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A testing is going on me

to place me in the peak of heights

In this process

He placed me in the midst of fire of poverty

Hungry is cruel

At the same time the starving of our kids is too cruel

Prestige and self respect are precious

a small blow is enough to break into pieces

Asking not, any thing from realtives

Every grain from them will carry a lot of pain and tears

Penniless persons are their jokers

My crys and tears are thier enchanting plays

No peace even in temples to this victim

Home is the hell and my shadow will turn as enemy

Wherever I go

My poverty preface will reach before me

My lovable wife and kids too throw him by words

This is a test going on to Purify me

to gaive me a precious gift after this life

After this life whatever He gives

what it will serve to me to my present needs.

A ladder is enough to go to my normal heights

No rockets are required to reach the sky and stars

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