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On Blood, Water, and Other Fluids of Varying Density

Blood is thicker than water
So they say
But so is jam, and honey,
And mercury, and porridge, and-
Let’s just say a lot of things
Are thicker than water.

Blood is thicker than water
So they say
But there’s ‘a friend who sticks closer than a brother’-
So is that a ‘water’ or a ‘blood’,
Or a watered-down ‘blood’
Or a bloodied-up ‘water’?

There are many kinds of friends-
Depending on their circulations-
Indeed, some are so thick
They need nuclear-powered hearts
Just to pump all that tar
To all parts of their bodies
Women of steel and iron men…

So when you turn around,
And your friend has ‘got your back’;
Then you wind up with six inches of dagger
Sticking from it-
Don’t worry; it’s perfectly explainable-
They just wanted to see what kind of fluid
Runs through YOUR veins…

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