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All my relations in creation.

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Connection Requital


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Silences Speak In My Soul

how can I tell you
of the silences
that speak to me
that I reach out

to touch in moments
stretching back to
inspiration of creation
I feel speak in my soul

unique in my stillness
witnessing one vast smile
as whole universe shines
in God’s creative smile

creation comes upon me
creation is all within me
creation infuses my being
creation is sea of awareness

no thoughts form into words
imagery is words within soul
no noise forms into fleet sound
voice spoke creation into being

thoughts wash over my soul
behold creation in appreciation
perceived in stillness attained
God speaks infuses my brain

behold felt essence of life is laden
within love which birthed creation
I reach out touch recipe of gift life
love embraces lungs touch breath air

alertness is alive creation perceives
life is breath breathed into life being
awareness perceives in complexities
multiple lifeforms perceive creation

all life is one life linked in earth biosphere
all earth’s surface abounds in life lease
atmosphere sea abound in one life lease
across eons interwoven creation breathe

ingenious species fail extinct in man greed
independent species erased link cut expire
independent species disappear into oblivion
earth rape accelerates inducing earth death

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Fragrance of relations

Fragrance of relations
Money was always important in the past &
will remain important in the future.
The present revolves around it.
It plays a vital role in the society.
Some says the money is not less important then the god
But I think that human values are more valuable than the money.
Fragrance of relations could be obtained only by your style, behavior
& attitude and not by the money.
When money regulates the relations
It works like a poison.
Blood relations die when money enters between them.
Money becomes havoc when a son demands more & more money from his old parents with out knowing their will.
Money is the need of hour.
But relations become hazardous when its members
Became crazy for money.
Race for money never ends throughout the life.
When we got money, then we again crave for it.
Race for money goes & goes till the life ends.
We crush the happiness of the life for getting it.
We finish the fragrance of relations only for it.
If we die with money we will die without peace & satisfaction.

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The Origin Of The Universe -ten Questions Answered

1.How did the UNIVERSE originate?

It was from the bang, bang and the bang,
It was through the big bang
And you know it for certain.

Yes, the universe originated through the Big Bang.

2.What was the Big Bang?

An explosion of a particle was it
And the particle was smaller than an atom.
It was first explosion for our cause.

Yes, it was a causeless act of explosion of a small particle that resulted in the evolution of an ever expanding universe. Before the Big Bang the universe was smaller than an atom! There was only a point of time then and not a place! The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe.According to the Big Bang theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly.

3.What followed the act of expansion of the universe?

Then began the expansion,
An expansion that is still going on
And then and thus began the life of our universe.

The rapid expansion caused the Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state. According to the most recent measurements and observations, the Big Bang occurred approximately 13.75 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the Universe.

4.What happened in the next stage?

There came the phases of energy
And the wonder of electrons, protons and neutrons.
We learnt about from the sweet mouth of our teacher first.

After its initial expansion from a singularity, the Universe cooled sufficiently to allow energy to be converted into various subatomic particles, including protons, neutrons, and electrons.While protons and neutrons combined to form the first atomic nuclei only a few minutes after the Big Bang, it would take thousands of years for electrons to combine with them and create electrically neutral atoms.The first element produced was hydrogen, along with traces of helium and lithium. Giant clouds of these primordial elements would coalesce through gravity to form stars and galaxies, and the heavier elements would be synthesized either within stars orduring supernovae.

5.What is the scientific theory/relevance of the Big Bang?

Truth is that matters much to us
And the core ideas have to lead us.
Or else we might go back to life darker still.

The Big Bang is a well-tested scientific theory and is widely accepted within the scientific community. It offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of observed phenomena. Since its conception, abundant evidence has been uncovered in support of the model. The core ideas of the Big Bang—the expansion, the early hot state, the formation of helium, and the formation of galaxies—are derived from many observations that are independent from any cosmological model; these include the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background, large scale structure, and the Hubble diagram for Type I - a supernovae.

6.What will be the phases of the expansion of the universe?

An ever expanding mystery it is
Closer it was then and now it will be farther and farther.
And once begun it can`t go back ever.

As the distance between galaxy clusters is increasing today, it can be inferred that everything was closer together in the past. This idea has been considered in detail back in time to extreme densities and temperatures, and large particle accelerators have been built to experiment in such conditions, resulting in further development of the model. On the other hand, these accelerators have limited capabilities to probe into such high energy regimes.

7.Does the Big Bang theory explain everything?

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Roots Of Creation

One two three four!
Pull up here honey, if ya got a pussy and
Shake your ass like your ready to sing
Well, something muy high
Something muy low
When me ready limo then they follow me home like a
Roots of creation
I am living in a boring nation
I pull up my hands and I look at my feet
The reggae music make me sound so sweet
Cause we play it morning evening and all of the day
It's the sweet kinda music makes me feel O.K.
The roots of creation
Said I am living in a plastic nation
I pull up my hat
My coat is so wide
Sometimes, sometimes I feel so high
But all the time I feel airie
I feel airie when I'm down with the scene called
Roots of creation
I am living in a plastic nation
One more time!
Well, pull up here honey like you got limbo
Well pull up your fingers like you're ready to go
Give me
Give me something high
Give me something slow
Give me something I can use
Give me something I can know
Your the body and the mind one
Part of soul or two
I feel a different person to be a different place
I'm living in a different place
Sometime I feel although its fin
Pull up your style make it sound so fine
With ah
Pull up hands with me
Roots of creation
I am living in a boring nation
A pull up sound with Mike Happoldt at my left
I got Eric at my right
We rock the reggae music every day and night
We rock the reggae music say it's right on time
Cause you're down with the music that they call Sublime
I'm living in a different nation
Reggae style again!
Gonna win me back gonna feel so fine
Bring me down to the place so right
We rock the music so late at night
With a guitar pick in my hand

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Ignoring Creation’s Witness

Look about you, what do you see, creation about us abundantly,
From the sky above, to the ground, God’s Creation is all around;
From the grass plush and green, to blue sky above every scene,
God’s Creation all about the earth, is evidence of Creation’s birth.

When God spoke, it had begun; creating this world, with His Son,
As God continued for six days, with all Creation, to God’s Praise;
Saying, as God capped His Plan, in Our Image, let us create man,
Finishing Creation with His best, on day seven He then would rest.

Now with Creation set in place, it continues this day by His Grace,
While producing all kinds of life, to be sustained by Jesus Christ;
Nature from God pleasing to the eye, from the ground to the sky,
Birds, animals and vegetation, all produced within God’s Creation.

Nothing at all, has evolved, except minds, which haven’t resolved,
What to do with all God’s Truth, to validate a theory with no proof,
With an evolving, darkened mind, they leave logical Truths behind,
Deceiving, while being deceived, God’s Truth, they never believed.

But, even if God, these men refuse, all men will be without excuse,
Whatever theory these men claim, they’ll hang their head in shame,
For our Creator won’t be mocked, and they’ll be eternally shocked,
As they depart from His Majesty, to enter a darker, eternal destiny.

(Copyright ©04/2010)

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Satan Absolved

(In the antechamber of Heaven. Satan walks alone. Angels in groups conversing.)
Satan. To--day is the Lord's ``day.'' Once more on His good pleasure
I, the Heresiarch, wait and pace these halls at leisure
Among the Orthodox, the unfallen Sons of God.
How sweet in truth Heaven is, its floors of sandal wood,
Its old--world furniture, its linen long in press,
Its incense, mummeries, flowers, its scent of holiness!
Each house has its own smell. The smell of Heaven to me
Intoxicates and haunts,--and hurts. Who would not be
God's liveried servant here, the slave of His behest,
Rather than reign outside? I like good things the best,
Fair things, things innocent; and gladly, if He willed,
Would enter His Saints' kingdom--even as a little child.

[Laughs. I have come to make my peace, to crave a full amaun,
Peace, pardon, reconcilement, truce to our daggers--drawn,
Which have so long distraught the fair wise Universe,
An end to my rebellion and the mortal curse
Of always evil--doing. He will mayhap agree
I was less wholly wrong about Humanity
The day I dared to warn His wisdom of that flaw.
It was at least the truth, the whole truth, I foresaw
When He must needs create that simian ``in His own
Image and likeness.'' Faugh! the unseemly carrion!
I claim a new revision and with proofs in hand,
No Job now in my path to foil me and withstand.
Oh, I will serve Him well!
[Certain Angels approach. But who are these that come
With their grieved faces pale and eyes of martyrdom?
Not our good Sons of God? They stop, gesticulate,
Argue apart, some weep,--weep, here within Heaven's gate!
Sob almost in God's sight! ay, real salt human tears,
Such as no Spirit wept these thrice three thousand years.
The last shed were my own, that night of reprobation
When I unsheathed my sword and headed the lost nation.
Since then not one of them has spoken above his breath
Or whispered in these courts one word of life or death
Displeasing to the Lord. No Seraph of them all,
Save I this day each year, has dared to cross Heaven's hall
And give voice to ill news, an unwelcome truth to Him.
Not Michael's self hath dared, prince of the Seraphim.
Yet all now wail aloud.--What ails ye, brethren? Speak!
Are ye too in rebellion? Angels. Satan, no. But weak
With our long earthly toil, the unthankful care of Man.

Satan. Ye have in truth good cause.

Angels. And we would know God's plan,
His true thought for the world, the wherefore and the why
Of His long patience mocked, His name in jeopardy.

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General Revelation

Upon the earth lives abound, with your eyes just look around,
There’re creatures of all kinds, a witness, to hearts and minds,
All kinds of different creatures, all made with varying features,
Many living alongside of man, all part of God’s awesome plan.

Animals for the land, sea and sky, created by the Lord on high,
Made in every stripe and color, filling His Creation with wonder,
Birds created with wings to fly, high above this earth in the sky,
With other creatures made to be, swimmers deep within the sea.

On the earth where man does trod, land creatures made by God,
That together with man freely roam, on the earth many call home.
All a testimony of God’s Creation, to every man, of every nation,
A witness pointing to the Creator, who is for man his only Savior.

But, there’s much indifference to, The Lord loved by me and you,
With many denying Creation’s Truth, even in light of all this proof,
Yet God’s Creation of many kinds, dumbfounds scientific minds,
Who embrace the futile thought, evolution is how all was wrought.

What men see in God’s Creation, is for us His General Revelation,
But, a Creator, many won’t conceive, for Creation they disbelieve,
Still, they all remain without excuse, when eternally they shall lose,
Rejecting Creation’s awesome proof, they will face God’s reproof.

(Copyright ©08/2010)

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Genesis Creation Science Affirms

From whence did prophet Moses
famous Biblical writers of Bible books;
gain knowledge of origin creation
which infuses Biblical books with facts;

proof scientific behold first book first line
Genesis boldly declares God's ultimate
authority in a statement spoken absolute;
'In the beginning God created the heavens

and the earth' worships most famous
most profound statement ever to be made;
first beginning best perfection creation
behold 'Elohim created The Beginning In

the heavens and the earth' Hebrew declares
proclaiming God created the earth heavens;
in the beginning of everything Creations
finest moment spoken into being by God;

philosophy imbues the beginning behold
God's declaration 'In The Beginning God
Created The Heavens And The Earth' argues
God's nature God as Creator proves God's

ownership of creation astounding makes
God's utterly extraordinary confession as an
Author of Creation who seeks to address
that which he has spoken into being written;

Genesis constitutes a philosophical creation
storm such as never was or will be ever again;
Genesis states core identities Genesis explains
all essence contains greatest promise ever made;

Genesis declares God seeks intimacy is intimate
examine scientific facts Science of Creation;
'In the beginning (time) God created the heavens
(space) and the earth (matter) ' meaning God

in very first verse of Genesis in the Bible states
God created time, space, matter! Great Scientists;
Philosophers did seek over thousands of years
to discover prove basic conceptions of creation;

components of or make up of the universe behold
twentieth century break through physicists state;
physics proves our entire vast universe is founded

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Preparatory Meditations - First Series: 29

(John. 20:17. My Father, and your Father, to my God, and your God)

My shattered fancy stole away from me
(Wits run a-wooling over Eden's park)
And in God's garden saw a golden tree,
Whose heart was all divine, and gold its bark.
Whose glorious limbs and fruitful branches strong
With saints and angels bright are richly hung.

Thou! Thou! my dear dear Lord, art this rich tree,
The tree of life within God's Paradise.
I am a withered twig, dried fit to be
A chat cast in Thy fire, writh off by vice.
Yet if Thy milk-white gracious hand will take me
And graft me in this golden stock, Thou'lt make me.

Thou'lt make me then its fruit, and branch to spring,
And though a nipping east wind blow, and all
Hell's nymphs with spite their dog's sticks therat ding
To dash the graft off, and its fruits to fall,
Yet I shall stand Thy graft, and fruits that are
Fruits of the tree of life Thy graft shall bear.

I being graft in Thee, there up do stand
In us relations all that mutual are.
I am Thy patient, pupil, servant, and
Thy sister, mother, dove, spouse, son, and heir.
Thou art my priest, physician, prophet, king,
Lord, brother, bridegroom, father, everything.

I being graft in Thee I am grafted here
Into Thy family, and kindred claim
To all in heaven, God, saints, and angels there.
I Thy relations my relations name.
Thy father's mine, Thy God my God, and I
With saints and angels draw affinity.

My Lord, what is it that Thou dost bestow?
The praise on this account fills up, and throngs
Eternity brimful, doth overflow
The heavens vast with rich angelic songs.
How should I blush? How tremble at this thing,
Not having yet my gam-ut learned to sing.

But, Lord, as burnished sunbeams forth out fly,
Let angel-shine forth in my life outflame,
That I may grace Thy graceful family
And not to Thy relations be a shame.
Make me Thy graft, be Thou my golden stock.
Thy glory then I'll make my fruits and crop.

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Finally over

It was all over in a friction of second
Relation froze and matter went out of hand
Eyes wore hostile look and completely changed
Ready for gunning down as if defeat is to be avenged

What else can be expected when relations loose warmth?
Who cares what will be the result or fallout aftermath?
It is simple game of supremacy to witness the down fall
Idiotic behaviour to go after blood thirsty call

One dropp of lemon is enough to spoil bucket of milk
Dark spot can be easily noticed on the white silk
Strained relation too can’t be hidden for a long period
Some one has to step in to mange the show or avoid

Serious efforts are needed finally at least
Its seriousness is definitely hidden in cloudy mist
One little attempt can really make the difference
One has to learn how to live with and draw the interference

Small action or little gesture can stave off the situation
One may think positive and go for evaluation
Little give and take may lead to happy solution
Why then are we not following with firm resolution?

Relations are like thin thread loosely attached
No one knows when they will be slightly detached?
Seriousness of thoughts and approach should be strengthened
Cement it further, grow with mutual trust and areas widened

Blood relations sometime come to rescue not immediately
Their action and reaction is felt slowly and lately
Warmth and futility is proved in the real crisis or test
Human relations grow and thrive it for best

It may take even longer than expected to build
Result may be known when start gradually to yield
It s fruit can be enjoyed for years to come
Any deviation or sordidness is never welcome

I shall prefer isolation or remain in dark
If simple talk is termed to dog’s bark
It can easily vitiate and lead to spark
Enough to destroy………………….

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The Relationship of Likeness and Unlikeness

Poem Title: The Relationship of Likeness and Unlikeness
Acrostic Poem 158

The Relationship of Likeness and Unlikeness.
Herbert Spencer was Guided once upon a time to write.
Establishments within the Universe Intelligence to move forward.

Relationships 'twixt the kinds of most perfect quantitative reasoning.
Equality by simple reason proving once to be, under its highest form.
Likeness of mind, of comparison through experience, by progressive wisdom.
Attention to each and every detail, coloured red or blue or green or any hue.
To Listen for a note that's not in tune, a rhyme that's not rhyme, a face not recognised.
In comparison between the likeness or unlikeness, where do we have to draw the line?
On one side we have a pass, on the other failure, what do we carry, what do we just ignore?
Now accepting the improbable, descending step by step to the lower levels of simple reasoning.
Space, Time, and Motion present themselves as a consistent trio of essential attributes.
Having Equivalence of certain states of Conciousness both serial and simultaneous.
In things that cannot be truly defined except in terms more general than themselves.
Perceived as Likeness and Unlikeness in terms to exhibit them as necessary complements.

Of each other? Let me explain. It`s best shown by comparing the relations of the two together.
For Likeness is best shown by contrast with Unlikeness as with a Flash of something Like.

Lightning, yes When a flash of Lightning for a moment dispels the Darkness
In where, when any one state of Conciousness is supplanted by another.
Knowing immediately there has been an established relationship of Unlikeness.
Established in comparison to the Darkness or of that crystal silver light.
Notice thus, then the relationship of Unlikeness is the primordial one.
Examine, is the relation in every other relation; and can itself ever be described?
Summarized in no other way than as a simple change in mind Conciousness.
Space and Time and Motion or Resistance Magnified by your true belief in GOD.

And of Higher Orders of Relations? Are severally resolvable into relations of like and unlike.?
Now who`s terms have certain specialities and complexities, where similarity was defined?
Defined as the coin tension of two con natural relations between states of consciousness.

Unlike in degree but like in kind, but coin tension we find to be just likeness in degree.
Now please try to understand my meaning, Man, Hear what I'm saying, like what I mean?
Like ness or Unlikeness the difference between Fire and Ice, Love and Hate
In between the two we can have of course coexistence, exactly alike in kind and degree.
Kinds of conciousness and states of conciousness but commonly unlike in any degree.
Echo across a valley unsustainable, or a sustained note from a wind or a stringed instrument.
Now may be interrupted by some scarcely appreciable flaw which simply serves to divide,
Exactly into two notes that sound exactly alike, Drinks of equal temperature Celsius
Slowly Love can drift into Hate linger until reality dawns then rise to an even higher state.
States of mind can be altered to comply Nearer My GOD to Thee. Meditation is the sacred Key.

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Where I'm In FAITH!

Within a place that creates completeness in oneself,
a place that needs no obstacles,
a place that needs positive reaction,
negative resolution, and stressful elimination:
powers within oneself to have faith
in the faith G-d has for me.
Seeking a miracle is a waste of my time
for the miracles that come to my life
are truly the miracles of creation,
creation of a strong black woman
who can make all things happen,
who can provide for her family,
who can live without the idea of dying
due to destruction seen before her.
I am a miracle in itself as are you,
our faith in ourselves will benefit us
more than the faith we have in what can be done by prayer;
having faith in what we can do to make our prayers reality,
many of our questions have answers,
having faith, and the courage to know the answers are a given,
we are from the breath of the almighty,
we are the world, we are what he has faith in.
Looking for an easy fix is the thought of an addict,
for I am not an addict for life, I am a solution for living.
Look within my eyes and see the miracle of creation,
copyrighted by God himself,
the creation of perfection in his eyes;
Life was given to us as a gift, as a lesson,
a learning experience
with that gift
we were given the ability to survive,
some survive some just live;
I am a survivor, a creation that makes me full,
full of complete joy for I am a gift to this world,
to myself, to nature, as the world,
and nature is a gift to me;
I am a child of God
with that I know my prayers have answers,
before I ask he gives,
he gives me the ability to be the strength
that you seek,
the power that you need,
the fullness of the empty glass,
the waters that flow, the air that blows,
the rain that pours, the heat that warms
I am a miracle, as are you,
see within your reflection
as your creator seen when he gave you life,
be strong, don’t blame, don’t worry,
do all that you can to make your life the best you can

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Yesterday, To-day, and For Ever: Book IV. - The Creation of Angels and of Men

O tears, ye rivulets that flow profuse
Forth from the fountains of perennial love,
Love, sympathy, and sorrow, those pure springs
Welling in secret up from lower depths
Than couch beneath the everlasting hills:
Ye showers that from the cloud of mercy fall
In drops of tender grief, - you I invoke,
For in your gentleness there lies a spell
Mightier than arms or bolted chains of iron.
When floating by the reedy banks of Nile
A babe of more than human beauty wept,
Were not the innocent dews upon its cheeks
A link in God's great counsels? Who knows not
The loves of David and young Jonathan,
When in unwitting rivalry of hearts
The son of Jesse won a nobler wreath
Than garlands pluck'd in war and dipp'd in blood?
And haply she, who wash'd her Saviour's feet
With the soft silent rain of penitence,
And wiped them with her tangled tresses, gave
A costlier sacrifice than Solomon,
What time he slew myriads of sheep and kine,
And pour'd upon the brazen altar forth
Rivers of fragrant oil. In Peter's woe,
Bitterly weeping in the darken'd street,
Love veils his fall. The traitor shed no tear.
But Magdalene's gushing grief is fresh
In memory of us all, as when it drench'd
The cold stone of the sepulchre. Paul wept,
And by the droppings of his heart subdued
Strong men by all his massive arguments
Unvanquish'd. And the loved Evangelist
Wept, though in heaven, that none in heaven were found
Worthy to loose the Apocalyptic seals.
No holy tear is lost. None idly sinks
As water in the barren sand: for God,
Let David witness, puts his children's tears
Into His cruse and writes them in His book; -
David, that sweetest lyrist, not the less
Sweet that his plaintive pleading tones ofttimes
Are tremulous with grief. For he and all
God's nightingales have ever learn'd to sing,
Pressing their bosom on some secret thorn.
In the world's morning it was thus: and, since
The evening shadows fell athwart mankind,
Thus hath it always been. Blind and bereft,
The minstrel of an Eden lost explored
Things all invisible to mortal eyes.
And he, who touch'd with a true poet's hand
The harp of prophecy, himself had learn'd

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Time's Tide

Those cause/effect relations seek to investigate
ask why life’s lamentations can’t flow past pearly gate,
why can’t hope’s expectations some sects anticipate
show we’re wheeled incarnations, frustrations, fears, negate

Why worry what tomorrow may offer if at all,
share laughter, spurning sorrow, ignoring wailing wall,
each wakes one day, hopes hollow, must piper pay as shawl
in winding sheet few follow, no trumps for final call.

Time's tide has been extended beyond the sands of hope,
free ride from heyday ended, frayed tether, broken rope,
recount lost time expended, events' ghost mirage grope,
as most proud man intended black hole's Time's telescope.

Bright spark - life's candle gutters - so swiftly movements cease,
one cry before heart flutters, before 'Here rests in peace! '
one sigh then parting’s shutters are drawn with no surcease,
one dies while crowd bread butters inheritance apiece.

In youth great expectations mask ignorance - a vice -
few meet anticipations, most, sour, scower at Fate’s dice.
life’s joke is on Creation’s head, ne’er repeated twice,
one innings: vindications leave after-thoughts to lice.

Behind lie verses threaded, skeins sense retains in vain,
life's loves too soon are bedded by Fate immune to pain.
life’s gloves too soon are shredded by thorny greed for gain,
‘Above’ is concept wedded to fear, none bat again.

© Jonathan Robin robi3_0922_robi3_0000 XXX_CDZ 2 January 2001 revised 22 December 2008 for previous version see below

Time's Tide

Some cause/effect relations
would understand and splice -
what wall of lamentations
may give a game played twice?

Why care Creation's date to play -
the aeons ebb and flow, -
Man wakes one day with price to pay,
and nowhere left to go.

Time's tide has been extended
beyond the sands of hope,
the time for games has ended,
what trumps remain, what scope?

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My proposal to re-establish diplomatic relations - not necessarily friendly relations, but diplomatic relations - is a sensible, simple, and straightforward approach that will finally get us off dead center.

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A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China's international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese - Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese - American relations.

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Public Relations

By jimmy buffett, 1997
Mr paperman, go home. listen to me. pretend you had a nightmare, and woke up. this island is a hoodoo, there's death in it, and this is just the beginning. give it up. whatever you've invested,
T it and go back to new york. go home.
I felt the ground shake
I'm out of water
Critical picture
But things ain't that bad
We could be living
In communist china
Wearing pajamas
And shouting comrade
I'll fix the gull reef
It will be my salvation
We're only talking
A few renovations
Goodbye to public relations
It ain't what i do
Goodbye forever to public relations
Public relations no longer my fate
This is my life and this is my island
Starting life over is never to (sic) late
[speaks, to sheila]
Get hippolyte!

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Words For Girlfriends

Do I feel jealousy when youre free without me
Do I feel that my love will stay with you forever
In memoriam of my lovers will you sleep with me forever
Oh most certainly I never did doubt you
You surround yourself with trinkets like theyre meaningful possessions
Like some squirrel in the garden with expensive permutations
Save me
Theyll outlive you in the end will be your final realisation
Oh most certainly I never did doubt you
Words for girlfriends parading as songs
To be living with songs yet without you
Words for girlfriends parading as songs
though I never ever really did doubt you no
As we search our lives forever for perfection in relations
I can dream of love and scheme of love with all its complications
Ideals are fine for beauty but for love they fool relations
Oh most certainly I never did doubt you
Words for girlfriends parading as songs
To be living with you yet without you
Words for girlfriends parading as songs
though I never ever really did doubt you
No I never ever really did doubt you
As we search our lives forever for perfection in relations
I can dream of love and scheme of love with all its complications
Theyre just words only words

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Amours de Voyage, Canto I

Over the great windy waters, and over the clear-crested summits,
Unto the sun and the sky, and unto the perfecter earth,
Come, let us go,--to a land wherein gods of the old time wandered,
Where every breath even now changes to ether divine.
Come, let us go; though withal a voice whisper, 'The world that we live in,
Whithersoever we turn, still is the same narrow crib;
'Tis but to prove limitation, and measure a cord, that we travel;
Let who would 'scape and be free go to his chamber and think;
'Tis but to change idle fancies for memories wilfully falser;
'Tis but to go and have been.'--Come, little bark! let us go.

I. Claude to Eustace.

Dear Eustatio, I write that you may write me an answer,
Or at the least to put us again en rapport with each other.
Rome disappoints me much,--St Peter's, perhaps, in especial;
Only the Arch of Titus and view from the Lateran please me:
This, however, perhaps is the weather, which truly is horrid.
Greece must be better, surely; and yet I am feeling so spiteful,
That I could travel to Athens, to Delphi, and Troy, and Mount Sinai,
Though but to see with my eyes that these are vanity also.
Rome disappoints me much; I hardly as yet understand it, but
Rubbishy seems the word that most exactly would suit it.
All the foolish destructions, and all the sillier savings,
All the incongruous things of past incompatible ages,
Seem to be treasured up here to make fools of present and future.
Would to Heaven the old Goths had made a cleaner sweep of it!
Would to Heaven some new ones would come and destroy these churches!
However, one can live in Rome as also in London.*
It is a blessing, no doubt, to be rid, at least for a time, of
All one's friends and relations,--yourself (forgive me!) included,--
All the assujettissement of having been what one has been,
What one thinks one is, or thinks that others suppose one;
Yet, in despite of all, we turn like fools to the English.
Vernon has been my fate; who is here the same that you knew him,--
Making the tour, it seems, with friends of the name of Trevellyn.
* The 1968 Oxford Edition, edited by A.L.P. Norrington,
includes a line immediately following this:
Rome is better than London, because it is other than London.

II. Claude to Eustace.

Rome disappoints me still; but I shrink and adapt myself to it.
Somehow a tyrannous sense of a superincumbent oppression
Still, wherever I go, accompanies ever, and makes me
Feel like a tree (shall I say?) buried under a ruin of brickwork.

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