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I can recollect
And still count on my fingers
The times we argued before
Ur voice raised as u walked past the front door
U said u´d never return
I told u my lesson had been learned
And I wouldn´t give u another chance
The situations had ruined our romance
I can recollect
And still the remembrance lingers
Of the time I let u back in once again
I could hardly breathe cause of all the pain
My heart was left with
I said I was willing to give us one more try
U told me u weren´t going to make me cry
And u would never repeat the things u did back then
When u messed it all up and killed our romance
Now I wish I could dust myself off
Pick up the pieces of my soul off the floor
And recollect myself
Cause old habits never die
And here I am
Reminiscing the moment
U told me that was my last tear
My tear of goodbye.

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