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Money (Dollar Bill) (feat. Sadat X)

Dollar dollar bills
Deutch, marks, franks, yens, and pounds
I rock the jocked up sounds
From Devenshire Downs
Out the Fordham Road
Up top in the boogie
I be loyal to my peeps
Like budha stud doogie
Never very bad news
Payin' crazy dues
I'm blowin' out crews
And tamin' mad shrews
Like Bill Shakespeare
The fakes will disappear
The flavor in your ear
Is strong like Everclear
Two hundred proofs
So put the match to the roof
And set this bitch on fire
Get rich, the empire's
About to strike back
If you rock the mic wack
And that's the way it is 'cause yo
It's like that
Sadat X: Money, money y'all
It be the root of all evil
Sadat X: Money, money y'all
It makes you popular with people
I go back to the 80's
Like three times a lady
When it was pussy for free
And crack for currency
It just occurred to me
It's time for surgery
I remove MC's like tumors
The lies and the rumors
Got me thinkin' of this dub
By Timex Social Club
Yo, word to my momma
I'm high off the trauma
Whitey Ford gets deeper than subway trains
And I serve lazy fools like fast food chains
All pain no gain
Makes the brain insane
Life in the fast laneT
he flakesThe cash gains (for real)
Sadat X: Dollar bill y'all
Dollar bill y'allDollar dollar dollar dollar dollar bill y'all
It takes money
Sadat X: to get that fly ass ho
It takes money
Sadat X: to see me rock a live show
It takes money
Sadat X: to get that last bag of smoke
Cause they kindly take from it when that ass was broke
Hey yo I'm about to g-off
Just like my name was Ed-o
Black kids call me whi

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Added by Lucian Velea
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