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The Dragon and the Phoenix (version two) :

The Dragon and the Phoenix (version two) :
The Tiger lies in a mist, shrouded in mystery.
Who is she, what is her purpose?
The Dragon lies upon a cloud, covered by time.
Who is he, what is his purpose?
The cloud and Dragon descend into the mist as the moon rises, meshing together.
The Tiger prowls through cloud and mist; the Dragon growls, wary of this new creature in his midst.
Startled by the new noise in her domain the Tiger hisses and tenses.Silver eyes meet those of green, stillness ensues.
'Why does it not attack, this beast of the forest? ' he thinks.
'Will this being from the skies run or strike? ' she thinks.
The Dragon becomes stone still, waiting, for what he knows not.
'Does this armored creature of flight even live? ' she wonders.
The Tiger slowly lays a paw against the Dragon's scaly hide, sparks of blue fly from the point of contact, the Tiger jumps back with a howl of surprise. 'What is this magic? ! ' she cries.
The Dragon's face becomes filled with the expression of joy 'Yin! ' cries he. The Tiger freezes in shock 'Yang? At last, we can be one once again! '
The Dragon drew a great breath and breathed the fires of his love unto the Tiger, from her ashes arose a mighty Phoenix.. A great cry of joy sounded through the night, a cry of joy: 'Forever one are we! Together in the skies for all eternity shall we be! '

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