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We Can Sing The Same Songs

we can sing each other the same songs
on the radio.
meaning overwhelms reality
magic circumvents
i could believe that i was made for him...

i could believe he summonsed me,
called me forth, a spirit;
forth from some abyss
to do his bidding,
forth from my stone crysalis
to become
what he might need.

i could believe that i'm some kind
of human robot he has had designed,
with cutting edge technology,
complete with
programmed memories of the past
and poloroids in hand.

i could believe that he sought me,
that he chose me,
that somehow he owns me;
like the earth owns the moon,
like the sky owns the stars.

he holds me, like a gift that is
still in it's wrappings
as tho yet open or not
i could believe
most anything,
it seems. i've seen it all.

i've seen identity and will
become abandon in a glance.
my mind relents
allowing space and time
for broader circumstance
as bliss takes on the garment
of belonging.

we can sing each other the same songs on the radio,
meaning overwhelms reality,
magic circumvents
i could believe that he belongs to me.

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