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Soccer: Soccer Is

Soccer is concerto:
system of piano,
string of violin,
ringing of bells
wind of flutes,
and clash of brass;
let us harmonize!

Soccer is song:
team of chorus,
leading voice,
company of guitars,
beating drums,
and clapping hands;
let us sing!

Soccer is dance ball:
all kinds of music,
all sizes of floor,
all styles of step,
all shapes of dress,
and all peoples in the world;
let us dance!

Soccer is party:
strange hats,
crazy hair,
funny makeup,
worst dresses,
and every color jersey;
let us party!

Soccer is poetry:
fancy dribbling,
thoughtful pass,
rocket shot,
vicious tackle,
and disgraceful dive;
let us read!

Soccer is life:
stories of history,
dreams of future,
reality of present,
education of love,
and demonstration of hate;
let us play!

(by Laijon Liu)

We Gotta Give It All, Yal~

Life is not an easy game.
It takes sweat, tears and much more;
In between whistles we chase for our fame;
We gotta give it all, yal~

Zero always starts, a fair start.
It erases our passing seasons and each score;
In its hollow center our focus takes part;
We gotta fill it all, yal~

Play is a great way, a real Tao.
It grants Liberty and runs in the Love Law;
In its lines and circles we rule all in all;
We gotta fulfill it all, yal~

Ball is our heartbeat passion.
It’s gravity, rolls as earth, and spins as sun;
In its motion we find our devotion and affection;
We gotta work it all, yal~

Noise is our living voice.
It chants love songs and rants enmity curses;
In its billows our difference crushes and melts;
We gotta join in all, yal~

Everyone is fit to play.
It’s not big or small; it’s not short or tall;
In its requirement of love and faith we pray;
We gotta lay hold of all~

Goal is not in scores.
It is in our chase in hardworks, not in dough;
In its every bounce, we suffice thru gain and lost;
We gotta stand tall, yal~

Game is the most beautiful among all.
It is not just about winning or fall;
In its every sec, if we don’t give it all;
Well, then we rather lose it all, yal~

(By Laijon Liu (20070621))

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