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My Mind Racing

started out so strong feeling so undefeated
feeling like bieng needed
started out full of hope full of will
its like the time stopped and stayed still
for me time did that for me
let me achieve my goals but those goals didnt get far
the fear the doubt came back
the defeat set in, will power i lacked
what to do in such a mishappen
what to think about something im trapped in
my own vanity my own shadows
my own indesgretions and views of myself
why do i see rotten and misbehaved
im not me im a liar
can i be myself..i was on that path
but stopped all for a useless self indulgence
not workin for my livin
not workin for that fill in
not lookin for that somethin to profit in
layin on my back whereas theyre in berlin
paris, tokyo makin money livin the life
im sittin here wonderin why one moment went blank
stopped me in my tracks
simple tips and in clear few facts
but i turn my face away
i turn my face in shame
not wantin whats in store but somehow pursuin for somethin more
mad words but sain emotions
its not a magic trick or a couldron mixed with potions
a fact of life that i need to see and learn
learn from your mistakes and not make my own
the way to live the one and only jesus has shown
people dont care for what i say
people dont sit back and play
its all a serious job everything in life somethin to do
something to live for and stay true
they call me this they bring me down
but my head stays strong bringin out my smile killin the frown
lyrics from a song insparation for the soul
something the medias lies had achieved and stole
but i bring it back and stay alive
everybody wants to tear me up but i fight
one punch to the haters one punch to the liars
one punch to those words scripted on ongoing flyers
crazy is all i see when i walk out the door
everybody comes in front of me spitting on my floor
what i want they dont want me to achieve
but i shout to those haters get out leave
leave me be to myself like a calm sea
dont come in my ear and dont say things that make me cry
dont whisper your hateful lies
i dont need this in my life right now
writing my feelings out to show you somehow
drink of water but your still thirsty
you want more diggin down gettin dirty
what you cant see yourself in the mirror
from people like you i stay clear of
flyin like birds lookin for their prey
dont come near me cuz i never stray
never alone gods with me
showin me the way whisperin to pray
you have no affect on this person that is i
dont even come close dont even try
callin me on the phone
your nothin but a clone
one ttwo three of you but one and only me
unique in my own ways
but you and your replays
im like a drug to you
full of pleasure but side effects that kill
now you run why dont you want this come on stay still
break me like a wall but i rise up
earase me like im on paper
cut me open but im back together like im stapled
dont tear me when im like this
dont touch me or youll see my fist
im tough but i break
and i know that weakness is an excuse
but my weaknesses i will use
to my advantage my lows will be highs
my highs will be higher
you fight water with fire
but i fight fire with fire
tell me the real dont come up with those lies
dont come up with your bulll
dont try your tricks on me i aint a fool
i bring myself down and i lose my self respect
but i always have enough dignity left
i build that respect and i get twice much back
the respect of others is not what ilack
no matter my falls
i will never again stall
you stop you wait to catch me in your snare
but my life is to good so i dont give a care
i will walk over that trap
and with my force it will snap
break like a twig
smoke up like a cig
respect me im the queen
respect me and ill believe
respect my life and what im worth
respect the one and only god
the one and only savior
cuz when he aint in my way im a faliure

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