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The baleful teacher

There came a teacher as sinister as old nick
Where roams the goodness she acts sick
She was blinded by ignorance or perhaps discrete anger
She didn't see the goodness happen she really was a stranger

Her taunts and reprimands came out like death smoke
I apprehand the thought that how do me stand her mock?
There are several things we'd like to say to her
But how?
Where do we gather rings of truth to strike?
How to sue?
The baleful teacher someone preach her

I presume she fell from hell
Her irksome tell is'nt well
The gibberish talk of her poses no meaning in anyway
Some wither and sulk against her raving say
While some ignore some tend to gore
Vile rum being she is, we bend to sore

Her visit made the crows blacker and fright brighter
Herbogus sweet talks simmer away, blight's brighter
She's as discouraging as a death predictor
She's the insect that sucks the wrath nectar
The baleful teacher someone preach her

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