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The Snowman

I'm molded from the fresh white snow,
I have two round eyes from dark coal,
All kids can see my special glow,
I am a snowman with a soul.

A white pom-pom ends my fancy hat,
and a red carrot is my long nose,
I do not eat, yet I am fat,
and when it snows, my belly grows.

Two stiff brooms are my outstretched hands,
Sometimes, proudly I wear a scarf,
I'm the symbol of winter lands,
I even might be the eighth dwarf.

I don't have a match in the world!
But I live only one season,
In the end, I'll be torn and swirled,
My life here is for a reason.

I love every girl, every boy,
Indeed they all are my best friends,
They bring me happiness and joy,
Ah, my heart melts when Winter ends!

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