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Only I Know How I Feel

You're the face that fills my soul
and sighs of loneliness flutter on by.
I've fallen hard and know what I feel,
but I'm not crazy,
just crazy in love with you.

Everyone thinks I'm blind
off on another roller-coaster ride,
but only I know what I feel
that connection when I'm with you.

For you've melted this heart
so long surrounded with ice
and love now bleeds freely,
it doesn't matter what I do.

All I can hear are the wings you've given
for so long my heartbeat stood still,
winter's thaw has come and I know what I feel
as the love bleeds freely
throughout every part of me.

The floodgates have opened
I'll never be free,
for my spirit now shines,
I know what I feel.

They all think I'm crazy
and maybe they're right,
but what they don't understand
is I'm crazy in love with you.

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