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Elton John

I'm very generous.

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Actors are very generous.

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Men are very generous with what costs them nothing.

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He was a very generous soul and was exceptionally dedicated to the medium of photography.

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Zsa Zsa Gabor

Conrad Hilton was very generous to me in the divorce settlement. He gave me 5000 Gideon Bibles.

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It may be very generous in one person to offer what it would be ungenerous in another to accept.

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They were very generous with me. Everybody was willing to talk about their particular accident, what they had to deal with and how they got back in touch with their competitors' spirit.

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But they are not going to take on Big Oil because Big Oil is very generous at campaign time, and this is all about the elections. They want to pretend that they are doing something meaningful.

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I've experienced huge kindness here, a great welcome and some very generous reviews without the snide social edge I often suffer from at home. I'm not patronized here either, which I much appreciate!

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I feel that my relationship with Kasparov now is much the same as it had been before the match - good. As for his reaction, well it can't be nice to lose your title after so long, but he was very generous.

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I think, describing Elvis for me would be a very generous king. He was the king of rock and roll, will always be. He's whats made it possible for everyone to be performers and to do the things they do now.

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No sincere for loving

Love you because you re an entrepreneur
Love you because you re rich
love you because you a lot of money
love you because you have a luxury house, apartement, villa, hotel, car

love you because your face is interesting to the view
love you because you re smart
love you because you have a atletic n sexy body
love you because you re very generous
love you because you re very compassionate

no money no honey
no luxury stuff no affection
no attractive no love
no smart no touch
no generous no intimacy
no compassionate no fondling
no have anything dont take me out as yours

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We near to God

This is how we near to God
Pray and memorize as His words
Not in helplessness but as embodiment
The heart feels the pulse as right moment

What in turn we get is so precious
All ideas in purest form without being vicious
You try the feeling of being pious
The life goes on and remains continuous

Prayers are meant to provide relief
It has been remained our general belief
It may be bore out of some frustration
Yet it transforms the person with good indication

You develop kind feeling when find at holy place
A place to find refuge without to be in mad race
Complete peace with no rushing of any evil intent
These are the feelings you receive as heavenly sent

It is real reflection of mind
You feel very generous and kind
As the heavenly spirit is just entering
Your whole concentration is centering

It is worth try to feel in vicinity
As He is not near by but in infinity
You still worship him in good mood
That is your life and it serves as tonic or food

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At My Aunt's Unveiling


At my aunt’s unveiling
There were five of us
Only five
One was a woman
A friend of hers
Not the closest one
But someone who knew her
And wanted to be a friend.

Thousands of people had known my aunt
Hundreds had worked with or for her
She was born into a large family
But all of them were gone
Or out of it.

My sister and I were the relatives
My aunt had been very generous to us
And difficult for my sister
Who cared for her.

I had only been a taker all the years.

My aunt worked so hard for so many years
And she was ‘somebody’ in her world

There were five of us there
And the ceremony short
No minyan.

There was no sign of my aunt’s smile
Or her nervous energy or her superabundant love
‘Moll ‘as my mother called her
was not there.

I see her so clearly in my mind now
‘What does it all mean? ’ my father would ask my mother
after reading of the death of another person they knew

‘What does it all mean’

When my sister and I go
The memory of my aunt
Will be gone forever.

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My Imagination of a Purple Sky

I imagined a Purple Sky today from dawn till dusk.
A gold moon and millions of gold stars lit across this silk sheet of a Purple Sky.
And then it rained streaks of fine gold.
The majestic sky then decided to be very generous and poured down tremendous amounts of Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires.
All different colours, shapes and sizes.
A great big King then appeared radiant in the Purple Sky and looked down at me with such a delight...
I was atonished with joy!
He was wearing a dazzling gold crown encrusted with millions of white diamonds and a crushed Purple velvet gown with such a long train.
It was certainly a sight for my sore eyes.
Here.. he said come take me hand... I want you to be the Queen of this Purple Sky, but most importantly be the Queen of my Purple Heart....
He swept me off my feet and we sat in the great heights of his Kingdom in the Purple Sky drinking goblets of wine.

A colleague then tapped my shoulder and notified me I was late for a meeting! ! ! ! !
I then discovered something strange as I put my hand into my jacket pocket out appeared a beautiful Purple Ruby ring.....

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Act first

I decided to act first and think later
It was not important matter
It had some postive fall outs
It was not going to help with big shouts

It was Godly feeling from inside
All these emerged in the form of slides
Perceptionally the difference was very wide
I had honestly to perform and not to hide

The hatred was to be given go bye
It was to earnest and sincere try
There was no use feeling very shy
The wings were eager spread in sky

It had all sanctity and blessings
Everything was perfect and nothing was missing
It started from innder depth of the heart
I had to make it as good start

I am not at all afraid
Everything is done and not said
It is not fake or tailor made
It is backed by bright shade

I must offer flowers as fine gesture
It may assuage the feelings and nurture
No wounds can remain unhealed
Fate can’t be there permanently sealed

It may be worth and possible attempt
I got to be quick and prompt
No one, in fac t, is free or exempt
The ill feelings once for all must be swept

Leave it in on e corner of the mind
New ways and means to find
One has to be very generous and kind
No one canpretend to be blind

Things may definitely move in right direction
You attitude may speak with action
There won’t be any hostile reaction
It will be appreciated by al, the sections

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The Way You Will Be

Life presses on
With a force of its own
People are carried along
Like leaves in wind
Having no power or will
Having no control on their destination or destiny
But some people entrench
They root themselves firmly on the ground
And refuse to be carried around powerlessly
They create their personal destiny
And command their destination
This is The Way You Will Be
Because you are special, My Friend!
Because you were always special, My Friend
And, you will always be special, My Friend
Do you know what makes you special?
It is your personality, your qualities, your strengths, your liveliness, your loveliness, your optimism, your brightness, your talent, your positive energy, your warmth, your sensitivity, your courage, and even your adventurism
My Friend! look at yourself right now in a mirror
Then think and look inside yourself
You will see the truthfulness of what I say
And who am I?
I am your mirror-image, your counterpart, your partner, your soul-mate, your friend, your admirer, your mentor and always your well-wisher
And why am I?
Because you are so very generous to give me all these roles

My Friend!
What is The Way You Will Be?
You will be happy and fulfilled and successful and satisfied and respected and cherished and loved and cared for and waited upon and vied for and wanted and protected
You will be the master of your own destiny, writer of your own fate, builder of your own life and icon of strength and inspiration for others
My Friend!
This is The Way You Will Be

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The Grave Digger

I am a quite, humble, honest and very generous man
who likes to aid people around as much as I can
And I should not be utterly despised for my vocation
Just because I am a grave digger by profession

Indeed, I do not desire or wish the dead
People should live long and loved side by side
Pure life with no baseness, shame or sin to hide
But if no one dies how shall I pay my debts I dread

I pray and mourn any human that rests below
And as the grasses in the cemetery wave
I passionately take care of every stone grave
In passing the dirt and dust I blow

I never wrong a grave with fears and tears untrue
Nor can I be blamed for carrying on my job with no faith
There must be wisdom and sense in death
Life cannot continue forever, once all must be thru

And yet people find but faults in my case
I have never been saluted in friendly grace
They pass me by without leaving any embrace
In a sublime whisper: Here come the funeral face

For I am near you when your light is in halt
when the blood creeps, and the nerves tingle and prick
And the heart heavily throbs; it is tattered and sick
And all the world comes to a close; the wheels of being thwart

Come at night within the cemetery walls
When the moon light shines on time wracked stones
Those who lie with legacies and dreams dead unborn
As the lunar splendor stretches shadows as it falls

Those who lie beneath their fancies and fears
when alive sorrow and grief dug deepening down
And with muffled motions blindly drown
The agony and anguish of their life in tears.

People hate me with deep rancor and loath
Because I am a grave digger in truthful oath
And I am upset full of anguish and misery
Impossible to get a friend, were it not better not to be

Cant they understand all human things are subject to decay
Life do not go forever upon the land
For every beginning there is an end
When fate summons, even monarchs must obey

We all as humans of any color or faith
Hold common scorn and defame to eternal death
The creaking sound of cords lowering us down
As earth returns back to earth with no rising dawn

Copy rights 2010
All rights reserved

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I was too....

I was too busy to concentrate on daughter
With her funny ways I used to burst in laughter
Such was her sweet voice and innocent face
I was running behind her with little slow space

Days were riding on with high speed wind
Where was the time to think and find?
She was growing with faster pace
I too was too left out of the race

Alas! I could stop the time with imagination
She was lovely child borne out of good combination
Life was full of joy and she was our only hope
Suddenly I found myself walking on tight rope

It increased my pulse rate as it reminded me of something
She was opening up
as rose and I was ageing
What would be her fate or future in coming days?
What should I do for her to find the easy ways?

Her innocent days were just yesterday’s talk
It was gripping my mind when I used to go for walk
Was it not the genuine concern on part of father?
The thought itself was driving me further and further

She must be parted with very good education
At no stage in life she should feel alone or suffocation
She must have all the training as required
I immediately put my plan in action and enquired

She will come out as brilliant child
Intelligent, wise, beautiful and mild
She must be at heart very generous and kind
No one would think bad of her and mind

Normally what all parents think and do?
Wish that their kids prosper and pass through
Nothing should hamper their growth and future
They should get settled in their life tenure

I was no exception and thought the same
Her young age and maturity all off suddenly came
It left me thinking and in state of panic
It was not matter of joke or place for picnic

The Concern and fear made my nights barren
Change was unexpected and came all of sudden
I used to murmur in sleep and sake up at night’
“Must think and take steps” I thought it right

As wife had left amidst half way of the sea
She was only child of our love of tree
It was my only desire to see her in comforts
I had to concentrate my energy and double the efforts

I am very much sure of her golden days
She is humorous but must find ways
I have high hope in her to top and excel
Life should not contentious and pass well

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The Fable of 'Belling the Cat', Modern Version

Five judges at a cat show
were in a conference room
when the lights went out.

The cat being judged
was coal black and
only could be seen
when it opened its eyes,
and of course the cat was asleep.

While waiting for the lights to come on,
the conversation turned to nutrition
and as most cat show judges
must have another occupation,
it turned out that each
considered himself and herself
an authority on diet for humans.

Such it was that the cat and nutrition
became the subject of discussion
because nutrition is not unlike
a black cat in a dark room.

The judges were sure
that the cat must be found and caught
before someone opened the door,
and it escaped.
If only it had a bell attached to its collar,
How much easier it would be.

The first judge,
a Health Food Faddist, said,
'I see it.
Having particularly acute eyesight
because of my diet
of carrots and carrot juice,
I will tell you where the cat is
and someone can easily
catch and hold it.
There by the table end is the cat.'
Alas, because no one else could see,
the first one to attempt to catch the cat,
tripped over a chair and
the cat raced about the room and
Found a new place to hide.

'It's just like you all
to dismiss the value of natural foods,
see what it has gained you.'
With that the Food Faddist
sat brooding at the table,
contemplating her new diet book.

'But wait.' Said the Medical Doctor.
'None of you has a clue
on how to catch a cat.
I spent long hours in Medical School
after taking my pre-med degree in sociology.
I understand the way the body functions.
Food is just so much
coal to stoke the furnace,
and I know what you should eat.'

'Humbug.' said the Food Faddist,
'You took not one course in nutrition! '
'True, ' said the Doctor,
'But with my great Aristotlean knowledge,
I can tell you much about the cat.
I having studied the muscle structure
of such as this black cat possesses,
and can tell you exactly how to catch him.
You must grasp him behind the head,
by the scruff of the neck
just as his mother carried him.'

'If you can't see him,
how are you to catch him? '
Asked the Business Man
who represented a major food manufacturer.

'Why with my stethoscope,
I can hear his heart beat
and lung function;
I will locate him and then catch him.'
Moments later,
'I have him'
(But of course, he didn't.)

The Business Man having been
deceived many times before,
and knowing full well the ways
of professionals stepping
outside their area of expertise
to take a megaphone
to shout their views,
scoffed at the Doctor,
and said, 'We all know that
you haven't a clue
as to where the cat is,
or what good nutrition
is for that matter.
I will bell the cat.
All it takes is a bit of
imaginative selling,
and I can attract any kind
and number of animals.
Promotion is what it's about,
nutrition or otherwise.
You sell the sizzle
before you sell the steak, '
and with that he began to call loudly,
'here, kitty, here, kitty.'
And almost at once,
'Got him! '
(But of course, he didn't.)

'I know you don't have the cat,
for I am holding him in my lap, '
said the Very Important News Person.
'You know nothing about cats,
publicity, nutrition or
anything else going on in this world.
Without me to interpret,
and bring it to everyone's attention,
nothing would get done.
It falls on my shoulders
to explain good nutrition so
teachers and parents will understand
what's good for them (and the children) .
I have read summaries
of all the important new science
that has to do with health,
welfare, education, government, personal surveys
(I could go on and on,
and shall if you all will just
shut up and listen.) '
She made a purring sound,
much like a cat would make,
and exclaimed, 'I have the cat'.
(But of course, she didn't.)

Which brings us to the Governmental Agency Executive
who served on these committees
so that he could use
the very generous vacation and sick leave
allocated to one who worked for the Government.
He said, 'It is clear to me
that without regulations,
the cat will go free
and possibly be harmed,
I know how to handle these issues.
Didn't I give you the revised food pyramid
that stood conventional wisdom on its ear,
although I admit, it is a bit difficult
to understand how slices of a pyramid standing on end,
creates a very substantial structure.
And didn't I give you revised grades for beef
which made the lower quality beef more desirable,
(and just by changing the names!)
And didn't I make you all feel better
when I announced that 'mad-cow-disease'
was nothing to worry about.
And, didn't I define what 'natural foods' are,
and, working with the Food and Drug Administration
and the Communicable Disease Center,
didn't I solve the problems of disease management.
Trust me, I will show you where the cat is
and I know how to capture him
and save him from the hostile environment
he finds himself in.'
And with that,
he reached over
and plugged in the extension cord,
which he had pulled from the wall
when he tripped over it.

But the projector's lamp did not light.
For you see,
he tripped over the cord
after the lights went out.

At about this time,
the building janitor
hearing shouting coming
from the conference room,
opened the door and
asked why the 'judges'
were sitting in the dark.

'Shut the door! '
They all cried.
Which he did.

And to this day,
the five nutrition experts
are in the darkened room.
Having starved together.

But how about the cat, you ask.
Not to worry,
he escaped out the door
when the janitor opened it.

And without a bell, I might add.

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