Infinite Goodness
too does not tire
giving you all
this blessings

for you can love you
still despite
all your gullibility
and stupidity?

Only God loves
a Forrest Gump.

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It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You)

You can tell everyone
Love is over and done
You can pack all your things and go
You can lie to yourself
And say that there's nothing left
But there's something that I like you to know
It's never really over
Even though you say we're through
You may be holding me
But can't you see
It's not over if I'm not over you
There's not much I can do
If it's over for you
I'll just wish you the best
When you leave
But you played such a part
In my life and in my heart
You'll always be part of me
Repeat Chorus

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