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The Funeral Song

Beneath this sky the clouds travel still
And as the night falls on this hill,
They fall with darkness together;

Thunder grumbles in anger this night
With menacing flashes of lightening all night,
They send tremors to the earth together;

This morning the sun refuses to smile
And the sky squeezes its ugly face awhile,
They speak of impending storm together;

Now the orange drops of rain heavy over here,
And the wind direct its lashing canes here and there,
They mock the terrified creatures together;

My land is a mirage sketched on a paper
By that imperial will claiming to be better,
That will that never consult has failed all together;

The conspiracy in my land today:
Rulers and subjects share the code of shame all day
And dwell in woes of self-destruction ever together.

Greedy stomachs in the state house remain unbending,
The masses wait for God's intervention unending,
They all sing the funeral song together.

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