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I definitely take a lot of bad pictures!

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to the artist of Endelicio


the tall man in his sixties
when we enter your house
says that shattered glasses
are bad for feng shui


your garden chair is a mosaic
of broken glasses matching with
your lampshade of broken bottles
and your floors of broken tiles


it is cruel to hear that they
view you not as an artist but
a mad man


you in your gray hair and thin
structure and old skin
looks decent enough for me
and struggling with all your
art works, paintings, sculptures
paper mache and stuffed animals


outside a gray cat is basking its
body under the morning sun
on a stone bench beside the
banana trees


i take a lot of pictures of all your
and this is the first time that i
have met you
having heard of your name and your
cafe cum gallery
a long time ago


back to the shattered glasses and broken
bottle and tiles
and sculptures of mother earth
and man and emaciated natives
sometimes i ponder that if i were in your shoes
will i do the same?

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Moving Pictures

Life is only a moving picture
Nothing in life is a permanent fixture
Oh no oh oh no
Black girls, white girls oh what a mixture
Looking as pretty as a picture
Oh no oh oh no
We live, we die no one knows why
We come, we go we see the show
And its always moving, always moving
Life is only a moving picture
Oh, life can sometimes not be very nice
But then you make your choice so you must pay the price
You take the good and bad cos lifes all work and play
And it soon fades away
Oh no oh oh no
Life is only what you make out
So make the verses rhyme and all the pieces fit
There isnt any time to make much sense of it
It soon fades away
Oh no oh oh no
Life is only a moving picture
Nothing in life is a permanent fixture
Oh no oh oh no
We live, we die no one knows why
We come, we go we see the show
And its always moving, always moving
Look at all those moving pictures
Nothing in life is a permanent fixture
Oh no oh oh no
Its only moving, only moving, only moving pictures

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A good interpreter can take a piece of bad music and make it sound pretty decent, while a bad interpreter can take good music and make it sound cheap. I can tell that some people have a bad taste, and unlike on the piano, they smear around a lot, that is bad taste.

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Song (Is it dirty)

Is it dirty
does it look dirty
that's what you think of in the city

does it just seem dirty
that's what you think of in the city
you don't refuse to breathe do you

someone comes along with a very bad character
he seems attractive. is he really. yes. very
he's attractive as his character is bad. is it. yes

that's what you think of in the city
run your finger along your no-moss mind
that's not a thought that's soot

and you take a lot of dirt off someone
is the character less bad. no. it improves constantly
you don't refuse to breathe do you

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This May Take Decades

To turn an inherited cesspool,
Into a prize winning Rose garden...
Is going to take a lot of time.
Especially when the users have spent...
Years of squatting to release their excrement.

And just when the scent of Roses,
Can be expected to bloom and be seen?
That depends on those willing to sacrifice...
The relinquishing of their rights,
For an upgrade of their decadent insights.

And for them who have become upset...
This may take decades,
To overhaul their medieval mindsets!
Patience and virtue has not been used...
To develop, protect or cover their assets.

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Take A Little Time

It takes a little time sometimes
To get your feet back on the ground
It takes a little time sometimes
To get the Titanic turned back around
It takes a little time sometimes
But baby you're not going down
It takes more than you've got right now
Give it time
What's this walking thru' my door
I know I've seen the look before
Sometimes in faces on the street
Sometimes in the mirror looking back at me
You can't fix this pain with money
You can't rush a weary soul
You can't sweep it under the rug, now honey
It don't take a lot to know
Now it may not be over by morning
But Rome wasn't built in a day
You can name that thing a thousand times
But it won't make it go away
Let me put my arms around you
And hold you while you weep
We've been talking and you know what
I'm sick of this talk
And it's nothing that won't keep

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Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

With my winter time
My idols and stage fright
In another night
Where the lights are loud and bright
One dream from waking up saved
Too shy to hold in the rage
I know no luxury
Of knowing what your eyes read
I know one million ways
To always pick the wrong thing to say
A love that you never gave
Always a time zone away
Its not out of spite
I know whats right
Bad luck blue eyes goodbye
Sometimes a memory
Only sees what it wants to believe
And whats filled in between
Are days and nights that dont mean a thing
Such a simple suicide
A second chance never tried
And you dont understand
I need a helping hand
So you think that youve seen it all
Is that a fact?
So out your mouth a dictionary
Spouts about this and that
You got your dos, your donts
Because and why
I dont trust no one who dont
Take their own advice
Bad luck blue eyes goodbye

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Wild World

Now that i've lost everything to you
You say you wanna start something new
And it's breakin' my heart you're leavin'
Baby, i'm grievin'
But if you wanna leave, take good care
Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear
But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl
You know i've seen a lot of what the world can do
And it's breakin' my heart in two
Because i never wanna see you a sad, girl
Don't be a bad girl
But if you wanna leave, take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware
Baby, i love you
But if you wanna leave, take good care
Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

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Heart Dont Fail Me Now

Lt seems its getting harder
Yeah, its so hard to find o lover
Okay the boys are getting better
But they still fall down under
Close examination, baby
Lt used to be essential
But that was purely elemental
Investigations always led to
One way conversations
Lt took me a little while to get
Myself acquainted
Lm just about ready for the
Right inspiration...cmon now
Heart dont fail me now
Could he be the one Ive waited for...
Oh yeah
Could he be the one being that
I miss around here
He could be the one...
He could be the one...
I wake up every morning
Inside my private little jewel box
Lts not so bad to be alone
Dont want no substitution...
Ld rather be alone than with someone and lonely
Ltd take a lot more
Than strong arms to hold me...cmon now...
Heart dont fail me now
Dont mess my mind up
Ooo dont you fail me now
Lts no wonder lm so tough
Heart dont fail me now

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I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am

Album: Tribute to Merle Haggard
Things I learned in a hobo jungle
Were things they never taught me in a classroom,
Like where to find a handout
While thumbin' through Chicago in the afternoon.
Hey, I'm not braggin' or complainin',
Just talkin' to myself man to man.
This ole' mental fat I'm chewin' didn't take alot of doin'.
But I take alot of pride in what I am.
I guess I grew up a loner,
I don't remember ever havin' any folks around.
But I keep thumbin' through the phone books,
And lookin' for my daddy's name in every town.
And I meet lots of friendly people,
That I always end up leavin' on the lam.
Where I've been or where I'm goin'
Didn't take alot of knowin',
But I take alot of pride in what I am.
--- Instrumental ---
I never travel in a hurry,
'Cause I got nobody waitin' for me anywhere.
Home is anywhere I'm livin',
If it's sleepin' on some vacant bench in City Square,
Or if I'm workin' on some road gang,
Or just livin' off the fat of our great land.
I never been nobody's idol, But at least I got a title,
And I take alot of pride in what I am.
I never been nobody's idol, But at least I got a title,
And I take alot of pride in what I am.
I take alot of pride in what I am.
I take alot of pride in what I am...

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I dont wanna leave, bernadette,
But I dont wanna live with the jet set.
I dont wanna leave with you payin all my debts,
With that alimony, palimony, whatever it is you get.
Ooh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
Youve never done a days work in your life,
Youve got no incentive.
Youve made a career out of punting off all of the men youve slept with.
Ooh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
I cant get a job, bernadette,
So all that I can offer are a lot of bad debts
If you marry me, bernadette,
Youll lose the alimony, palimony, whatever it is you get.
Ooh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
Youve never done a days work in your life,
Youve got no incentive.
Youve made a career out of punting off all of the men youve slept with.
Ooh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
Ooh, bernadette, bernadette.
Ooh, bernadette, bernadette.
[bernadettes got a house in the country,
Shes really got it made.
Her lawyers made her filthy rich,
Shes got all expenses paid.]
Maybe a famous rock star will fly you away,
Then youll eat him all up,
And spit him out,
With a dash of perrier.
And when youve had enough
Youll throw him away,
And take him for all you can get.
Yeah, you like it dont you, bernadette?
I dont want to leave bernadette,
But I wanna keep a little bit of self respect.
I dont want to leave with you paying all my debts,
With that alimony, palimony, whatever it is you get.
Ooh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
Youve never done a days work in your life.
Youve got no incentive.
Women like you oughta be locked up,
For giving others a bad name.
Ohh, bernadette, you are so expensive.
Ooh, bernadette, bernadette.
Ooh, bernadette.
I think youre sad.

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A minute away

I am minutes away from leaving this world
I remain unmoved and don’t develop any cold
It is time bid good bye and prepare for final departure
I remain calm and as usual not very sure

It is final count down and whistle is likely to blow
There won’t be any movement and body may go slow
It will slowly calm down with no sign of life
It has to leave for heavenly abode when it stops to breathe

There is sense of satisfaction on my face
Soon I will be lost and run out of race
Body may be cremated and here won’t be any trace
I shall unite there at my place with His grace

There nothing much to worry as I leave with satisfaction
Everything moved satisfactorily with all my actions
Now time has come and it will be soon over in fraction of seconds
I swim and sink for fresh air as fish in the ponds

The soul may not depart that easily for the want of desire
All relatives gather and all past deeds admire
It is their wish that I should depart without any pain
They pray for it and wish it should not go in vain

How one can see a person who remained so close for a long?
He might have caused damage or done something wrong
Still at the end of the time they wish happy journey
Everybody leaves behind bad memory including money

There remains desire for oasis water
We run all the time for needs to cater
Its futility will be realized at the end of tour
We may be leaving behind dark patches or slur

It is wisdom on the part of individual to rise
Act as honest man and possibly to remain wise
It is to be borne in mind for no regret at the time of demise
It will definitely take over with everybody’s surprise

There won’t be any time left for any regret
You must pass the things or allow letting
What is bound to happen may happen
It will be too late then

I always wished that end must be happy
It must be peaceful and without any worry
No one should be afraid of loosing the body
It may happen sooner or later to everybody

What do we leave behind for youngsters?
Who else will take care of our brothers and sisters?
This is routine matter and may take its own course
You should feel nothing and have any remorse

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i think sometimes it takes trainwrecks,
before we'll sit down and look at, really look at,
who we are, what we are, and what we've become.
and i've had more than my share of trainwrecks....
often we bring them on ourselves, but sometimes
we have help...
it is the nature of life now that we get used, abused,
betrayed, and makes one wonder how
much of that goes on inside us...
for the real battle is always within.
all the good and evil, all the hatreds, all the love,
all the wars, all injustices, human consciousness,
peace, and equality... all begin and end within us.
read a quote the other day... forgot who said it, that
went something like, '...there are people so good they
could never harm or kill anyone. i'm not one of them.
i wish i was... but i have to work at it.' and i understood!
i did a lot of things, especially when i was younger, that
i regret. and i paid the price.
i've made a lot of bad decisions, worked for a lot of
unscrupulous people, that used you for what they wanted,
and dumped you.
i've lost everything i had more than once, and stand to again.
when you think you dont have anything left to lose, life has
a way of showing you different.
we too often forget the value of the small things. we forget
what really matters.
and so you get pushed in a hard corner, and you stand up
angry, ready to fight. but what you're fighting is so big
you dont know where to start.... and you're fighting a
battle you cannot win!
and part of it is that the times are hard now. we've run
out of options, we have become expendable! the sad thing
is that we let this happen. we turned our heads, and walked
in indifference.
i am not a good man, nor a bad man. i am a man!
58 years old, with health issues, still wanting to work,
still fighting for what i believe is right. i have seen and
known a depth in life that i try to live, that i try to share,
with my actions, words, and intentions.
but i've reached the point where i'm not willing to
take any more shit! if i've done the wrong thing, then i
own my mistakes. but i wont apologize for what i think
is right!
running out of time, and having a hard time finding a
bridge. but that's my problem.
again and again telling my clenched fist to open.....
waiting for a break, some ray of sun....
human,100% human!

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Wear a Bra…

'Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow,
He who would search for pearls must dive below, '

Wear a Bra…

He took a Royal fag, lit it with a match and whiffed twice,
'Look, ' he said in jest, 'wear a bra if need be, or stockings,
Breast your shirt with a read badge* like Imams nowadays.'
'Look, ' he rejoined flinging the butt outside- that's nice! -

'Last night I talked to a big antenna of Fatimites Uskut yard, *
And drunk a lot of bad stuffs with a batch of private eyes,
What's in that if you are under siege, in the middle of a siege,
And to get out, roll the ball and break the wall of chilly ice, '

He went on, 'more than that, you get to know your enemies;
You learn better how to teach, before you leap think thrice.'
Then he grasped another fag with a tone of don't you? - tag
And waved at two blokes greeting him from without.

'Look! ' he said, 'those guys were among the hell of guests
Of the Lieut's* feast last night; he served us meat and rice.
They talked of Ghariba's synagogue* and the Jews big blast,
And kept silent like Mickey when he faces a lot of mice.

'Now, let me tell you another thing quite different, ' I put in,
And show you, if you wish, other faces of the dice;
I agree, nowadays you have to fear everything with an ear:
The ewe, the lion, the ostrich, Ali Ezzat Vegovitch, Talibans

And the great bug bear of intellectual chatterboxes; avarice.
But, if you move ahead on your own within this hazy maze,
And perhaps you don't refrain in every faze you have to bias,
You lose your temper, and then you'll temper your poor mind,

You'll look schizoid in peoples' eyes and your I becomes I's.'
He retorted, 'that is not what it is! ' but I went on in the point,
'By and by, you love the beer and sir Shameer becomes dear,
You hush the beep; you oversleep and you forget your five prayers.'

'Is that so? ' badly aroused he inquired, 'yes it is, ' I rejoined,
'And further more, you'll have a schizophrenic mental chaos:
In prairies, you could see the wolf free and loose in the fore,
Wearing no simile or a metaphor but his fur n' menace,

But in the zoo, he lurks himself in the rear and much more
Of what you fear, creeps to you in various modes of disguise.
Look, my dear, you got a wife, a brainy son, viz., FEAR-US, *
To indulge- I admit- I don't begrudge, a nice cab and a house.'

'Assalam…'dropped in an ex-mate of November's* Alcatraz;
That's the Man who taught me how to pray and how to mind.
'What a chance! ' He exclaimed, 'lucky me…I can't believe!
Great minds think alike or our thoughts very often coincide? '

'That's Allah, ' I replied, 'by his laws all events must abide…
Ok, do you like a cappuccino or a cool decanter of Sabrine? '*
'As you like, ' he replied, 'coffee, tea, or a sort of insecticide.'
Because I know, sir Habeeb boycotts any cola or other wise.

'Excuse me my brothers, ' intervened sir Kawak, * 'what? ' I said,
'Now I get to go, ' he replied, 'to take the boy to kindergarten
And change the glasses because I bought the wrong size,
I'm sorry to leave you and we haven't met for about two years.'

By now, I am sure you got the gist of the man who versifies:
Many people stay great despite who drags them to minimize,
Old Habeeb is an isle by himself and all the rest of the guys,
Are but ciphers, without figures, that stumble into pits of demise.



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Patrick White

Watching The Sky Turn Blue

for Steve Forster

Watching the sky turn blue
in the last hours of the night.
Up like the stars dreaming myself awake.
Insomniac watchman making the rounds
of my own private zodiac
on the graveyard shift
looking for signs of an afterlife
that’s in spiritual alignment with the pyramids.
Tabla rasa.
A clean slate.
A new day.
The world a new creation every morning.
Empty streets empty stores empty sidewalks.
The vertebrae of bridges sheathing the Tay River
like a spinal cord that’s stopped
sending messages to the brain
like wavelets and rain
to put the serpent fire out
that’s rooted at the base of my spine.
And the windows that couldn’t get over
the loss of the moon
aren’t talking to those
anticipating the sun rise
like the trickle of water music
arising from the willows of Stewart Park
slowly leaking out of the silence
like a crescendo of birds that come out
one by one like the stars
until you’re washed away
in the undertow of it all
like the words of this poem
riding the mindstream like a paper boat
all the bumpy way down to my heart.
The leaf and starmap of a lost art.
The dew on the cool blue green grass
has taken the spit shine off my boots
and turned their anthracite
into a flat Mars black nineteen-fifties Ford.
I can see the glass tears of a streetlight
that’s been crying all night like a candle
in front of the broken mirror
that’s been seen with another lover
slowly turning like a mood ring
into the sapphire blue of a new birthstone
with the occasional star in it.
A runaway Milky Way of lapis lazuli
pops into my head like Indian jewellery
in the showcase marinas of Dragon Moon.
Dolphins and flying fish
are leaping off the prow
in the fathomless depths
of the subconscious mind
floating ghosts
from my shipwreck
like the nautical find of the century
up to the surface
to mark where I went down.
Maybe the Perth Courier will carry the news
in black slug lines of mourning
indelible as the darkness I feel
whenever I walk past the office door
and remember when my buddy
was Clark Kent editor by day
and Big Steve Forester and the Mudcats by night
singing Kansas City rhythm and blues
to night owls and feral cats
prowling and howling
into the wee hours of the morning.
And his death may have passed
like yesterday’s obituary
into local history
but there will always be
some events in the lives of poets and reporters
that will always be breaking news to the heart.
He’d come to my place
at seven in the morning
and we’d sit at the kitchen table
like seven year old boys
dealing with death and cancer
trying to find an accurate answer
among all these rumours of an afterlife
about what it was going to be like
to wake up one day
any day now
without eyelashes ears
fingers toes a nose and skin
and your eye for picture-music
the braille stops of a bird bone flute for the blind
buried beside you
as if you were an Archaic Indian
who died young
five thousand years ago
by the Straits of Belle Isle
knowing timing’s just as important as content.
We corroborated each other’s testimony
on the wild side of things
and whenever I’m down
by the Perth Soap Factory
lavishing its thick floral scent on the night air
I look up at his old apartment window
that the new tenants look through now
and though he and I would both agree
that it blows the public cool
of a private clown
to be so sentimentally foolish
even when no one else is around
I say God bless you Steve
wherever you are now.
And I think I can almost hear you
rocking out with the celestial spheres
like a blues harp among the angels
and I like the new underground sound
that’s taking heaven by storm
though it brings me to tears
that water the root fires
of this whiff of wildflowers
working on the nightshift
to think of you gone.
Gone gone gone
altogether gone beyond
like the riff of a base run
on a guitar-shaped universe
under the travelogue of play-dates
and places you gigged
stuck to the lid of your coffin
like the leaves and constellations
of an autumn that always comes too soon.
God bless you man.
I sing it out
like a one man band
with soul and heart
under your window
like a wolf pack
howling at the moon
for the loss of one of their own.
God bless that big awkward heart of yours
and the lonely boy you told me about
playing by himself
in the abandoned World War Two airfields of France.
I’ve tried to get closer to him over the years
as I always did when he was near
by impressing him with
the smoothness of my take-offs
and the fireworks of my emergency landings.
You were the first unimperial Englishman
that ever convinced me
he could wear cowboy boots convincingly.
And that you knew what it was like
to be down and out with George Orwell
in west Vancouver
sleeping among violent drunks
that kept waking up
just to spit into your wishing well.
I know you spent your whole life wondering
whether you were or not
and wandered off the horse trails
of the bronze riding academy often enough
just to prove you were
to me and to yourself
but you were real.
Outlaw blues man
with a lot of good habits
you were addicted to like your upbringing.
I’ve ridden with a lot of bad dudes
and seen a few hung along the way
like identity thieves caught red-handed
branding their names
on other people’s logos
but none of them knew how
to head off a stampede
in a lightning storm
like you could with a mike
and an edgy audience in front of you
as if you’d just pulled a gun in a bank
like Robin Hood.
I don’t know if it does any good
to lay food and tobacco and beer
bread and a baggie
of Lanark County homegrown
with colas the size of treetops
frosted with the galactic radiance of stars
with crystal healing powers
and wine-tipped Old Port cigarillos
at the eastern doors
of the burial huts of the dead
approaching the autumnal equinox
as the Ojibwa at this time of the year
believe it does.
Or if our souls go east or south
in the bodies of migrating Canada geese
when the moon takes them off
like lockets and rosaries around her neck
as the Ojibwa Pythagoras the Persians
and the Christians
who caught on to the thought
all said they did.
Or if the Great Spirit
has a wingspan that includes us all or not.
Hard to imagine nature
comes pre-prepared with a womb
but not a tomb
that’s big enough for all of us.
And maybe there’s no more distinction
to be made between the exit and the entrance
than there is to be made between
a sacred grove and a parking lot
and in the clear light of the void
we’re all bound to see for ourselves
you don’t notice the difference
between the living and the dead
the way I do
looking up at your window
as if the oldies and goldies
of the rhythm and blues
had turned into the base metal
of an alchemical universe in reverse.
And maybe everyone ends up here
sooner or later
beside a soap factory
below somebody’s window
trying to throw
a philosopher’s stone through it
like a grain of sand
through the blank stare of an hourglass
whose timing is as bad as eternity’s
always half a note off the tempo
like a white boy playing jazz
with one foot on shore
and the other in a lifeboat.
And maybe you’ve got to
syncopate the backbeat
to stay on your feet dancing
long after the music’s over
and the lights have been turned off
like stars and streetlamps in the dawn.
I don’t know Bud.
I’ve just lived on
doing what I’ve always done.
And I hear they put that painting
I did of you dressed up
like one of the Blues Brothers
bending the music
like a mike stand
up against your coffin
and I was happy to hear that.
And there have been two elegies
I’ve written for you since
that have tried to say farewell
in a way that could convince my heart
but they both failed like a funeral
and it looks like
given I’m standing here tonight
watching the sky turn blue in your window
that it’s going to take more than your death
to make me say good-bye
at the end of the gig
when they’re breaking down the music
like roadies disassembling a Rubik’s cube
or typesetters yesterday’s news.
So I’ll just keep saying thank-you
over and over again
for being a friend of mine
until you hear me
wailing like a wounded blues harp in pain
and not just another banshee
scratching at your window
like a cat that wants to come in
and make a demo
with fading stars in the studio.
I’ll watch the sky turn blue
over the Old Brown Shoe factory
that’s given over to body builders
and tomorrow’s ballerinas now
and intrigued like the bees
by the smell of soap
I’ll jack into the sun like a power-amp
and you’ll grab the mike
like the bud of daffodil
or a streetlamp around the neck
and we won’t play
Should Old Acquaintance be forgot
on the deck of the Titanic
as it’s going down
like the moon and the stars
but as I heard you once sing
Kansas City on stage
in Stewart Park.
The amplified echo of your voice
long after dark
all over town.

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La Fontaine


IN Lombardy's fair land, in days of yore,
Once dwelt a prince, of youthful charms, a store;
Each FAIR, with anxious look, his favours sought,
And ev'ry heart within his net was caught.
Quite proud of beauteous form and smart address,
In which the world was led to acquiesce,
He cried one day, while ALL attention paid,
I'll bet a million, Nature never made
Beneath the sun, another man like me,
Whose symmetry with mine can well agree.
If such exist, and here will come, I swear
I'll show him ev'ry lib'ral princely care.

A noble Roman, who the challenge heard,
This answer gave the king his soul preferr'd
--Great prince, if you would see a handsome man,
To have my brother here should be your plan;
A frame more perfect Nature never gave;
But this to prove, your courtly dames I crave;
May judge the fact, when I'm convinc'd they'll find:
Like you, the youth will please all womankind;
And since so many sweets at once may cloy,
'Twere well to have a partner in your joy.

THE king, surpris'd, expressed a wish to view
This brother, form'd by lines so very true;
We'll see, said he, if here his charms divine
Attract the heart of ev'ry nymph, like mine;
And should success attend our am'rous lord,
To you, my friend, full credit we'll accord.

AWAY the Roman flew, Joconde to get,
(So nam'd was he in whom these features met
'Midst woods and lawns, retir'd from city strife,
And lately wedded to a beauteous wife;
If bless'd, I know not; but with such a fair,
On him must rest the folly to despair.

THE Roman courtier came, his business told
The brilliant offers from the monarch bold;
His mission had success, but still the youth
Distraction felt, which 'gan to shake his truth;
A pow'rful monarch's favour there he view'd;
A partner here, with melting tears bedew'd;
And while he wavered on the painful choice,
She thus address'd her spouse with plaintive voice:

CAN you, Joconde, so truly cruel prove,
To quit my fervent love in courts to move?
The promises of kings are airy dreams,
And scarcely last beyond the day's extremes
By watchful, anxious care alone retain'd,
And lost, through mere caprice, as soon as gain'd.
If weary of my charms, alas! you feel,
Still think, my love, what joys these woods conceal;
Here dwell around tranquillity and ease;
The streams' soft murmurs, and the balmy breeze,
Invite to sleep; these vales where breathe the doves,
All, all, my dear Joconde, renew our loves;
You laugh!--Ah! cruel, go, expose thy charms,
Grim death will quickly spare me these alarms!

JOCONDE'S reply our records ne'er relate,
Nor what he did, nor how he left his mate;
And since contemp'raries decline the task;
'Twere folly, such details of me to ask.
We're told, howe'er, when ready to depart,
With flowing tears she press'd him to her heart;
And on his arm a brilliant bracelet plac'd,
With hair around her picture nicely trac'd;
This guard in full remembrance of my love,
She cried;--then clasped her hands to pow'rs above.

TO see such dire distress, and poignant grief,
Might lead to think, soon death would bring relief;
But I, who know full well the female mind,
At best oft doubt affliction of the kind.

JOCONDE set out at length; but that same morn;
As on he mov'd, his soul with anguish torn,
He found the picture he had quite forgot,
Then turn'd his steed, and back began to trot.
While musing what excuse to make his mate,
At home he soon arriv'd, and op'd the gate;
Alighted unobserv'd, ran up the stairs;
And ent'ring to the lady unawares,
He found this darling rib, so full of charms;
Intwin'd within a valet's brawny arms!

'MIDST first emotions of the husband's ire;
To stab them while asleep he felt desire;
Howe'er, he nothing did; the courteous wight;
In this dilemma, clearly acted right;
The less of such misfortunes said is best;
'Twere well the soul of feeling to divest;
Their lives, through pity, or prudential care;
With much reluctance, he was led to spare;
Asleep he left the pair, for if awake,
In honour, he a diff'rent step would take.--
Had any smart gallant supplied my place,
Said he, I might put up with this disgrace;
But naught consoles the thought of such a beast;
Dan Cupid wantons, or is blind at least;
A bet, or some such whim, induc'd the god,
To give his sanction to amours so odd.

THIS perfidy Joconde so much dismay'd;
His spirits droop'd, his lilies 'gan to fade;
No more he look'd the charmer he had been;
And when the court's gay dames his face had seen;
They cried, Is this the beauty, we were told,
Would captivate each heart, or young or old?
Why, he's the jaundice; ev'ry view displays
The mien of one,--just fasted forty days!

WITH secret pleasure, this, Astolphus learn'd;
The Roman, for his brother, risks discern'd,
Whose secret griefs were carefully conceal'd,
(And these Joconde could never wish reveal'd
Yet, spite of gloomy looks and hollow eyes,
His graceful features pierc'd the wan disguise,
Which fail'd to please, alone through want of life,
Destroy'd by thinking on a guilty wife.

THE god of love, in pity to our swain,
At last revok'd BLACK CARE'S corroding reign;
For, doubtless, in his views he oft was cross'd,
While such a lover to the world was lost.

THE hero of our tale, at length, we find
Was well rewarded: LOVE again proved kind;
For, musing as he walk'd alone one day,
And pass'd a gall'ry, (held a secret way,)
A voice in plaintive accents caught his ear,
And from the neighb'ring closet came, 'twas clear:
My dear Curtade, my only hope below,
In vain I love;--you colder, colder grow;
While round no fair can boast so fine a face,
And numbers wish they might supply thy place,
Whilst thou with some gay page prefer'st a bet,
Or game of dice with some low, vulgar set,
To meeting me alone; and when just now
To thee I sent, with rage thou knit'st thy brow,
And Dorimene, with ev'ry curse abus'd
Then played again, since better that amus'd,
And left me here, as if not worth a thought,
Or thou didst scorn what I so fondly sought.

ASTONISHMENT, at once, our Roman seiz'd;
But who's the fair that thus her bosom eas'd?
Or, who's the gay Adonis, form'd to bless?
You'd try a day, and not the secret guess,
The queen's the belle:--and, doubtless you will stare,
The king's own dwarf the idol of her care!

THE Roman saw a crevice in the wood,
Through which he took a peep from where he stood;
To Dorimene our lovers left the key,
Which she had dropt when lately forc'd to flee,
And this Joconde pick'd up, a lucky hit,
Since he could use it when he best thought fit.
It seems, said he, I'm not alone in name,
And since a prince so handsome is the same,
Although a valet has supplied my place,
Yet see, the queen prefers a dwarf's embrace.

THIS thought consol'd so well,--his youthful rays
Returned, and e'en excelled his former days;
And those who lately ridicul'd his charms,
Now anxious seem'd to revel in his arms
'Twas who could have him,--even prudes grew kind;--
By many belles Astolphus was resign'd;
Though still the king retain'd enough, 'twas seen;--
But now let us resume the dwarf and queen.

OUR Roman, having satisfied his eyes,
At length withdrew, confounded by surprise.
Who follows courts, must oft with care conceal,
And scarcely know what sight and ears reveal.

YET, by Joconde the king was lov'd so well,
What now he'd seen he greatly wish'd to tell;
But, since to princes full respect is due,
And what concerns them, howsoever true,
If thought displeasing, should not be dispos'd
In terms direct, but obviously dispos'd,
To catch the mind, Joconde at ease detail'd,
From days of yore to those he now bewail'd,
The names of emp'rors and of kings, whose brows,
By wily wives, were crown'd with leafless boughs!
And who, without repining, view'd their lot,
Nor bad made worse, but thought things best forgot.
E'en I, who now your majesty address,
Continued he, am sorry to confess,
The very day I left my native earth,

To wait upon a prince of royal birth,
Was forced t'acknowledge cuckoldom among
The gods who rule the matrimonial throng,
And sacrifice thereto with aching heart
Cornuted heads dire torments oft impart:

THE tale he then detail'd, that rais'd his spleen;
And what within the closet he had seen;
The king replied, I will not be so rude,
To question what so clearly you have view'd;
Yet, since 'twere better full belief to gain,
A glimpse of such a fact I should obtain,
Pray bring me thither; instantly our wight;
Astolphus led, where both his ears and sight
Full proof receiv'd, which struck the prince with awe;
Who stood amaz'd at what he heard and saw.
But soon reflection's all-convincing pow'r
Induced the king vexation to devour;
True courtier-like, who dire misfortunes braves,
Feels sprouting horns, yet smiles at fools and knaves:
Our wives, said he, a pretty trick have play'd,
And shamefully the marriage bed betray'd;
Let us the compliment return, my friend,
And round the country our amours extend;
But, in our plan the better to succeed,
Our names we'll change; no servants we shall need;--
For your relation I desire to pass,
So you'll true freedom use; then with a lass
We more at ease shall feel, more pleasure gain;
Than if attended by my usual train.

JOCONDE with joy the king's proposal heard;
On which the latter with his friend conferr'd;
Said he, 'twere surely right to have a book,
In which to place the names of those we hook,
The whole arrang'd according to their rank,
And I'll engage no page remains a blank,
But ere we leave the range of our design,
E'en scrup'lous dames shall to our wish incline,
Our persons handsome, with engaging air,
And sprightly, brilliant wit no trifling share,--
'Twere strange, possessing such engaging charms,
They should not tumble freely in our arms.

THE, baggage ready, and the paper-book,
our smart gallants the road together took,
But 'twould be vain to number their amours;
With beauties, Cupid favoured them by scores;
Blessed, if only seen by either swain,
And doubly bless'd who could attention gain:
Nor wife of alderman, nor wife of mayor,
Of justice, nor of governor was there,
Who did not anxiously desire her name
Might straight be entered in the book of fame!
Hearts, which before were thought as cold as ice,
Now warm'd at once and melted in a trice.

SOME infidel, I fancy, in my ear
Would whisper-probabilities, I fear,
Are rather wanting to support the fact;
However perfectly gallants may act,
To gain a heart requires full many a day
If more be requisite I cannot say;
'Tis not my plan to dupe or young or old,
But such to me, howe'er the tale is told,
And Ariosto never truth forsakes;
Yet, if at ev'ry step a writer takes,
He's closely question'd as to time and place,
He ne'er can end his work with easy grace.
To those, from whom just credence I receive,
Their tales I promise fully to believe.

AT length, when our advent'rers round had play'd,
And danc'd with ev'ry widow, wife, and maid,
The full blown lily and the tender rose,
Astolphus said, though clearly I suppose,
We can as many hearts securely link,
As e'er we like, yet better now, I think,
To stop a while in some delightful spot,
And that before satiety we've got;
For true it is, with love as with our meat;
If we, variety of dishes eat,
The doctors tell us inj'ry will ensue,
And too much raking none can well pursue.
Let us some pleasing fair-one then engage,
To serve us both:--enough she'll prove I'll wage.

JOCONDE at once replied, with all my heart,
And I a lady know who'll take the part;
She's beautiful; possesses store of wit;
And is the wife of one above a cit.

WITH such to meddle would be indiscreet,
Replied the king, more charms we often meet,
Beneath a chambermaid or laundress' dress,
Than any rich coquette can well possess.
Besides, with those, less form is oft requir'd,
While dames of quality must be admir'd;
Their whims complied with, though suspicions rise;
And ev'ry hour produces fresh surprise,
But this sweet charmer of inferior birth
A treasure proves; a source of bliss on earth.
No trouble she to carry here nor there;
No balls she visits, and requires no care;
The conquest easy, we may talk or not;
The only difficulty we have got,
Is how to find one, we may faithful view;
So let us choose a girl, to love quite new.

SINCE these, replied the YOUTH, your thoughts appear,
What think you of our landlord's daughter here?
That she's a perfect virgin I've no doubt,
Nor can we find a chaster round about;
Her very doll more innocent won't prove,
Than this sweet nymph design'd with us to move.

THE scheme our prince's approbation met;
The very girl, said he, I wish'd to get;
This night be our attack; and if her heart
Surrenders when our wishes we impart,
But one perplexity will then remain;
'Tis who her virgin favours shall obtain?
The honour 's all a whim, and I, as king,
At once assuredly should claim this thing:
The rest 'tis very easy to arrange;
As matters suit we presently can change.

IF ceremony 'twere, Joconde replied,
All cavil then we quickly could decide;
Precedence would no doubt with you remain:
But this is quite another case 'tis plain;
And equity demands that we agree,
By lot to settle which the man shall be.

THE noble youths no arguments would spare,
And each contended for the spoiler's care;
Howe'er Joconde obtained the lucky hit,
And first embrac'd this fancied dainty bit.

THE girl who was the noble rival's aim,
That ev'ning to the room for something came;
Our heroes gave her instantly a chair,
And lavished praises on her face and hair;
A diamond ring soon sparkled in her eyes;
Its pleasing pow'rs at sight obtain'd the prize.

THE bargain made, she, in the dead of night,
When silence reign'd and all was void of light,
With careful steps their anxious wish obey'd,
And 'tween them both, she presently was laid;
'Twas Paradise they thought, where all is nice,
And our young spark believ'd he broke the ice.

THE folly I forgive him;--'tis in vain
On this to reason--idle to complain;
The WISE have oft been dup'd it is confest,
And Solomon it seems among the rest.
But gay Joconde felt nothing of the kind,
A secret pleasure glow'd within his mind;
He thought Astolphus wond'rous bliss had missed,
And that himself alone the fair had kiss'd;
A clod howe'er, who liv'd within the place,
Had, prior to the Roman, her embrace.

THE soft amour extended through the night,
The girl was pleas'd, and all proceeded right;
The foll'wing night, the next, 'twas still the same;
Young Clod at length her coldness 'gan to blame;
And as he felt suspicious of the act,
He watch'd her steps and verified the fact:
A quarrel instantly between them rose;
Howe'er the fair, his anger to compose,
And favour not to lose, on honour vow'd,
That when the sparks were gone, and time allow'd,
She would oblige his craving, fierce desire;--
To which the village lad replied with ire:--
Pray what care I for any tavern guest,
Of either sex; to you I now protest,
If I be not indulg'd this very night,
I'll publish your amours in mere despite.

HOW can we manage it, replied the belle,
I'm quite distressed--indeed the truth to tell,
I've promis'd them this night to come again,
And if I fail, no doubt can then remain,
But I shall lose the ring, their pledg'd reward,
Which would, you know for me, be very hard.

TO you I wish the ring, replied young Clod,
But do they sleep in bed, or only nod?
Tell me, pray; oh, said she, they sleep most sound;
But then between them plac'd shall I be found,
And while the one amidst Love's frolicks sports,
The other quiet lies, or Morpheus courts.
On hearing this the rustick lad proposed,
To visit her when others' eyes were closed.
Oh! never risk it, quickly she replied;
'Twere folly to attempt it by their side.
He answer'd, never fear, but only leave
The door ajar, and me they'll not perceive.

THE door she left exactly as he said;
The spark arriv'd, and then approach'd the bed,
('Twas near the foot,) then 'tween the sheets he slid,
But God knows how he lay, or what he did.
Astolphus and Joconde ne'er smelt a rat,
Nor ever dreamt of what their girl was at,
At length when each had turn'd and op'd his eyes,
Continual movement fill'd him with surprise.
The monarch softly said:--why how is this?
My friend has eaten something, for in bliss,
He revels on, and truly much I fear,
His health will show, it may be bought too dear.

THIS very sentiment Joconde bethought;
But Clod a breathing moment having caught,
Resum'd his fun, and that so oft would seek:
He gratified his wishes for a week;
Then watching carefully, he found once more;
Our noble heroes had begun to snore,
On which he slyly took himself away,
The road he came, and ere 'twas break of day;
The girl soon follow'd, since she justly fear'd,
Still more fatigues:--so off she quickly steer'd,

AT length when both the nobles were awake;
Astolphus said, my friend you rest should take,
'Twere better till to-morrow keep in bed,
Since sleep, with such fatigues, of course has fled:
You talk at random, cried the Roman youth;
More rest I fancy you require in truth;
You've led a pretty life throughout the night;
I? said the king; why I was weary quite,
So long I waited; you no respite gave,
But wholly seem'd our little nymph t' enslave;
At length to try if I from rage could keep,
I turn'd my back once more, and went to sleep.
If you had willingly the belle resign'd,
I was, my friend, to take a turn inclin'd;
That had sufficed for me, since I, like you,
Perpetual motion never can pursue.

YOUR raillery, the Roman youth replied,
Quite disconcerted, pray now lay aside,
And talk of something else; you've fully shown,
That I'm your vassal, and since you are grown
So fond that you to keep the girl desire,
E'en wholly to yourself, why I'll retire;
Do with her what you please, and we shall see,
How long this furor will with you agree.

IT may, replied the king, for ever last,
If ev'ry night like this, I'm doom'd to fast.

SIRE, said Joconde, no longer let us thus,
In terms of playful raillery discuss;
Since such your pleasure, send me from your view;
On this the youthful monarch angry grew,
And many words between the friends arose;
The presence of the nymph Astolphus chose;
To her they said, between us judge, sweet fair,
And every thing was stated then with care.

THE girl with blushing cheeks before them kneel'd,
And the mysterious tale at once reveal'd.
Our heroes laugh'd; the treach'ry vile excus'd;
And gave the ring, which much delight diffus'd;
Together with a handsome sum of gold,
Which soon a husband in her train enroll'd,
Who, for a maid, the pretty fair-one took;
And then our heroes wand'ring pranks forsook,
With laurels cover'd, which in future times,
Will make them famous through the Western climes;
More glorious since, they only cost, we find,
Those sweet ATTENTIONS pleasing to the MIND.

So many conquests proud of having made,
And over full the BOOK of--those who'd play'd;
Said gay Astolphus we will now, my friend,
Return the shortest road and poaching end;
If false our mates, yet we'll console ourselves,
That many others have inconstant elves.
Perhaps, in things a change will be one day,
And only tender flames LOVE'S torch display;
But now it seems some evil star presides,
And Hymen's flock the devil surely rides.
Besides, vile fiends the universe pervade,
Whose constant aim is mortals to degrade,
And cheat us to our noses if they can,
(Hell's imps in human shape, disgrace to man!)
Perhaps these wretches have bewitch'd our wives,
And made us fancy errors in their lives.
Then let us like good citizens, our days
In future pass amidst domestick ways;
Our absence may indeed restore their hearts,
For jealousy oft virtuous truths imparts.

IN this Astolphus certainly believ'd;
The friends return'd, and kindly were receiv'd;
A little scolding first assail'd the ear;
But blissful kisses banish'd ev'ry fear.
To balls and banquets ALL themselves resigned;
Of dwarf or valet nothing more we find;
Each with his wife contentedly remained:--
'Tis thus alone true happiness is gained.

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100 STD's 10,000 MTD's

There are STD's, sexually transmitted diseases.
and then there are MTD's, meat transmitted diseases.

The latter take a lot more lives.


In Animal Flesh: Blood Sweat Tears as well as Carcinogens Cholesterol Colon Bacteria

Animal products kill more people annually in the US than
tobacco, alcohol, traffic accidents, war, domestic violence,
guns, and drugs combined. USAMRID wrote that consumption of pig flesh caused the world's most lethal pandemic in WW1,
euphemistically called flu. Anthrax
used to be called wool sorters'
disease. Smallpox used to be called
cow pox or kine pox because of
its origin in animal flesh.



a partial list in alphabetical order

acidification diseases
addiction (to trioxypurines)
adrenalin (secreted by terrorized
animals before and during slaughter)

ANTIBIOTICS (too many to list) (crowded factory farm animals standing in their own feces are often infected)

creiophilic bacteria survive
the freezing of animal flesh
thermophilic bacteria survive
the baking boiling and roasting

bacteriophages (viruses FDA allows to
be injected)
colon bacteria.. euphemistically
called ecoli animals defecate
all over themselves in terror
John Harvey Kellogg MD studied
the exponential rate into the billions

Mad Chicken
Mad Cow
Mad Deer
Mad Elk
Mad Fish in factory farms given bone meal from many species
Mad Pig
Mad Sheep

(concentrated at rates of 1000 to 1
to their presence in water)
. free radicals
. malanaldehyde created when animal fat and protein
are heated over 300 degrees
. methylcholanthrene '''
. microwave carcinogens are even more lethal

DISEASES THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF ZOONOTIC DISEASES.. see Diseases of Food Animals by Owen Parrett, MD
alcoholism (yang animal flesh and yin alcohol crave each other)
Alzheimer's (from cerebral artery
blockage by amyloid plaque and animal fat)
anaphylactic shock from shellfish etc.
anthrax (Wool Sorter's Disease)
appendicitis (no fiber flesh putrefies in intestinal tract)
blindness from animal fat in capillaries
cancers of many kinds
chicken pox
eggs flies deposit in open market animal flesh become maggots
food poisoning
gynecomastia (swelling of male
breasts which can lead to cancer)
heart attacks (animal fat, amyloid
plaque, uric acid, calcium deposits
block heart, cerebral, reproductive and all arteries)
hepatitis (coprophagous or wasteeating shellfish)
immune deficiency diseases (meat is a
corpse withbacteria, viruses, worms
impotence animal fat in penile arteries & capillaries
kidney dysfunction carnivores have 5 times human kidney size
per lb.
mononucleosis (a rare meat disease)
obesity Ivy league research found that vegans weigh 23 lbs
less than nonvegetarians in isocaloric studies
paralysis.. (from uric acid build up
in the spine blocking nerves)
senility... animal fat, amyloid plaque and uric acid in cerebral
arteries and capillaries
smallpox (originally called kine pox)
sterility caused by high DDT etc in nonvegetarian sperm
strokes.. animal fat in cerebral arteries and capillaries
toxoplasmosis.. disease of uncooked
tuberculosis in bulls, dairy cows, pigs, sheep etc.
referred to in The Jungle by Upton Sinclair and ever since

feces of cows, flies etc.
many varieties.. banned by EU
red dye, many varieties
heterocyclic amines

gelatin from animal bones, hooves,

malathion (L Hill: the bigger the fish, the more little fish he's eaten)

lactic acid (in animals' muscles called

mercury causes brain damage..
1000 times more concentrated
in fish flesh than sea water
tin etc.


monosodium glutamate
benzopyrene (from charcoal broiling)
polychlorinated biphenols
sodium benzoate
amyloid plaque.. byproduct
of animal protein causes senility
animal fat causes heart attacks
strokes aneurisms blindness
calcium excess.. crystallizes...
is visible as white deposits
trioxypurine.. pre urine or uric acid
crystallizes in needle formation

radiation poisoning
(from irradiation and
from nuclear waste)
sulfur poisoning
trichinella worms and many other kinds
of worms
trioxypurine.. pre-urine, uric acid.. causes arthritis and lines heart and all arteries
no vitamin C
no natural fiber

Diseases of Food Animals by Owen
Parrett, MD lists some of the thousands
of zoonotic diseases (diseases which
can be transmitted by eating animal
or fish flesh)
NIH lists only 246 of the carcinogens
in the environment and food

. THE BLOOD is called juice after its chemical nature changes from
. SWEAT OR PRE URINE OR URIC ACID or trixoypurine.. more addictive
than caffein (dioxypurine) . It is the primary cause of arthritis and
rigidity as it crystallizes into needles jabbing the joints. Uric
acid would have been eliminated by the animal's muscle cells had she
not been butchered. Carnivores have 5 times the kidney size
per pound of body weight.
. THE FECES poured out by terrorized animals has traces of ecoli or
colon bacteria.. not only their own waste but that of other cows on
which they often slip as they are being skinned alive at Iowa Beef
Processors or other sites. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, affiliated in the
last century with Kellogg cereals found that after a few hours ecoli
(colon or intestinal bacteria) can multiply into the billions. As
of gallons of fecal matter are dumped into the waterways,
ecoli or colon bacteria based infections are coming to
vegetarians as well as nonvegetarians. The proximity of swinging
hanging cadavers causes ecoli and other diseases to be transmitted
to other cadavers.

. ALzheimer's Disease is caused by ALcohol, cooking with ALuminum,
and the amyloid plaque in ALl animal protein,
amyloid plaque which builds up
in the brain interfering with function. (Mercury destruction
of memory is not intrinsic to meat but added.)
. The animal fat in meat clogs cerebral arteries.
(Wm Shakespeare in 'Twelfth Night': 'He is a heavy eater of beef.
Methinks it doth harm to his wit.')
. Lancet, the British medical magazine, found that
Mad Cow is sometimes diagnosed as dementia.
TV shows have broadcast open heart
surgery operations in which long
yellow ropes of animal fat (cholesterol)
are pulled out of the heart and
ADRENALIN OR EPINEPHRINE is secreted in massive amounts by
captive helpless terrorized animals who hear the screams of
their fellows while they stand in the slaughterhouse line
or in open slatted slaughterhouse trucks in the freezing cold
of winter.. as trucks rip through mountain passes.. or
the suffocating heat of summer. Dr Loving at Ohio State has
found that humans who fight have high adrenalin blood levels
even 22 hours later. Animal fright hormones saturate the blood
and muscle cells of animals. These hormones are protein enzymes
some of whose links are broken by cooking. Many remain intact
recreating the anger in those who consume the flesh. Adrenalin
is unreleased tears.
It is the ingestion of anger, terror, and agony. Such meat
adrenalin has been correlated to violence. A recent Maryland prison
study reported reduced violence in those eating vegetables. Ingesting
meat causes the body to be a constant state of unnatural alert.

. ANGER see above
. VIOLENCE.. see above
. RAPE Alaska has led the nation in sexual abuse and in ingestion
of animal protein. Factors are adrenalin, female hormones
which stimulate unnatural sexual response given to animals, as well as higher ratio of men to women etc.
C is in no animal products.. It speeds up the flow of brain snyapse
messages and promotes connective tissue in the skin, said two time
Nobel Laureaute Linus Pauling, who
defined an orthomolecule as a molecule in fruit. C is a toxin
bouncer. C should be consumed within the bulk of fruit, or
in a buffered state, or with food.

Animal fat clogs the arteries causing heart attacks and strokes,
which are the single major cause of death in the world. Meat deaths
per year outdo alcohol, tobacco, and accidents combined. It is not
just the animal fat in meat which causes this,
but the uric acid (trioxypurine) is an unnatural stimulant, as is
the adrenalin enzyme. Adrenalin mobilizes the body for fight or
Meateating puts the body in a constant state of stress. Televized open heart surgeries show long yellow ropes of
animal fat being pulled out of arteries.
Countries with the highest meat consumption have the highest rates
intestinal cancer. Canada, Australia, the US, Argentina, and Chile
are some of these. Meat has no natural bulk and
causes a constipation which leads to total blockage.
a. Dr Mervyn Hardinge working at an Ivy League university
found in isocaloric studies that with 3 control groups each
eating the same number of calories daily, vegans weigh 23 lbs. less than nonvegetarians while dairy
vegetarians weigh 12 lbs. less. Fruitarians weighed less
than the other 3 groups. The increased
bulk and lack of constipating flesh in vegetarian and vegan diets is a factor.
b. The milk of cows is designed to produce a thousand pound animal.
c. The lack of fiber in animal products causes constipation and
retained calories.
and other forms of bioterrorism all originate in the consumption of
animal flesh or contact with their skins (hides, leather making,
woolsorters' disease) The USDA which protects the multi trillion
meat industry while attempting to prevent diversity in fruit seeds
from entering the country attributes only 700 deaths in animals to
anthrax last year (500 in Texas) while virtually only NBC reported
the anthrax in November 2001 in 21 California cows. (Author of 9
books Leonard Horowitz writes that the CIA gave Battelle of Columbus
Ohio 1 billion dollars to develop weaponized anthrax.)
Susan Miller, voice specialist with Georgetown Univ Hosp (a
vivisecting institution) has spoken of the rigidity of vocal chords
caused by dioxypurine (caffeine) . Trioxypurine (uric acid in meat)
is even more damaging.
DINOCOCCUS RADIODURANS: According to NPR in December of 2002, a
dinococcus radiodurans
can survive within meat though irradiated.
ACIDITY Many diseases of acidity are related to acidification
of the body from acid foods. Gastrointestinal acid reflux
has been called by some gastroenterologists a product of fast food.
ECOLI OR COLON BACTERIA When animals are butchered Dr John Harvey
Kellogg MD found their colon bacteria or ecoli could multiply
by the billions in a few hours. Now ecoli from slaughterhouses,
feedlots, and farms is filling the streams of the world. Not
only food poisoning deaths but ear infections and immune problems
are a result.

Vitamin C
prayer and positive thought

There are tens of thousands of diseases caused by the consumption of
the flesh of animals. The USDA listed slightly over 100 in the early
part of the 20th Century, but as knowledge has increased and toxic
pollutants have saturated
the environment,
the number has increased.
TYPHOID FEVER is caused by meat, shellfish,
and water containing human and animal waste.

anaging High Sulfur Concentrations in Beef Cattle Feedlot Rations
More severe cases of sulfur toxicity may result in polio... brainers or polio. http: //
PERITONITIS When George Wallace was shot, he never completely healed
from peritonitis caused by the bullet ripping through his intestinal
tract after he had just eaten a hamburger. The bullet carried colon
bacteria throughout the body.
GANGRENE The downed cows passed into the human meat supply by
the corrupt USDA are often gangrenous.
PUTREFACTION: Like any corpse, animal flesh (meat) deteriorates
after death. Even when the cadaver is frozen, creiophilic
bacteria multiply. (see below) The inability of the body efficiently
to digest animal flesh is a cause of appendicitis. When the animal
flesh is heated, thermophilic
bacteria develop. Dr John Harvey Kellogg found that billions of
ecoli bacteria
multiply in the body after the animal is dead a few hours.
GELATIN a name for the ground up bones of animals.. which
can contain Mad Cow frequent brand name Jello
MAD COW MAD DEER MAD ELK MAD FISH ETC Dr Stanley Prusiner went to
the University of California from Harvard to receive more priority
for his prion work, which won a Nobel Prize. Mad Cow proteins can
incubate for 50 years said the World Health Organization's
communicable disease division on the CBC. (Gelatin containing Mad Cow
is found in jello, gelcaps, soaps, toothpastes, soups etc. Vegans
catheterized much more seldom than nonvegans. However if by chance a
vegan is unconscious and catheterized against her will, often the
gels used against her will are animal derived.
The 5th Circuit has just upheld Howard Lyman after Amarillo
sued him. The Court held the truth is not libelous.

The factory farming of over 81% of US fish with bone meal,
unregulated for animal parts, causes fish to have sexual and other
and Mad Fish Disease or Piscean Spongiform Encephalopathy.
. THE PRIONS cause cancer. Prion diseases include CJD, Creutzfeld-
Jacob Disease, GSS Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker syndrome, FFI,
Fatal Familial Insomnia,
Kuru, a disease cannibals contract from eating human brains, (as
animals contract Mad Cow, Mad Deer and other diseases from being fed
other animals' parts) ,
Alpers Sydrome
A disease involving worms burrowing into the flesh of pigs
. TOXOPLASMOSIS a disease of rare meat
. MONONUCLEOSIS blamed on sexual contact but more frequently
from rare meat
(this link says avoid meat to be cured)

. SALMONELLA one of many varieties of food poisoning
.Brucellosis, ptomaine, trichinosis
(pork flesh worms) , hoof and mouth, toxoplasmosis (a rare
meat disease) and many other food poisoning viruses, bacteriae are
the names of some of the ten thousand diseases which can be
transmitted to humans by eating flesh. Dr Owen Parrett in the
book 'Diseases of Food Animals' mentioned many.

A Canadian study has found that female hormones flushed come into
water supply and cause sterile fish. Hundreds of times that amount
female hormones flows into streams from the urine of billions of
given female hormones in the US. (Perhaps this is one way the kinder
inherit the earth) In addition, new studies are finding that
herbicides as well (such as Roundup) are causing sexual deformities
in fish and that they continue
to have power on the human population in parts as little
as 1 per billion.
. THE FEMALE HORMONES given the cows become prostate, breast, and
uterine cancer as well as nonreproductive cancers. Gynecomastia is
male breast swelling from such hormones, which increase sexual
pressure and are correlated also to
rape. In Puerto Rico 2 year old children have developed sexually.
European Union has banned these hormones and has been more honest
about Mad Cow in its meat supply. Tens of thousands of MEN are
contracting breast cancer annually.
IMPOTENCE is also a byproduct as male testosterone level is reduced.
A 2nd cause of impotence is animal fat blockage in prostate arteries.
FLY DUNG The dung of the cows is not
the only waste which splatters onto the carcass. Those who have
visited outdoor meat markets in the summer time with the carcasses
hanging on hooks in public view are able
to connect the connection of flies to the corpses which attract them.
. THE ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE in the animal's flesh is passed onto the
humans devouring them
HEAVY METALS IN MEAT & FISH (arsenic chromium mercury pcb's aluminum
cadmium etc) cause memory loss, seniity and brain damage. The
inaction of the unelected Bush administration in this matter has
well reported.
. BENZOPYRENE, a carcinogen, applies only when meat is burned on the
grill. NIH has added grilled meat, but not yet all
meat, to its carcinogen list. Dr Samuel Epstein testified
before Congress about inhalable benzopyrene, but ingested
benzopyrene has been underreported.
In addition to the waste secreted by the cow is the waste fed to the
cow. It is legal in many states to add the waste of many animals to
the feed (a chauvinist term for food when given to animals) .
. IMMUNE EXHAUSTION Just as polysexuality requires that the immune
system adapt to the bioorganisms of each new partner, so does the
eating of animals require the body to adapt to the bioorganisms of
each slaughtered animals. The immune system
can be healed by avoiding animal products & eating uncooked fruits
such as nuts, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, mangos.
Edward Jenner developed the first vaccinations against this
meat consumption disease Meat industry money has changed the
name from cow pox and kine pox to smallpox.

CDC: why aren't you telling public about TB relationship to meat and dairy products?

Common to hot dogs are 'trash' meats which contain many pieces
of animal correlated to Mad Cow and other diseases.
. AIDS Dr Anthony Fauci, animal abuser
at NIH, stated at a press conference that
monkey meat consumption was one cause of AIDS. While cows' meat is
not monkey meat, it does contain BLV or bovine leukemia virus, the
same disease as the HTLV with only a name
change. For example, leukemia virus in horses is called
ELV, equine leukemia virus, in pigs PLV porcine leukemia virus, etc.
(Most AIDS was caused by smallpox vaccine from the World
Health Organization says Pierce Wright, former science editor
of the London Times.)
. THE SODIUM NITRATE.. red dye no.2..forms nitrosamines in
contact with animal protein. These nitrosamines are carcinogenic. In
addition are many other carcinogenic.
Food coloring makes grey, gangrene
green, and brown animal flesh
look red.
. PRESERVATIVES which keep meat from
rotting.. also turn the body into a wax mummy
GLUTAMATE which break down animal flesh.. also
break down the brain's necessary cellular proteins. Chinese
restaurant meat (where MSG is used) is
known to cause MSG headaches.
are 2 carcinogens created by heating animal flesh and fat above
300 degrees while the ecoli is caused by just the opposite:
. MERCURY at toxic levels is in much of the world's water. Fish are
at the top of the ocean food chain, while meat is at the top of the
land food chain. Mercury harms brain
function. A class action suit against vaccines containing mercury
been filed because of correlation to children's neural damage. Rep
Dan Burton's courageous fight against Henry
Waxman to bring out this truth has been underreported. Countires
the most fish consumption have the
most stomach cancer.
even in the livers of polar bears. They are a byproduct of the
lumber ](treekilling) industry as well as of GE and other
transformers. They harm brain function.
. ARSENIC a poison.. in all the waters of the world. One
source is the lumber industry.
. CHROMIUM a poison expelled by some steel
. MONONUCLEOSIS Like AIDS whose meat eating origins have been
obscured, mononucleosis was called the kissing disease when in
reality this immune depression disease was more frequently caused by
rare meat.
. INSECTICIDES AND HERBICIDES in the grain such as
Roundup by Monsanto are concentrated in the milk
and the meat of the animals. Each average weight 1000 lb. cow ate
21,000 lbs. average before being forced to the slaughterhouse. As
fish are at the top of the ocean food chain, animal products are at
thetop of the Mother Earth food chain, concentrating many times more
insecticides than non organic
fruits and vegetables. It is best to eat organic food,
for the sake of all beings.
ACIDITY: Meat is one of the most acid of foods, raising the body's
acidity level. Acidification is a
major cause of aging. Animal protein is high in sodium, affecting
negatively the sodium potassium balance.
Many meats have mold on their surface.
SYPHILIS: connected to cow pox as well as to sexuality

MUCUS: correlated in teens to it accumulates in the
and respiratory tracts and intestinal
tract it can literally suffocate us. Dr Arnold Ehret's
The Mucusless Diet is a timeless classic.
WORMS (in the bacon) are called trichinella and lead to trichinosis.
(* NIH is finally after decades is readying to put grilled meat on
the list of carcinogens)
ALCOHOLISM: Several studies have been done on the relationship
of alcohol to meat and their mutual craving. General Bramwell
Booth, Russian mental health therapists and others have treated
alcoholism with vegetarian diet. Alcohol is very expansive or
yin. Meat is the most yang or concentrated of all foods.
ADDICTION: The trioxypurine (uric
acid) in meat is more addictive than the dioxypurine (caffein) .
OSTEOPOROSIS: The trioxypurines in
meat are a cause of osteoporosis.
GANGRENE OF THE BOWEL: Human beings have the longest intestinal
tracts of any mammal. These tracts are designed for frugivores or
fruit eaters. Gangrene of the bowel is one of many intestinal
diseases caused by eating animal flesh.
BUTYRIC ACID This ingredient of animal fat causes bad odor.
It used to be that Asians complained of this in Westerners,
but now Japanese meat consumption is requiring more deodorants.
Dumpsters full of
rotting meat have a foul odor.
. What's CREIOPHILIC bacteria? What's
THERMOPHILIC bacteria? Creiophilic
bacteria survives freezing in the pieces of animal called meat.
Thermophilic bacteria survives 300 degrees.

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