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New Krishna

white stillness pure gold purple wonder gold strength pink joy
pink infinity navy blue now strong indigo blue light blue fountain
the green first reason endless yellow compassionate orange
royal red

single red free orange free yellow
green depth as clear as crystal all attractive light blue
strong indigo blue strong navy blue pink wishes gold compassion
compassionate purple gold of golds of creativity

she maybe dying
she is thirty one
white weeps white seeps into golden
memories of purple
navy blue pink gold
parties, poetry evenings and art
with indigo blue
and beautfully spoken light blue
to green acts
of courage
to green acts of love
yellow self improvement classes
orange sex sessions and marriages
and to memories of
red plush homes

red inspirer orange giver yellow help dazzling green
light blue of the delicate with indigo blue eyes navy blue good
with pink kind eyes golden hair
golden complexion purple complexion
gold warmth of white space

a sixty year old man with a beautiful four year old boy
enter the room
“look in my mouth, look in my mouth, look in my mouth”

white of whites
gold truth purple mentor funny gold pink friend of children
navy blue of nature indigo blue knowledge light blue song of nature
green creation yellow in senses orange guide red way

the man says
royal red
the boy sits on the ground
endless orange
the boy touches the woman
compassionate yellow
the boy picks up a toy
the first green reason
the boy smiles
light blue fountain
the boy continues
to shout
“look in my mouth, look in my mouth, look look look in my mouth”
navy blue now
the boy touches the woman’s head
infinite pink
the boy touches the woman’s forehead
gold purple gold white stillness the boy touches the woman’s eyes

white and gold love
of all purple knowledge gold presence pink in thunder and storms
navy blue pleasure indigo blue beauty light blue lines
all attractive green of yellow stirring music of orange red refuge

clear red orange orange yellow yellow with green giving hands
of green light blue truth indigo blue essence navy blue sparkle
pink with gold purple guide gold here here white

the boys opens his mouth
the woman looks in
and sees

blue seas, blue rivers,
the round blue world, the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe, a rainbow

a crackling white fire erupts and enters
the woman’s red spine
orange groin
yellow stomach
green heart
lightblue throat
indigo blue ears
navy blue pink gold eyes
purple forehead
golden head

the woman smiles a white smile

is the sun with penetrating vision purple and golden constant winner
gold reach of all pink infinite navy blue indigo blue knowledge
light blue care deep green in greens dedicated to yellow orange truth
red peace

the boy dances

red glory orange beauty yellow
of green and light blue evenings handsome indigo blue
intelligent navy blue pink of pinks of gold golds purple purple
gold friend openness formless

white and gold
prevailing purple efficient purple purple origin purple form
gold and permanent pink navy blue belief indigo blue blue
dense green yellow orange red friend red

The man dances

red flame lilies
orange wreath bush peas
yellow glory peas
green basil, fenugreek, parsley, corriander, mint
light blue dotted sun orchids
indigo blue scurvy weed
navy blue podoporus spinulosus
pink wax flowers
gold sand patches raked in Japanese style
silky purple flags
more gold patches raked in Japanese style
white smoke bushes

The boys asks the woman for three wishes

The woman smiles and whispers
“Look in my mouth, look in my mouth look look look in my mouth.”
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