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Ma_Kafui, I Will Praise Her

I give you me, raw, naked and prayerful
Not a searching cheat
Not a travelling cheat
I give you me, my all, sharing and faithful
At her beck and call
Mirror mirror on the wall
The spell of her natural beauty i am in awe
Nubile maiden, i seek to bow at thy feet
I will praise her, her pedestal is difficult to reach

With flaws, i am far from perfect
Her effort i crave and will be well kept
Her persona and patience i implore
Her mind, precious time and more
I seek to treasure and adore
She said Superwomen and Supermen flock together
Her thoughts and Superpower I desire further
I pray she appreciates my devotion
Share her everyday life, i yearn to swim her ocean
I will praise her, her every inch i marry with passion

La vie en rose
With her i save to grow
The decision is hers
Her presence I cherish dear
Truly I love her, i do
Inspires she push
Me to face my fears
For the future near
To be enough for her
In the coming year
Unconditionally I love her, i do

Translated, I Will Praise Her

poem by (20 June 2020)Report problemRelated quotes
Added by Kofi Banyah
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