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No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world.

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No One Can Defy

No one can defy
No one can deny
The truth behind
One must try to find

Who we are?
What for we are?
Why stars are far?
What on earth we are for!

Not much to break
Not so loud to speak
Feel great and not weak
Embrace the people and greet

Love is only message
Was yesterday, may remain tomorrow and for ages
I feel strange but agree
As we are human being and very free

I shall and forever
Forget not ever
Just be in me for time to come
Stand in wait and always welcome

I wish to cry
But may be futile try
She will not tolerate and feel shy
Why at all then I must attempt to fly?

Mari to carry my entire burden
But she did not promise it all of sudden
She has waited to respond
I stand still as am very fond

I fly in air only to come back
Find the truth so much at stake
What if she refuses to align?
I must take course and safely resign

I should not be selfish
Every one is going to perish
Let there be honor and trust
What is to be left behind is clear and must

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What No One Can See


What no one can see
The loneliness the pain in me-
I have tried to live,
And tried to write,
And now I am failing in life.


What no one can see
The joy in me-
Despite the trouble
Of an insecure life
I inwardly love,
And am happy,
With life.

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Searching the truth

Nothingness of negation or
Negation of nothingness....

In self, we are the negation of nothingness,
But we allow the nothingness for self.

We allow the nothingness of consciousness
As a perpetual flight of the being.
We exist in self and we exist for self,

In a cartesian duality,

In a latin con-cretum,

When the certain being surpasses that being toward nothingness.

If Jesus did not exist,
the Christians would not be existent,
But Christians are existent.

No one can deny Jesus, as Son of the God,
And say that He is non-existent, at the same time,
As Son of The God,
Because no one can deny something that
Is non-existent,
As no one can deny the real essence of the existent.

The non-existent things are part of the reality.
He is existent in the Christian's mind.
He is non-existent in other's mind.
He is in idea.
There are too many wars for this idea..

Negation of nothingness
Lead to nothingness of negation
In a double negation.

Jesus is necessary for salvation,
Jesus is essential for salvation.

We need to be sanctified,
We need to be better than we are.

Without the assertion of existence,
The negation cannot destroy it.

We have a metaphysical necessity,
While God has His necessity of Himself.

And what would be the purity of intention
And the truth
Without this?

The denial of noes, which means fertilization, at Hegel,
The absolute duty to tell the truth, at Kant...
The human lie at Schopenhauer.

The existence and the non-existence,
Seemingly, an irreconcilable antithesis....

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The Sacrifice storypoem

She wore a robe so white and thin
that it enhanced her nakedness.
Made of the silk which spiders spin
Epitome of gracefulness

Her hair as black as ebony,
contrasting with her rose gold skin.
Which unrestrained was flowing free
She glowed as though she had within,

her slender form of flesh and blood.
A light that would illuminate
the darkness of the world and would
without a doubt propitiate.

The Gods demanding sacrifice.
According to the High Priests rede,
only a virgin would suffice.
To satisfy his dark Gods need.

The clan believed his rede was true
And so she went quite willingly.
To pay the God What he was due
ad so ensure fertility.

of flocks and crops, increase their yield.
Improve the clan’s prosperity
In truth the High Priests rede concealed
his innate taste for cruelty.

She lay upon the altar stone
and showed no slightest sign of fear.
The high Priest bared his blade of bone
and then although the sky was clear.

A bolt of lightning from the blue
struck down the priest as he deserved.
The Goddess had decided to
insist her rules should be observed.

The maiden lived and she became
in course of time the high priestess.
She governed in the goddess’ name
Rewarded for her faithfulness.

The wicked high priest had to die
because he had led the clan astray.
A truth that no one can deny.
The high priestess would lead the way.

The Goddess would protect the clan
as long as they obeyed her laws.
Though she would strike dead any man
whose bad behaviour gave her cause.

The Mother Goddess would supply
sufficient for her children’s need.
As long as they lived righteously
and followed her High Priestess’ lead

The willing sacrifice became
the chosen of the true Goddess
and now held power in her name.
Authority to curse or bless.

She serves her clan still faithfully
as she was always willing to
Speaks for the Goddess honestly,
does as the Goddess bids her do.

Willing to die to serve her clan.
The Goddess decreed that she should live
to implement the goddess’ plan.
And claimed the life she chose to give.

She’d live a life of servitude
as guardian of the sacred lore.
A mother to the multitude
who looked to her to keep the law.

Chosen to be a sacrifice
Which she accepted willingly
the goddess changed things in a trice
which she could do quite easily.

Though she would sacrifice her life
to serve the clan for all her days.
Forgo the chance to be a wife
to follow in the goddess’ ways.


http: //

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An Argument

IT is like our guns.
We do not need it
to kill,
killing is not at all times
self-defense for instance
our way of defending ourselves
from the assassins
the hired killers and the
mercenaries of
modern times,

the law on divorce for
who likes a divorce?
you do not marry only
to think that
you have to be separated
from the one you love

but there comes a time
when you need it
and you cannot use it
because it
is not there

and you will regret
not allowing it in the system

just like a condom
who likes a condom?
it is a wall between us
our flesh not touching
each other

but there are times
when you need it
because there is that need
and you have to be safe

who needs guns, condoms,
it a matter of choice
so bring them in,
let the man in his wisdom
let him be responsible

there is nothing human more
than us
who can deny
the options available in this world
it is fair
make all these available
so when you need them
you can avail of

let the options be myriad
for in all these activities of choices
or choosing
we become more
and even more divine
in what we really want to become....

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Rule As Best

Thousands of rose petals will be less
She may remain supreme in any case
She has domination as we have seen
Where she goes it is different scene

What else she has to do to regain?
Fit in to role and honestly remain
If situation demands as wife
She may restrain tongue to be used as knife

As mother we can ask no other
She has love in abundance and we need not bother
We are very much safe in her lap and refuge
No one can deny the fact and refuse

No doubt at some central stage, she has been taken as sex medium
But that stage has remained for time as bare minimum
All responsibilities and burden comes later on
Life is laid wide open and to be won

Above and all, she is real magic
Her role is to provide smooth life with music
The life is to be made really entertaining
The pride and honor is worth maintaining

She is medium for many and adore nice place
No one can take chance for her to replace
She is no where seen in the race
Yet she wears glow and shining on face

You are only one to be compared to creator
He is one but you are real mentor
The hope and despair lies at the centre
You are the only one as mother

All stages are evaluated with pride
There is nothing much to hide
It is all taken in right earnest
You, as female, reign and rule the best

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Love To Be Witness

I shall love to be a witness
See the changes in early morning and face
All that could be seen with own eyes
Birds with wings and all colorful butterflies

How the flowers shrink in cold breeze?
How do they feel covered with dews?
How do they long for first sun light?
I consider it moment cheerful and very right

I can't claim as natural lover
Neither am I strong supporter or believer
Yet no one can deny the existence of natural power
That is why so many flowers come up with first rainy showers

Ponds are filled with fresh waters from flow
Frogs make it wonderful with their trau trau* (sound)
All such beautiful things you can never forget
As nature is now in full bloom and set

Same pond, same water but with different kind of flowers
All have come up with first accumulation of water and showers
Not all may notice such beautiful and magnificent show
Where nature has given us everything in abundance in flow

Who will want to neglect such scene?
Where it can be again witnessed or seen?
No where else except in forest area of beautiful earth
It is exceptionally outstanding and can be called worth

I was stunned to glance at the gradual emergence
It is wonderful to see and observe by chance
Like birds, frogs and all insects I too join and feel part
It is beginning of an end and very good start

*trau trau.. sound of frogs

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In Separate And Foolish Divisions

Too controlling.
Many set out to prove from birth,
They could and would with a showing of self worth...
Fake to erase the slightest mistakes they've made,
And unmistakably done as they continue to do.
Yet unable to face they are,
Their own flaws well covered and left unpursued.

They were raised,
With an 'look-at-me-see-what-I've-got'...
Mentality.They were raised to think of unity as a curse.
But used as a reaaon to come together,
To rehearse the berating done to others.
With a doing to anyone,
Regardless of how sacred relationships were.

They were raised,
Not to praise one another with encouragement.
Or support or re-enforce their successes.
But instead they had a purpose,
To ensure no one would achieve...
Unless they were the ones perceived,
As deserving of getting attention.
And without mentioning they did everything possible,
To do what they could to get it.

Raised to behave to pass judgement.
Based upon appearances and 'things' claimed owned.
Raised to behave to pass judgement.
As if those that did not condone their point of view,
Were not as blessed to profess they had been 'favored'.
With their 'holier-than-thou' self righteous attitudes,
Obsessed to self absorb and accepted as a right of passage.

And with a flaunting of pretentions they kept to do religiously,
In separate and foolish divisions!
Believing restrictions like this,
Would keep hidden their blemishes...
Out of sight, out of mind and away from a living of life.
And no one can deny the obviousness of their boundaries,
When witnessing the limits their minds have set.

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May surely cease

It pinched me internally to tease
I feared heart may surely cease
It was not behaving as usual
I tried to look normal and take it as casual

No it was not normal type unrest
I forced me to think as far as best
It did not help me either way
I was drawn in some game and pushed away

I tried to brush it aside
The concept was agreeable but very wide
I had remained aloof from such feeling
This one had come unexpected and willing

Each part of the body worked in normal fashion
Though whole body preferred relaxation on cushion
This was happening in cool and peaceful night
The heart may not allow having rest without her sight

I feared something may happen at odd hours
The eyes had exchanged greetings at doors
It was coming like fresh scene in the mind
Where was peace to sleep and next day to find?

The arms were ticking away silently in clock
It was assumed correctly what will be in stock?
It was not speeding to get rid of silent night
The good man in me was simply lost without any fight

I shall definitely ask about the dark magic
I could not find anything behind as logic
It was simply a surrender to open invitation
I could well guess and judge the indication

I was briefed by senior friends about down fall
They cautioned me to go slow before responding the call
I knew it was impossible to respond in such a way
I was drawn closer and nearer without any say

It compelled me to thinks about great world wars
They could have been averted and pushed very far
Had this merchant of deaths smelt a peaceful rose in varieties?
The fragrance might have traveled across and beyond boundaries

I felt certain divine force behind such feeling
Though inwardly it was weakening and killing
No one can deny the tremendous thrust behind
It was felt bodily even with gentle push from wind

I was forewarned of dire consequences if went ahead
The fear was not totally miscounted but certainly read
It was not easy or simple cake walk
There was meaningful and serious talk

I am totally swept away in flood
Heart has wept and affected the flow of blood
May be that I have come across with full knowledge
It is need of an hour to have been experienced by young age

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All so beautiful

The eyes were closed at the time of demise
she was laid on the ground with broken promise
Now there won't be any sunrise
The departure came all of sudden with full of surprise

A the beauty lies with man's eyes
The question doesn't rise with any Why
The wife is always beautiful in life
Only you have to walk on the edge of knife

All eyes are sobbing at the time of demise
he has broken the the promises
she is leaving behind all the friends
as the scene was taken over by tragic end

She will have no more sunrise
the death has taken over her by surprise
the wife played beautiful role in life
though it proved to be an edge of knife

her eyes were so beautiful and attractive
she her self was very active
she proved to be a true to self
she was as deep as sea shelf

The is beautify is lying underneath the mind
you must have deep sens to find
it is woman who is always kind
her positive role is always declined

she was never hostile
and made the life worthwhile
she remained cool and quiet
and did not attempt the course to set

in married life the Love is to be keenly watched
you have enough time for Legs to be stretched
all sort of mistakes but still not to be caught
Wisdom to prevail and company to be sought

I thought she was intelligent and beautiful
she took care not to be seen as unwise and deceitful
It was her earnest attempt to remain faithful
dedicated to all and simply truthful

If you are wise enough to notice
then it may appeal and sound so nice
there is no room for any quarrel
the bond seemed to be perfect and real

Though the real life is full of hurdles and stormy
it may create many foes and enemy
you will be forced to sail in rough sea
no one may be there to listen to your plea

All passed before eyes as trailer
we all seemed like ordinary travelers
it is seen as temporary refuge
no one can deny the truth or refuse

Still the past remains as memorable phase
it wont be possible immediately to erase
whole life may be spent for goal to chase
the efforts may consolidate the base

when times comes for relaxation
you are gripped with tension
you face the ill health with less mobility
there is sharp fall in good quality

Both the partners try to be honest
serve the family to the best
the end may sadden the whole atmosphere
one tends to shale with disbelief and fear

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The worst morning gift one can get

Early morning
One sees news
Of Rape and torture
Death and murder
Fraud and cheating
Printed in big letters
Of newspapers
In explicit words
And gory detail
Makes the heart sad
Disturbs mind’s peace
The worst morning gift
One can get
In the developed world
Of cultured people

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The Real Reason One Can Not Heal

Refusing to take a medicine,
That has been prescribed as advised...
By a doctor one does not like,
Because of the directness of the method used...
Is someone believing a home remedy is better to take.
A listening to those in and out of one's home,
With the latest gossip to spread...
May be the real reason one can not heal.

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An Expense No One Can Afford

Prior to having experience,
Many had none.
With a willingness to comprehend,
What then in their minds did not exist.
And speeding today with such expansiveness.

Although those abundant with incompetence,
Are threatened and deny those who show...
More confidence, intelligence AND experience.
And in doing so prove their own ignorance is unlimited!
At an expense no one can afford yet accept the restrictions.

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One Can Wait Forever/ For the Ideal Poem That Will Never Come

One can wait forever for the ideal poem
That will never come-

Or relent,

And write down the lines
That come as they come
Irrelevant, incidental, momentary
As one's own feeling of oneself is.

Like the breeze of these instants,
Like the shadows of the leaves
As they trace their motions
On the sun- touched ground,

Like all which is passing
Without any real evidence of its moment's remembrance
As dying as oneself is

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No One Can Write A Poem For All The Pain Of The World


No one can write a poem for all the pain of the world-
No one can write a poem that can truly heal another’s suffering-
A poem may help in a small way sometimes,
It may bring a bit of light,
But it rarely can cure-
So many I know have sufferings,
And so many need help.

A poem is a prayer to God
For help for those suffering-
May more kindness come to the world
And your and our pain
Be less.

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One Cannot Change The World

One cannot change the World so why even bother to try
Since the fundamentalists out there do their best to deny
Others of their beliefs those who to them think differently
Extremists of any sort seem dangerous to me.

One cannot change the World but by good example one can lead
One cannot grow crops if one doesn't plant good seed
If everyone changed themselves for the better then all wars would cease
And there would not be mistrust and hatred and there would be peace.

One cannot change the World for that much help one would need
But where one would fail many might succeed
If billions changed for the better the war men would not have a say
And beautiful peace would be with us to stay.

For to change the World one can play a part
By helping out others out of kindness of heart
Down the pathway to peace you are leading the way
And with help from many the World may change for the better one day.

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I Wish To Put A Discordant Note It May Not Find The Favorable Node Yet It Is Fact And Can't Be Ignored You May Dream Nicely But Not Allowed To Be Snored No One Can Be On Fire With

I wish to put a discordant note
It may not find the favorable node
Yet it is fact and can't be ignored
You may dream nicely but not allowed to be snored

No one can be on fire with creation
It is special bond with relation
Some of the women may only be lucky
Rest of them are still can be called unlucky

She is not as free as has been imagined
Lots of things are compromised and bargained
Where is she today with freedom in all spheres of life?
No safe passage, attack on modesty, and torture as wife?

Something more is needed to cheer up
Lots of awakening with active participation must be geared up
Then one may see the bright future at the tend of tunnel
There are various ways and means for females

Of course participation from all walks of life is must
Mutual respect and confidence along with the trust
I shall go by the respect alone shown to the women
They may be able to care by themselves from the men

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The Best Gift One Can Receive

Awakening from values placed,
On the emptiness of symbols and images...
Can save a lot of waste of one's appreciation,
For others and their worth as human beings.

People wait until it is too late,
To live their lives from a basic point of view.
Believing the purpose of life is in acquiring things,
To pursue with a flaunting of pretentions.

Today people are teaching their children,
It is okay to take from others.
Then find what they have done,
Disappoints with the results that come.

Today people do not accept,
Their own consequences they face.
Only to place blame and find fault,
With those directions they chose to take.

Awakening from values placed,
On the emptiness of symbols and images...
Can save a lot of waste of one's appreciation,
For others and their worth as human beings.

Awakening before it is too late,
To self examine...
Is not a sign of weakness.
It is the best gift one can receive.

Is it what one has that delivers to them happiness?
Is it the caring of someone shown that is freely given,
And genuinely felt and known...
That validates with an acknowledgement,
What they have been seeking that is regarded as progress.

'I've given you every 'thing' that money can buy.
And you act as if I don't exist.
It is as if...
I don't know who you are,

And 'who' are you?
Who are 'we'?
WHAT are we?
Machines are being made...
To 'do' what we 'do'.
Other than self destruction...
What other purpose do we serve? ~

'I'll see you later.
You are in a better mood.'

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What You Can do with One Second

what can one do
with one second?
one can put the entire
universe, everything into it
- including every
thought of everyone
but to think of specific
like god or man
one has to pick but only one
or a fusion of both
- with oneself half stifled
by the side

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No-one See's You In The Rain

no-one see's you in the rain,
it's the perfect way to get lost,
no-one see's you in the rain,
you can cry and no-one can see the cost,
no-one see's you in the rain,
you could die and you just get washed away,
no-one see's you in the rain,
so let it rain every day.

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