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"CONSONANTIST PSYCHOLOGY", PERIOD 1938-1939 - Dr. Ștefan Odobleja (1902-1978), publishes in 2 volumes "Consonantist Psychology", 1938 and 1939, at the Publishing House "Maloine", Paris, in French, totaling over 800 of pages), in which he establishes general laws, which he applies both to the sciences of inert nature and to the sciences of the living world, psychology and economic and social phenomena. "Consonantal psychology has revealed the importance of dual, binary and dichotomous mechanisms both in psychology and beyond, in all sciences. He suggested and applied as another essential for the mechanization of thought, along with circularity. Instead of logic based on 3, he proposed and sketched a logic based on 2. " says Dr. Stefan Odobleja. Thus, he came to define the 9 universal laws, among them being the law of reversibility / vicious circle, feedback. The 2 volumes represent the concepts and studies for a new science: Cybernetics.

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