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What is Depression?

I see around me
'Depression is this'
'Depression is that'
Depression is hell
When you think of the world
as your enemy
And you run away
To your world,
Yet people try to pull you back,
'You weren't like this before'
'What happened to you? '
And it gets Sickening
to hear their concern
and to know
that your not all there.
Quick, put on a smile,
Or else back to the Pshycologist you go
where they treat you
like your three.
Fake a smile, and get out.
That's my motto.
Depression is the shadows.
When your alone in the dark
And your mind is coming back
from your world. and sees.
It sees that everything is blank.
And it goes numb,
And being numb is not pleasent
so you try to grab something.
to bring feeling back to your body.
The closest thing you found was a knife?
Good enough,
Hit the nerves until you can feel again.
Dont think, it ruins the fun.
Depression is not suicidal
It's when your mind is Believed that
your not loved anymore.
And you feel empty inside.
No use, depression is already inside you
And so it feeds off of you.
and drains your energy even before your awake
Causing you to feel Lathargic
and unwanted,
But this is my view.
This is what I see thru my tinted eyes.
What do you see?

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