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Suicide & Depression Of My Life.

Suicide. Is a big part of my daily income.
Suicide. Made My docter give me those drugs.
Suicide. Makes My life hole.
Suicide. I dont know any better.
Suicide. Theres no life for me with shelter.
Suicide. Can i ever be happy.?
Suicide. I push myself away from loving another.
Depression. Has made me a horrible person.
Depression. Pushed me away from the ones i needed.
Depression. Made me a bad person., as though im told.
Depression. Was caused by this thing called Shizophrenia.
Depression. Is something im told i will have to live with for the rest of my life.
Depression. Please, please. Help me. I want to get out.
Suicide. My wrists, they bleed more then enough.
Suicide. It hurts me, on inside and out.
Suicide. The day will come soon.
Suicide. Im over it, bring me a knife.
Suicide. This is hurting me so much.
Suicide. My hearts ripped apart.
Suicide. Dont worry this wont be the end.
Suicide. I will see you again.
Suicide. I love you, and that will never change.
Suicide. This isnt your fault.
Suicide. So goodbye to you, i love you, goodnight.
Suicide. Dont let me ruin your life.

*READ* To everyone who read this, this is pretty much what i have to feel each day, i have mental health problems, and thats something i have to live with, im only young so i have learnt to grow with it. Please, to anyone who think about suicide, dont.. It not only hurts you, but hurts people around you, and iv learnt that along the way. So be happy with what you have, and the people you've got. And be glad you dont have a mental disorder and a disease. It hurts, so bad. =(

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