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The most painful state of living is remembering the future.

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I Am Living Now In The Future

I am living now in the future
And I Don't know
What will the future brings for me
I keep wondering about that
Every single day
And sometimes I think about my future

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Remembering the future

The Greeks said, those great Muses
who civilise us, grace our dance of life,
were once, before they were nine,
just three; and before that,
only one was named: and she was, Memory.

Does that make poets just regurgitators
of what’s already been oft said -
and better, too, some would aver…?

No, it’s more subtle than that; ask a poet:
a poem that comes warm, hot, from the human heart
demands a summary birth; won’t hang around
while you go out to buy more toys and frills
to hang around the cot…

it is indeed, more like remembering:
as if you step into a timeless place
where all that’s needful is to remember
what the future poem shall, will, have said..

write it down; and maybe sleep on it;
when you wake, you may remember
two lines somewhere which you’d forgotten,
but know exactly where that is

That Muse of memory will then decide
whether a poem that has a timeless birth,
may have a timeless life... or not...

How can a poet claim a poem as his, or hers,
when such a Muse? and yet, so close at hand?

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Living In The Future

(originally named jumpin jehosaphat)
Jehosaphat the mongrel cat
Jumped off the roof today
Some would say he fell but I could tell
He did himself away
His eyes werent bright like they were the night
We played checkers on the train
God bless his soul he was a tootsie roll
But hes a dead cat just the same
We are living in the future
Ill tell you how I know
I read it in the paper
Fifteen years ago
Were all driving rocket ships
And talking with our minds
And wearing turquoise jewelry
And standing in soup lines
We are standing in soup lines
Jake the barbers lonely daughter
Went down to her daddys shop
She plugged herself to a barber pole
And took a little off the top
Pressure on the left. pressure on the right
Pressure in the middle of the hole
Im goin to maine on a forty foot crane
Im gonna use it for a fishin pole
Repeat chorus
Old sarah brown sells tickets down
At the all night picture show
Where they grind out sex
And they rate it with an x
Just to make a young mans pants grow
No tops no bottoms just hands and feet
Screaming the posters out on the street
Strangling the curious and the weak
We give em what they want to see - o
Repeat chorus

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This is Africa (Africa is The Future)

Words by EmmaPassions Emesakoru

If we could hold hands firmly and stand strong for one another, There's really no limit or boundary to what we can achieve together. It doesn't matter where you are from: north, south, west or east,
If only we can embrace each other and stop living maliciously like beasts, Then we would come to see how much God's blessed our Motherland
That we've intentionally chosen to annihilate by own hands.
Why kill one another when we didn't like those white strangers do it to us? Don't let religion or languages fool you; let's bear one another's cross.

This is the much talked about mama Africa and we are so black and proud. The cloud above our heads, the farms ploughed and the land is so endowed. We're a uniquely happy and gifted people blessed with a diverse culture, This is our very own Africa and it isn't hard to envision why we are the future. From our reserves of diamonds, platinum, gold, coal, water to crude oil, We've got it all to rise from the ashes of phoenix, so why should we toil? Except for corruption, greed and lawlessness, we suffer no natural disaster. Isn't it high time we counted our blessings and lived as brothers and sisters?

From breathtaking mountains, invigorating waterfalls to our fascinating tradition, Can't we see we are the bane for beautiful Motherland's wanton destruction? Our forefathers' backs didn't suffer from the whiplash of slavery for nothing. Then, why doesn't our painful past and rich history not teach us all something? This is Africa where the scorching sun only tans and beautifies our black skin. Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Libya, Ethiopia, unity is all we need to win. Love is all we need to conquer the hatred, famine, genocide and diseases. But how do we begin if the senseless warring and apartheid doesn't cease?

This is Africa, a resource-rich continent, so let's provoke our sleeping giants. We've been blessed beyond our wildest dreams and shouldn't live like ants. If only our overtly shady and bad government can stop accumulating wealth, If only the rebels and militants can give up their arms, we'll rule this earth. This is Africa and we pride our homeland with our cocoa, cotton and coffee. We offer a vast array of natural resources and minerals the world can see. If we can export our cash crops and help others develop from our blessings, Why can't we see the only that stands in Africa's way is our undoing?

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Look to the Future

Look to the future
Detach from the past
Let the people go
Start a new this time
Look to the future
Love like it’ll last
Dream like it’s forever
No move envy
Look to the future
Have the star life
Learn from others
Take it in
Look to the future
Be proud with yourself
No more lies
No more disguises
Look to the future
Solve the unresolved
Be someone’s firefly
Stop living for yourself
Look to the future
Be the person
You dream to be
Stop fantasizing
Look to the future
It’s only gets brighter
From here on out
Detach from the past
Look to the future

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The Future is Clouded

The Future is clouded
What does it hold?
The future is shrouded
But the future is my mold

But is the future really my mold?
I have realized though, in this life
That everything I do has repercussions 10 fold
And that life must have some Strife

I do not wish to have complete control
There needs to be some surprise
If it didn’t life would have a whole
Life without surprise, all else dies

But maybe that is why everything dies
So we all will appreciate life
So we appreciate the surprise
Of being alive
So we realize life is worth living and that life is rife
With what is needed to survive

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The future is in your hand

Once there was a little girl living in a village
She wanted to find out what her future would reveal
So she wondered to whom should she ask her future
Finally got the idea that it must be her star

So one starry night she climbed up a steep hill
To become closer to the stars so that she could hail
On reaching the top of the hill she cried out aloud
'Oh, my star, please tell what future holds for me now.'

On hearing the words a little star shone brightly
And with a smile it replied to the girl sweetly
'My girl don't worry about your future too much'
'For it is your own hands in which the future is grasped.'

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What The Future Holds For Us

What the future holds for us we are not to know
But our past it goes with us to where-ever we go
Your best years in life to the forever gone
But your past in your memory it is living on
Many friends of your past you may never more see
But they do remain young in your memory
And for as long as the gift of memory you retain
Mental pictures of them with you will remain
But the present is what matter as some are known to say
And only in memory we have yesterday
And tomorrow at dawn the songbirds will sing
But who knows what tomorrow for us will bring
But we will live till we die like the sheep or the cow
And we only can live in the here and the now.

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No Plans For The Future

Written by chuck jackson and marvin yancy
Let the dishes wait, no need in dusting
No reason to clean the dirty floor
cause Im sure it doesnt matter
Now that he has gone away
I have no plans for the future cause hes not here today
Let them go to the park and Ill sit alone here in the dark
No joy left in my heart anymore
Let me hold on to my memories
And if I die this way just let it be
I have no plans for the future cause hes not here with me
Why should I comb my head when I know Im not going anywhere
Why should I keep right on giving when Ive lost my only reason for living
So go on, just go on and have yourself a ball
I have no plans for the future cause hes not here
I have no plans for the future cause hes not here at all
Hm, hm, hm...

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The Future Of The Past

New times are now old ones,
Old ones are now history,
History becomes ancient,
Ancient becomes unknown,
Unknown shifts though time,
Shaping and molding in every which way,
Unknown times become myths,
Myths become religions,
False becomes truth,
Truths move to morals,
Morals are now what we live by,
Now has just become then,
The past has once been the future,
The future will soon become the past,
You were once born in the future of the past,
But the past has caught up,
And taken you with it.
Like a deadly arrow the past pierces life,
The future itself becomes victim to its strike.
As if to be Bonnie and Clyde,
Hand in hand the two opposites collide,
Together bringing everything to their long awaited fate.
Doing what they do best toward their ever most passions,
The future and the past are, and were, the two deadliest assassins,
And yesterday...

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The Future Is The Children's

The future is the children's and I am of the past
And I too had my young years but nothing ever last
On looking back the Seasons how quickly the years have gone
Old age is fast approaching and the clock ticks on and on.

The future is the children's the children of today
They have the gift of youth with them though youth with them won't stay
On looking back decades from now when time has left them slow
They will wonder as I do where did the years to go.

The years are catching up one me and time has left me gray
And the future is the children's that would be true to say
The people in their sixties are running out of time
And few of them will be living when today's children are in their prime.

The future is the children's and to them alone belong
And those who will tell you differently have somehow got it wrong
But the hands of time keep turning and time on none does wait
And all of us are branded with an invisible use by date.

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The Future From The Fortune Tellers!

It is as pretty as a woman, but green,
With the thick tongue and the beaky nose,
picks up notes of destiny as instructed,
a cage, just enough to stretch and hop,
with a door, that can be pulled up,
Cheap nuts available for every pick,
If the master gets the customer,
Cards of picture stacked or spread,
Previously these were the faces of Gods,
now the computer, USA and Uk included,
as we, Indians believe in fortune hearing,
fortune tellers and their parrots working,
hard to earn an income even in Singapore,
and Malaysia where they sit on the five foot path,
palm readers are busy with their magnifying glass,
the lady with a wand, just returned from the graveyard,
a man with miniscule drum also from make shift burner,
from where he collects the ash of the dead human,
to tell the future of living human. Apart from all these,
we have the master of masters to write our future,
based on the time and date of birth. With all these,
prediction at hand, none of them have ever predicted,
when our country is going to prosper and send off the ignorance.
The man on the street believe it,
The man in the parliament trust it,
The man in western cloth consult it,
The man in loin clothes nurture it,
covering his body with cosmetic robes.

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Protect The Future, Protect Our Children

(This poem is dedicated to the abused children)

It is more than a cliché to say
That our children are our future
They are in reality our future
Not our past or passé
We must protect our babies at any cost
From the West Coast to the East Coast
Day and night
They are our rainbow, our night light
Our angels, our bright light
We must protect our kids against all sorts of abuses
From Penn State to Rahway State
From New York State to Washington State
We must not tolerate stupid or noxious excuses
We must protect all of our children
Against all types of abuses
All the time, all the time
Dial 911, inform the authorities, so the scum can be booked
Or canned; so the Judge can throw
The books at the perpetrators of all despicable crimes
We must shield our infants with our rainbow
Against all sex maniacs who are sick in their mind
Our beautiful children are our future
Help them, feed them, and care for them
Don’t drag them in the gutter, in any mess
Do not abuse them physically
Emotionally or psychologically
Protect our baby sons and daughters
Protect our little brothers and sisters
Love them the right way
Pray for our children
Protect our little innocents
Use extraordinary common sense
Good morals and good judgments
When interacting with our little saints
Do not hurt our children
Protect the Future, protect our Children.

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The Future

Give me back my broken night
My secret room, my secret life
Its lonely here
Theres no one left to torture
Give me absolute control
Over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby
Thats an order!
Give me crack and anal sex
Take the only tree thats left
And stuff it up the hole
In your culture
Give back the berlin wall
Give me stalin and st. paul
Ive seen the future, brother
It is murder
Things are going to slide in all directions
Wont be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard of the world
Has crossed the threshold
And it has overturned
The order of the soul
When they said repent
I wonder what they meant
When they said repent
I wonder what they meant
When they said repent
I wonder what they meant
You dont know me from the wind
You never will, you never did
Im the little jew
Who wrote the bible
Ive seen nations rise and fall
Ive heard their stories, heard them all
But loves the only engine of survival
Your servant here, he has been told
To say it clear, to say it cold
Its over, it aint going
Any further
And now the wheels of heaven stop
You feel the devils riding crop
Get ready for the future
It is murder
Therell be the breaking of the ancient
Western code
Your private life will suddenly explode
Therell be phantoms
Therell be fires in the road
And the white man dancing
Youll see the woman
Hanging upside down
Her features covered by her fallen gown
And all the lousy little poets
Coming round
Trying to sound like charlie manson
Give me back the berlin wall
Give me stalin and st. paul
Give me christ
Or give me hiroshima
Destroy another fetus now
We dont like children anyhow
Ive seen the future, baby
It is murder

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Can We See The Future Today? [Part 3]

Human beings have peeped into the future with clairvoyance
Clairvoyance is the ability to perceive future events with
powers that are beyond the natural range of the senses
The practitioners of this art are called clairvoyant or psychic
In esoteric language, clairvoyants are said to possess second sight
How true is clairvoyance as a tool to peep into the future?
The accuracy depends on the clairvoyant or the psychic

The ancients have used the oracle to foresee the future
This is a process of consulting the oracular gods through
a priest or priestess to learn about future events.
The oracles are still in use in many places around the world
Even today, some people will not start a new project
or commence an undertaking without consulting the oracle
How correct is the oracle as a means to foretell the future?
The precision depends on the oracle priest or priestess

Can we see the future today?
Human beings have peeped into the future using necromancy
This is the process of invoking or conjuring up the
spirit of the dead to make prophesies and foretell the future
The practitioners of this art are called medium or spiritualist
How accurate is necromancy as a device to forecast the future?
The veracity depends on the spiritualist or the medium

Can we see the future today?
Some people have used I Ching to peep into the future
I Ching is a Chinese system of divination or
fortune-telling that has been in use since the B.C era
In English language, I Ching is called the Book of Changes
There are many methods of using I Ching, but the most
popular ones are the yarrow stalks and the coin methods

Another Chinese method of divination that has been
practiced since the B.C era is called Feng Shui
Feng shui which in english means wind and water is
defined by encarta as a Chinese system that studies
people’s relationships to their environment, especially
their home or workspace, in order to achieve maximum
harmony with the spiritual forces believed to influence all places
Today, believers in feng shui can be found in many countries
[To Be Concluded in Part 4]

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Future, Future Before and Future From The Future: Journey:

O'er the hills,
hills on land,
o'er the land,
land on water,
o'er the water.
water on land,
land on water again.
And again, again...

And so it goes,
to infinity, i see.
: deep thinkers discern:
travelling in the soul,
i went,
muscle stonger than ever,
flying high into SEVENTH HEAVEN,
soaring like the eagle,
with mystery more than,
but in the body im weak.
Here i lie,
thinking of,
great things.

Was i a weak soul?

Gently in my couch,
i rest,
viewing the infinity,

I looked o'er the future,
over the infinity,
i passed hills,
then future.

But in soul not in body.

Was i the weak soul?

I saw what future awaits,
the poor soul.
Who has been living in future,
before time.
Now its the time,
he's doomed.
All things upside down.
I saw eyes red,
than the RED PARIS WINE.
I saw his eyes soured with tears,
tears to infinity.

Thoughts of great things,
keep flying all over his
working brain.
keeps being optimistic,
to lift of the heavy weight,
smiles so people,
not discern the truth,

People might say''he thinks''

But now is the future,
He has got a DEAD LIFE,
no light in him a again,
all is darkness.

Are you the thief,
that stole his dreams?

Oh! his precious dreams are gone,
went for it,
but failed the mission.

Who can help the poor soul?
His dreams has being stolen,
i needa help him restore it,
maybe before the future

Was i a poor soul?
ive also got dreams,
to make true.
Here i am thinking of,
helping another soul.

I tapped him gently,
but he'll never say a thing.
He is in melancholy.
I sat down gently beside him,
saying words of comfort,
to the man who needs help?

Here i am,
i also need help,
but no one to pacify me.

I go on saying,
all spirit directs me.
Spirit being in my soul.

Gentle breeze serves the message,
As it we sat down,
i heard the breeze,
whistling all i said,
into his glued ear.

He suddenly changed,
Looked at me with suprise,
told me he's going back.
To where?

Whats he saying?


That wrecked life,
this future suits our life.
We can think of a car,
and we see it,
house and we see,
not in reality,

He told me,
he wants to make things right,
he's going on a travel,
from the LAND OF DREAMS,
we are,

That land of no hope?
: sobs:
i want to stay here,
i like it here,
dont want to get weak again,
back there.

: rethinks:
Good gracious!
Ive just convinced a man,
who lives in future,
he'll be packing his loads,
to where he belongs.

then he comes back at appointed,

I dont want to live,
my cars here and go back.
My estate,
I cant pack them along,
i'll stay here.

Future before future,

: Knocks:
Its me Belinda,
your new neighbour.

: Jerks:
: yawns:
: Quick thought:
and ive got beautiful houses,
built in the land FUTURE,
fine cars in the garage,
now here is a new neighbour,
i have here.
Im going to share,
this apartment again.

Someday i'll migrate fully,
After i make thinks right,
by hardwork and love.
I'll laugh last

: knocks:
anybody home?

: Answer:
im sorry, im coming just stressed up from the journey i on my way.

: thinks:


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The Future.

I WAS a laughing child, and gaily dwelt
Where murmuring brooks, and dark blue rivers roll'd,
And shadowy trees outspread their silent arms,
To welcome all the weary to their rest.
And there an antique castle rais'd its head,
Where dwelt a fair and fairy girl: perchance
Two summers she had seen beyond my years;
And all she said or did, was said and done
With such a light and airy sportiveness,
That oft I envied her, for I was poor,
And lowly, and to me her fate did seem
Fraught with a certainty of happiness.
Years past; and she was wed against her will,
To one who sought her for the gold she brought,
And they did vex and wound her gentle spirit,
Till madness took the place of misery.

And oft I heard her low, soft, gentle song,
Breathing of early times with mournful sound,
Till I could weep to hear, and thought how sad.
The envied future of her life had prov'd.
And then I grew a fond and thoughtful girl,
Loving, and deeming I was lov'd again:
But he that won my easy heart, full soon
Turn'd to another:-she might be more fair,
But could not love him better. And I wept,
Day after day, till weary grew my spirit,
With fancying how happy she must be
Whom he had chosen-yet she was not so;
For he she wedded, loved her for a time,
And then he changed, even as he did to me,
Though something later; and he sought another
To please his fancy, far away from home.
And he was kind: oh, yes! he still was kind.
It vex'd her more; for though she knew his love
Had faded like the primrose after spring,
Yet there was nothing which she might complain,
Had cause to grieve her; he was gentle still.
She would have given all the store she had,
That he would but be angry for an hour,
That she might come and soothe his wounded spirit,
And lay her weeping head upon his bosom,
And say, how freely she forgave her wrongs:

But still, with calm, cold kindness he pursued
(Kindness, the mockery of departed love!)
His way-and then she died, the broken-hearted;
And I thanked heaven, who gave me not her lot,
Though I had wish'd it.
Again, I was a wife, a happy wife;
And he I loved was still unchangeable,
And kind, and true, and loved me from his soul;
But I was childless, and my lonely heart
Yearned for an image of my heart's beloved,
A something which should be my 'future' now
That I had so much of my life gone by;
Something to look to after I should go,
And all except my memory be past.
There was a child, a little rosy thing,
With sunny eyes, and curled and shining hair,
That used to play among the daisy flowers,
Looking as innocent and fair as they;
And sail its little boat upon the stream,
Gazing with dark blue eyes in the blue waters,
And singing in its merriment of heart
All the bright day: and when the sun was setting,
It came unbid to its glad mother's side,
To lisp with holy look its evening prayer:
And, kneeling on the green and flowery ground,
At the sweet cottage door-he fixed his eyes

For some short moments on her tranquil face,
As if she was his guiding star to God;
And then with young, meek, innocent brow upraised,
Spoke the slow words with lips that longed to smile,
But dared not. Oh! I loved that child with all
A mother's fondest love; and, as he grew
More and more beautiful from day to day,
The half-involuntary sigh I gave
Spoke but too plain the wish that he were mine-
My child-my own. And in my solitude,
Often I clasped my hands and thought of him,
And looked with mournful and reproachful gaze
To heaven, which had denied me such a one.
Years past: the child became a rebel boy;
The boy a wild, untamed, and passionate youth;
The youth a man-but such a man! so fierce,
So wild, so headlong, and so haughty too,
So cruel in avenging any wrongs,
So merciless when he had half avenged them!
At length his hour had come-a deed of blood,
Of murder, was upon his guilty soul.
He stood in that same spot, by his sweet home,
The same blue river flowing by his feet,
(Whose stream might never wash his guilt away
The same green hills, and mossy sloping banks,
Where the bright sun was smiling as of yore:

With pallid cheek and dark and sullen brow,
The beautiful and lost; you might have deemed
That Satan, newly banished, stood and gazed
On the bright scenery of an infant world.
For, fallen as he was, his Maker's hand
Had stamped him beauteous, and he was so still.
And his eyes turned from off his early home
With something like a shudder; and they lighted
On his poor broken-hearted mother's grave.
And there was something in them of old times,
Ere sin had darkened o'er their tranquil blue,
In that most mournful look-that made me weep;
'For I had gazed on him with fear and anguish
Till now. And, 'weep for her,' my favourite said,
For she was good-I murdered her-I killed
Many that harmed me not.' And still he spoke
In a low, listless voice; and forms came round
Who dragged him from us. I remember not
What followed then. But on another day,
There was a crowd collected, and a cart
Slowly approached to give to shameful death
Its burden; and there was a prayer, and silence,
Silence like that of death. And then a murmur!
And all was over. And I groaned, and turned
To where his poor old father had been sitting;
And there he sate, still with his feeble limbs

And palsied head, and dim and watery eyes,
Gazing up at the place where was his son;
And with a shuddering touch I sought to rouse him,
But could not, for the poor old man was dead.
And then I flung myself upon the ground,
And mingled salt tears with the evening dew;
And thanked my God that he was not my son;
And that I was a childless, lonely wife.
To-morrow I will tell thee all that now
Remains to tell-but I am old and feeble.
And cannot speak for tears.
She rose and went,
But she returned no more. The morrow came,
But not to her;-the tale of life was finished,
Not by her lips, for she had ceased to breath.
But, by this silent warning joined to hers,
How little we may count upon the future,
Or reckon what that future may bring forth!

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Passage To The Future

Lets walk the passage
To the future together
Once again
For good

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The Future Is Not Ours To See

The future is not ours to see
Whatever the future
Bring to us
We should be garateful
For that

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I'm Closer To The Future My Friends

I know
To move

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