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Not Just A Mom

My mom isn't just a mom at all
She's also something else
My mom isn't so quiet or shy
But she's proud and doesn't care what others say about her

My mom is like a friend who I will never forget
My mom is always there
Whether I'm sad, happy, lonely, or angry
She's always there, ready to listen
My mom always give me advices to overcome any problems
She supports me in any way

My mom is like a genius to me
She may not be like genius of studies
But she's a genius of me
My mom knows what I think, what I will say, she knows everything about me
My mom knows what to do to make me calm down
My mom knows how to make me automatically happy
My mom knows what and how I feel
My mom knows what I need the most

My mom is like an angel God sent from Heaven
My mom is loud, weird, and crazy
But she understands me the most
My mom always help me to fix my mistakes
My mom always help me to reach my dreams
My mom always love me no matter what

My mom doesn't care if I am handicapped
My mom doesn't care if I'm missing a finger
She doesn't care
My mom loves me the way I am
My mom is like someone who I can't give up on
My mom is like... a daughter of God.

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