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Wisdom can be found travelling.

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The Poet Sajid Khan's Background.

Our Background

We have figured out what is wisdom and how it can be created on a mass scale.

Wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just like wealth, wisdom is
nothing on its own! Just like wealth has to be in something else like
gold, real estate, stocks, bank balance etc. Again wisdom is like a
house. A house is the sum of its parts. A house is nothing without its
building blocks. Similarly wisdom is nothing without/but its building
blocks. The building block of wisdom is selflessness. By creating
selflessness we create wisdom.

We have quantified the mind and now emotions can be measured. We are
founders of Wisdom Day, Pure Happiness Seminars, 'Who am I' seminars,
'Third Eye' seminars. We have developed the idea of 'WisdomLand',
'Brain Power Clubs', 'Shy Power Club' and The Wisdom Express. We even
have wisdom toys.

The world is at a loss of how to solve the economic mess. We have the
answers. The human self runs on two wheels. One is intelligence and
the other is emotional-intelligence/wisdom. For intelligence we have
hundreds of subjects and for emotional-intelligence/wisdom we have
zero subjects. As a result we educate only half our brains. Naturally
the wheel of emotional intelligence is punctured. And every time we
try to fix this education mess we go back to improving intelligence
education. Leaving emotional intelligence as punctured as ever;
resulting in developing imperfect minds and imperfect brains for over
80% of the population.

Michael Gazzaniga the foremost expert on the brain and mind concludes
in his latest best seller, for a call to arms. “Understanding how to
develop a vocabulary for these layered interactions (between the left
and right brain and between brain and mind) , for me, ” he writes,
“constitutes the scientific problem of the century.” This is exactly
the problem we recognized 40 years ago and we have now solved.

We have figured out the difference between brain and mind. The
education mess is due to the fact man has cutting edge education to
educate the mind and has no idea how to educate the brain. In simple
terms one can say that we keep our homes clean; we keep our cars and
our offices spic and span and when it comes to our own brains and
minds we keep them dirty; full of defective memories/knowledge. We
have developed education for cleaning up the brain.

We have invented this whole new wisdom industry that will generate
wisdom education, creation of text books, with exercises and lessons,
training for teachers and parents, and 'pure happiness' counselors
etc., wisdom coaching for adults, groups and countries, toys that
teach wisdom, wisdom computer games, comic books, children stories,
sitcoms, TV talk shows, movies etc.; and Wisdom Theme Parks, Wisdom

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I Made No Sound

deep in the thoughts I thought
I should be travelling
I should be travelling
travelling for long
but I made no sound

deep in my heart I knew
I should be travelling
I should be travelling
travelling far
but I made no sound

deep in the feet each move there moved
I should be travelling
I should be travelling
travelling forever
but I made no sound

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Where Is The Beginning Of Wisdom?

Fear of God
is the beginning
of Wisdom.

Where is truth
where is wisdom?

Who has
knows hears
can discern
true wisdom?

The truth
true Wisdom
is crying out

aloud in the very
street in public squares
true Wisdom keeps
giving forth its voice.

Who has wisdom
who receives wisdom
who treasures wisdom?

Who indeed
is a seeker
of the moral

of Wisdom

in contemporary
unprecedented age?

From what source
does true wisdom come?
Who gives teaches
precious wisdom freely?

Adonai the LORD
himself gives wisdom
from out of God’s

mouth come
knowledge understanding

Who did God

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Trvelling down the memory lane

Travelling down the memory lane
is not all black 'n white.
Travelling down the memory lane
is not all lacking light.

Travelling down the memory lane
is not eye filled with tears.
Travelling down the memory lane
brings fresh and soothing air.

Travelling down the memory lane
is college, fun and friend.
Travelling down the memory lane
is full of curves and bends.

Travelling down the memory lane
is a test of time and mind
Travelling down the memory lane
is a joy of it's kind.

Poet: Spandan Bhattacharyya

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Travelling Man

The lights of the motel shine on to me
This is the land of the brave, sad and the lonely
The last rides
Coming to me I can feel it
A new life
Screaming out and I cant miss it
Travelling man
Travelling man
You get away if you can
My bodys shaking, my bodys tired
Hookers to the left of me, killers on the inside
The last train
Left this station long ago
The headlights
Shine like diamonds in the snow
Like a travelling man
Im a travelling man
Run away if you can
Cruel world keeps turning Im dead on my feet
From the blue icy mountains to white city heat
Factory fire burns like a phoenix tonight
Spread your wings come on darling
And your eyes
Search for me but I cant see them
And your sweet mouth
It speaks to me but I cant hear it
And your - your sweet smile
Two thousand miles for your warm kisses
And your sweet child
I got one last chance and I cant miss it
No no no no
Travelling man
Like a travelling man
Well Im a travelling man
Written by : kerr/burchill/lipson reproduced without permission

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Wisdom's Way

Wisdom is calling souls today, to come to God in Wisdom's way,
While Wisdom sends forth her call, upon this world, to every soul,
For Wisdom has prepared for us, a house built on Righteousness,
Built up with seven pillars strong; being complete for every throng.

Wisdom has prepared her feast, for those with plenty, to the least,
While she has set her table for all, for both the great and the small,
Wisdom has sent out her invitation, to all souls without reservation,
Her invitation for all to come, regardless of where are you are from.

She calls the simple to partake, but foolishness they must forsake,
As wicked ways all must spurn, to come to Wisdom and truly learn,
With wisdom being their selection, they must be open to correction,
Learning from every past mistake, as Wisdom's feast, they partake.

As scoffers come along our way, rejecting what Wisdom has to say.
All filled with arrogance and pride, by them, wisdom shall be denied,
Correcting then in Wisdom's name, brings upon one hurt and shame,
For hate the scoffer will project, toward one who chooses to correct.

Will you today heed Wisdom's call, to seek The Lord Who's over all?
Leaving old ways, that you know, so through Wisdom you can grow,
Changing to a life of Righteousness, this as you follow Christ Jesus,
As Wisdom shall multiply your days; with a long life, to God's praise.

(Copyright ©07/2012)

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'Wasn't it a funny dream!--perfectly bewild'rin'!--
Last night, and night before, and night before that,
Seemed like I saw the march o' regiments o' children,
Marching to the robin's fife and cricket's rat-ta-tat!
Lily-banners overhead, with the dew upon 'em,
On flashed the little army, as with sword and flame;
Like the buzz o' bumble-wings, with the honey on 'em,
Came an eerie, cheery chant, chiming as it came:--

_Where go the children? Travelling! Travelling_!
_Where go the children, travelling ahead_?
_Some go to kindergarten; some go to day-school_;
_Some go to night-school; and some go to bed_!

Smooth roads or rough roads, warm or winter weather,
On go the children, tow-head and brown,
Brave boys and brave girls, rank and file together,
Marching out of Morning-Land, over dale and down:

Some go a-gypsying out in country places--
Out through the orchards, with blossoms on the boughs
Wild, sweet, and pink and white as their own glad faces;
And some go, at evening, calling home the cows.

_Where go the children? Travelling! Travelling_!
_Where go the children, travelling ahead_?
_Some go to foreign wars, and camps by the firelight_--
_Some go to glory so; and some go to bed_!

Some go through grassy lanes leading to the city--
Thinner grow the green trees and thicker grows the dust;
Ever, though, to little people any path is pretty
So it leads to newer lands, as they know it must.
Some go to singing less; some go to list'ning;
Some go to thinking over ever-nobler themes;
Some go anhungered, but ever bravely whistling,
Turning never home again only in their dreams.

_Where go the children? Travelling! Travelling_!
_Where go the children, travelling ahead_?
_Some go to conquer things; some go to try them_;
_Some go to dream them; and some go to bed_!

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Two Kinds of Wisdom

Words of wisdom can indeed, speak to the heart’s most inner need,
But you must be aware my friend, where words take you in the end.
For earthly wisdom can mislead, the heart seeking an earthly need.
While wisdom sent from up above, guides you in God’s perfect love.

Wisdom comes from many schools, some are wise, some are fools,
Even teachings that sound wise, could be packaged in eternal lies.
Earthly wisdom tells you friend, don’t be concerned about your end,
Just live your life for number one, fill each day with pleasure and fun.

Godly wisdom fills you with love, while keeping your mind up above,
God helps you each day to live, knowing that you have more to give.
Worldly wisdom says fill your life, with things that cause much strife.
It tells you to grab the biggest toy, but in the end you’ll have no joy.

Godly wisdom through sacrifice, prepares you for your Eternal Life.
With this wisdom men shall see, Jesus Christ as they enter Eternity.
In the end all worldly wisdom, to the Truth of God it shall succumb.
When men try embracing The Son, He will say what’s done is done.

All the worldly wisdom down here, has no room for The Lord, I fear,
With the wisdom they think wise, the Lord we love, they just despise.
The same Lord who we hold dear, has let us know His return is near,
And Godly wisdom fixes our eyes, upon Christ without any comprise.

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Wasted Years

Wasted years been brainwashed by lies
Oh yes I have
Oh wasted years
Im talking about wasted years
Oh Im not seeing eye-to-eye
I just cant see the things I should see
Wasted years, baby
I was taking the wrong advice
I know you was, I know you was
And I was too
All alone Im travelling
Travelling through these wasted years
For so long, so long, so long I was
Oh, I must have gained some wisdom
Down through the years I did
Somewhere along the way
Oh yes, I did, oh yes I did
Thets why there cant be no more
No more
No more wasted years today
I got wise, I got wise to myself
Well baby the great sadness
Oh, youve got to let it all go
Oh yeah, oh yeah van
Live in the present
Live in the future john lee, aint that so
Oh, its a sad feeling, oh yeah
Oh, youve gotta find something
To carry you through, carry you through,
Carry you through
Ive learned my lesson
I aint gonna do it no more, yeah
Now van
Now john
Ive learned my lesson
I should have a long time ago
Thats right
All these wasted years, wasted years
I finally woke up and got wise
I aint gonna be, aint gonna be no fool no more
Now van, now van
Aint gonna be nobodys bodys fool no more
Sing the song van, sing it with me
Well all alone, all alone Ive been travelling
Travelling all along through these wasted years
Dark, dark wasted years
So dark here
Dark, dark, dark, dark wasted years
I must have gained something

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Pearls of Wisdom

Pearls of wisdom as never before, from the mouth of Christ our Lord,
Speaking words with authority, that come from the Throne of Eternity.
A wisdom which exceeded Solomon, whose heart was divided by sin,
Christ, with a heart perfectly pure, spoke words that will surely endure.

Pearls of wisdom, pure and divine, words spoken, for men of all time,
Directed to every tribe and nation; words of our Lord God’s Salvation.
Salvation sent from God above, through His Son, to show us His love,
Love that exceeded wisdom of earth, and received through a new birth.

Pearls of wisdom not well embraced, by many whom Christ had faced,
Although in God these men believed, Christ by them was not received.
Much of His wisdom is contrary to, that human reason of me and you,
But Christ’s Wisdom is greater than, all of that wisdom of worldly men.

Pearls of wisdom to all will come, to those who truly know God’s Son,
And dare to give their life to Him, Christ, who saves men from their sin.
Sin which blinds the minds and ways, of the many world leaders today,
And in their wisdom they cannot see, God’s timeless Truths of Eternity.

Pearls of wisdom God offers to men, when in Christ we’re Born Again,
And the pearls, spoken by Christ, become to us, the foundation of life.
As believers live to honor The Son, bringing Light of Truth to everyone,
Leading men to an Eternal Kingdom, using Truth and pearls of wisdom.

(Copyright ©06/2007)

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Wisdom From Above

The Word of God is so very clear, yet, so many men have no fear,
Within their hearts, of The Lord, and so God’s Word goes ignored;
A fear that begins wisdom for all, men everywhere great and small,
Wisdom which opens eyes to see, Truths from the Lord of Eternity.

The Lord revealed Himself to Israel, revealing His Purpose and Will,
And today the Lord’s Revelation, is available to every single nation,
For God spoke through His Son, not just to Israel, but to everyone,
God’s Son was revealed to all men, in a world that was condemned.

My friend, this day as in ages past, only Heavenly Wisdom will last,
A wisdom, which you will receive, when God’s Truth you do believe,
The Wisdom from The Lord above, greater than what men speak of,
Far surpassing the wisdom of men, that, Christ Jesus will condemn.

With this Wisdom, you will heed, the words of Truth which you read,
And as the Spirit opens your eyes, worldly wisdom you will despise,
Embracing Truths of God’s Word, over empty wisdom you’ve heard,
As The Spirit of God does impart, Truth and Wisdom into your heart.

Man’s worldly wisdom my friend, God makes foolishness in the end,
As God frustrates their empty ways, for The Lord’s Glory and Praise;
This all begins through Godly fear, of The Lord, Who is so very near,
And God’s Wisdom, you will see, leads a heart to New Life, Eternally.

(Copyright ©05/2010)

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An Abc Of Inner Peace

inner peace: a to z (© Raj Arumugam, September 2008)

Inner peace is effortless, as it’s always there within.
One just has to see it.

And once one truly sees this inner peace – not with words or just
intellectually, but actually see this inner peace within – it is one’s, always;
no one takes away that…

Nothing and no evil and no violent force or even the most difficult
of circumstances in one’s life can remove that inner peace that one
sees within; but let one see this not as a word, or as a phrase
but as an actuality.

Feel that peace, see that inner peace and let it radiate always – for it is
the harmony within each and it is always one’s own.


Let amity be your constant companion….Be at peace with all beings, equally at peace with those near and those far, and thus walk hand in hand with amity as in a bounteous garden…


Be mindful of your blessings always…To be alive, to breathe in fresh air;
and to be with the family and the companionship of good fellow-human
beings; and the kindness of strangers; and the creatures of this world
and the flowers that bloom, and to have a place in this marvelous planet
of ours….all these too are blessings….

There is a life of the body in the domain of the physical, and
the legitimate needs of the body are just as important as
one’s inner needs…

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Saltbush Bill

Now is the law of the Overland that all in the West obey --
A man must cover with travelling sheep a six-mile stage a day;
But this is the law which the drovers make, right easily understood,
They travel their stage where the grass is bad, but they camp where the grass is good;
They camp, and they ravage the squatter's grass till never a blade remains.
Then they drift away as the white clouds drift on the edge of the saltbush plains:
From camp to camp and from run to run they battle it hand to hand
For a blade of grass and the right to pass on the track of the Overland.
For this is the law of the Great Stock Routes, 'tis written in white and black --
The man that goes with a travelling mob must keep to a half-mile track;
And the drovers keep to a half-mile track on the runs where the grass is dead,
But they spread their sheep on a well-grassed run till they go with a two-mile spread.
So the squatters hurry the drovers on from dawn till the fall of night,
And the squatters' dogs and the drovers' dogs get mixed in a deadly fight.
Yet the squatters' men, thought they haunt the mob, are willing the peace to keep,
For the drovers learn how to use their hands when they go with the travelling sheep;
But this is the tale of a Jackaroo that came from a foreign strand,
And the fight that he fought with Saltbush Bill, the King of the Overland.
Now Saltbush Bill was a drover tough as ever the country knew,
He had fought his way on the Great Stock Routes from the sea to the big Barcoo;
He could tell when he came to a friendly run that gave him a chance to spread,
And he knew where the hungry owners were that hurried his sheep ahead;
He was drifting down in the Eighty drought with a mob that could scarcely creep
(When the kangaroos by the thousand starve, it is rough on the travelling sheep),
And he camped one night at the crossing-place on the edge of the Wilga run;
"We must manage a feed for them here," he said, "or half of the mob are done!"
So he spread them out when they left the camp wherever they liked to go,
Till he grew aware of a Jackaroo with a station-hand in tow.
They set to work on the straggling sheep, and with many a stockwhip crack
The forced them in where the grass was dead in the space of the half-mile track;
And William prayed that the hand of Fate might suddenly strike him blue
But he'd get some grass for his starving sheep in the teeth of that Jackaroo.
So he turned and cursed the Jackaroo; he cursed him, alive or dead,
From the soles of his great unwieldly feet to the crown of his ugly head,
With an extra curse on the moke he rode and the cur at his heels that ran,
Till the Jackaroo from his horse got down and went for the drover-man;
With the station-hand for his picker-up, though the sheep ran loose the while,
They battled it out on the well-grassed plain in the regular prize-ring style.

Now, the new chum fought for his honour's sake and the pride of the English race,
But the drover fought for his daily bread with a smile on his bearded face;
So he shifted ground, and he sparred for wind, and he made it a lengthy mill,
And from time to time as his scouts came in they whispered to Saltbush Bill --
"We have spread the sheep with a two-mile spread, and the grass it is something grand;
You must stick to him, Bill, for another round for the pride of the Overland."
The new chum made it a rushing fight, though never a blow got home,
Till the sun rode high in the cloudless sky and glared on the brick-red loam,
Till the sheep drew in to the shelter-trees and settled them down to rest;
Then the drover said he would fight no more, and gave his opponent best.

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Seeking Godly Wisdom

Receive The Word in your heart, and you'll give Wisdom her start,
In your conduct as you live this life, while you follow Jesus Christ,
This, if Wisdom you will treasure, indeed, she'll guide you forever,
Helping us on a path that's right; leading us to walk in God's Light.

With Wisdom's discerning heart, from The Lord you will not depart,
As her discernment comes your way, she will lead you day by day;
Seek out Wisdom as if silver, and through grace you shall find her,
Seeking her as hidden treasure, when found, she'll leave you never.

Through Wisdom one understands, where a Holy Lord God stands,
And exactly what God expects of us, as we follow The Lord Jesus,
By Wisdom, we know to fear The Lord, when His Word is explored,
As like silver is when we mine, we learn of God's Righteous design.

Wisdom, in a world like this, allows us know God's Righteousness,
His Righteous Judgment we can see, by God's Justice and Equity,
Wisdom puts us on a righteous path, leading far from God's wrath,
Saving God's own from evil men, and their ways God will condemn.

Godly Wisdom shall lead all of us, onto a path of God's Goodness,
Preserving us through all these days, while we lift to God the praise,
Who is the source of True Wisdom, leading men to God's Kingdom,
His Kingdom that's forever friend, where God's Wisdom has no end.

(Copyright ©05/2012)

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Vision Of Columbus - Book 8

And now the Angel, from the trembling sight,
Veil'd the wide world–when sudden shades of night
Move o'er the ethereal vault; the starry train
Paint their dim forms beneath the placid main;
While earth and heaven, around the hero's eye,
Seem arch'd immense, like one surrounding sky.
Still, from the Power superior splendors shone,
The height emblazing like a radiant throne;
To converse sweet the soothing shades invite,
And on the guide the hero fix'd his sight.
Kind messenger of Heaven, he thus began,
Why this progressive labouring search of man?
If man by wisdom form'd hath power to reach
These opening truths that following ages teach,
Step after step, thro' devious mazes, wind,
And fill at last the measure of the mind,
Why did not Heaven, with one unclouded ray,
All human arts and reason's powers display?
That mad opinions, sects and party strife
Might find no place t'imbitter human life.
To whom the Angelic Power; to thee 'tis given,
To hold high converse, and enquire of heaven,
To mark uncircled ages and to trace
The unfolding truths that wait thy kindred race.
Know then, the counsels of th'unchanging Mind,
Thro' nature's range, progressive paths design'd,
Unfinish'd works th'harmonious system grace,
Thro' all duration and around all space;
Thus beauty, wisdom, power, their parts unroll,
Till full perfection joins the accordant whole.
So the first week, beheld the progress rise,
Which form'd the earth and arch'd th'incumbant skies.
Dark and imperfect first, the unbeauteous frame,
From vacant night, to crude existence came;
Light starr'd the heavens and suns were taught their bound,
Winds woke their force, and floods their centre found;
Earth's kindred elements, in joyous strife,
Warm'd the glad glebe to vegetable life,
Till sense and power and action claim'd their place,
And godlike reason crown'd the imperial race.
Progressive thus, from that great source above,
Flows the fair fountain of redeeming love.
Dark harbingers of hope, at first bestow'd,
Taught early faith to feel her path to God:
Down the prophetic, brightening train of years,
Consenting voices rose of different seers,
In shadowy types display'd the accomplish'd plan,
When filial Godhead should assume the man,
When the pure Church should stretch her arms abroad,
Fair as a bride and liberal as her God;

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0006 Saraswati

The name means
wisdom. Perhaps
we should leave it there. For
the human mind loves
to bring the heavenly
down to earth; then bury it:

maybe not wisdom, did they say –
who worships wisdom in these foolish days?
Maybe a goddess then?
We’ll name our greatest river
after her; that will help men
to remember wisdom
which flows from heaven
to the tops of the unreachable snowed
Himalayas, flows down and nourishes
the earth that nourishes the seeds
that yield the plants
that bring life to men
who meet together on her banks
and build a whole Harappan
civilisation – so, look –
she’s wisdom, and a goddess, and river bringing life itself
and so she’s in the heart
of every Indian.

so far, so good; but then –
was it anger in the heavens,
that made the lovely goddess
lift her veil across her face?
conceal her wisdom? Was it
that men forgot to honour her?
Or was it some tectonic plate, slightly tipping,
that turned the fertile Sindh and Rajasthan
into deserts? And the river Saraswati
first became not a river, but
a line of pools, needing the yearly
tribute from the rains of mercy,
brought by men’s sacrifice? And then,
finally disappeared?

and so the goddess of wisdom
who is eternal wisdom
and a river, is now
the goddess of the wisdom that’s
no longer seen so gracefully flowing there; invisible.

Maybe this purdah
is more dignified; we know she’s there,
if we honour her enough

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Quatrains Of Life

What has my youth been that I love it thus,
Sad youth, to all but one grown tedious,
Stale as the news which last week wearied us,
Or a tired actor's tale told to an empty house?

What did it bring me that I loved it, even
With joy before it and that dream of Heaven,
Boyhood's first rapture of requited bliss,
What did it give? What ever has it given?

'Let me recount the value of my days,
Call up each witness, mete out blame and praise,
Set life itself before me as it was,
And--for I love it--list to what it says.

Oh, I will judge it fairly. Each old pleasure
Shared with dead lips shall stand a separate treasure.
Each untold grief, which now seems lesser pain,
Shall here be weighed and argued of at leisure.

I will not mark mere follies. These would make
The count too large and in the telling take
More tears than I can spare from seemlier themes
To cure its laughter when my heart should ache.

Only the griefs which are essential things,
The bitter fruit which all experience brings;
Nor only of crossed pleasures, but the creed
Men learn who deal with nations and with kings.

All shall be counted fairly, griefs and joys,
Solely distinguishing 'twixt mirth and noise,
The thing which was and that which falsely seemed,
Pleasure and vanity, man's bliss and boy's.

So I shall learn the reason of my trust
In this poor life, these particles of dust
Made sentient for a little while with tears,
Till the great ``may--be'' ends for me in ``must.''

My childhood? Ah, my childhood! What of it
Stripped of all fancy, bare of all conceit?
Where is the infancy the poets sang?
Which was the true and which the counterfeit?

I see it now, alas, with eyes unsealed,
That age of innocence too well revealed.
The flowers I gathered--for I gathered flowers--
Were not more vain than I in that far field.

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Goodbye Little Columbus

The plane is waiting, you must to go
goodbye Im gonna miss you
And all the things you say at a leaving
Ah just turn your head and walk away
Goodbye little columbus
Goodbye, Ill see you one day
Goodbye little columbus
Travelling, just travelling
That certain moment, the final call
And that desperate search for cest la vie
Oh what youd give to hear of a slight delay
Ah just turn your head and walk away
Walk away, just walk away
Goodbye little columbus
Goodbye, Ill see you one day
Goodbye little columbus
Travelling, just travelling
Youve made up your mind
And youve got to go

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This Fire Burns Tonight

White lines on the highway
Rolling out into the night
Got no bag to slow us down
Were travelling light, travelling light tonight
Feel the wheels roll away
How many miles have I been gone
Listen girl you never knew
The road goes on all night long
*this fire burns tonight
The streets are alight
Out on this town we are bursting
This fire burns tonight
The streets are alight
(and) out on this town we are bursting
Now me and my partners are moving
We run on from town to town
And this here road surface
Is setting them up rolling them down
Theres girls out in the neon
Singing blues every night
And you that theyll never love you
Theyre travelling light, travelling light
(repeat* 3 times)

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Where did you come from?
Where are you going?
What do you have in your pack?

Who are you travelling with?
Who is your enemy?
Who is your ally?

Are you not tired?
Are you not lonely?
Are you not giving up?

Can you tell me
where the dangerous roads are?
Can you tell me
where the safe roads are?
Can you tell me
where the harvests are?
Can you tell me
where the springs are?

Up to where
will you be travelling?
Untill when
will you be travelling?
For whom
are you travelling?

Who are you? ...

Will you take me...
with you?

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