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Then Laugh...

It is not a progressive smile
It is not a cooperative smile
Rotten, selfishness crackle it is
Humanity… no where… shining this fizz.

Come on you educate friend
Stop your chuckle band
It is panic. Hold the hand
Requesting your mother land.

It is not the time to spend with a girl
The time is precious like pearl.
Wake up oh’ graduate dear
Time to remove mother’s tear.

Think a while…
If Buddha, Jesus were with their girl,
We won’t be civilized.
If Einstein, Aryabhatta were in romance,
We won’t be modernized.
We would have some where in dark
Loitering in the jungle
If they were at the park
And singing some jingle

So, come on friends
Build your own home
That is your mother land
Wants her past fame.

Then laugh…

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