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To be a MAN

You've got to respect all others fight when needed back-off when necessary show compassion when needed help and listen when desired and show feeling's if need to be.

To know his limitation as a human being and respect others a man does not disrespect woman he does not take advantage even if they would allow it.

A man has self-respect, A man doesn't produce children unless he is capable of being there to raise them.

A man realized he will always be attracted to others woman and his matured enough to not act on that once his in a committed relationship.

A man is a real man when he is able to listen to his woman when she say's no and he back-off and doesn't forced her into anything he is most definitely a man when he does NOT HIT a woman.

He must be honest, strong doesn't change his views to suit whom ever he is with.

A man is true to his word if he say he will do something he does it! !

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