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School theme 15. Sir, you’ve shaken off a bad habit.

- Sir! Can’t you see me shake?
__________________________- And what?
- You haven’t given the homework.
- I remember, but you began
To shake like an aspen leaf when
I gave you this test.
__________________- It’s done.
- Really?
________- And no one
Helped me.
___________- That sounds great!
I think it’s my gala day!
Tell me why you were nervous, Jess.
- The test shook me up.
___________________- It was less
Difficult than the last one.
_______________________- I saw,
Yes, and couldn’t believe my eyes, Sir!
- You want to ask me something.
___________________________- Sir,
Will you, please, hurry up?
_______________________- What for?
- The break will begin soon.
________________________- Yes,
It‘s not begun.
______________- The homework…
______________________________- Jess,
You had a test, I shan’t give you
Any tasks.
___________- Sir, in my view
You’ve shaken off it! Not too bad!
Yes! ! ! Gala day, Sir! Is that flat?

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