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My Joy You Cannot Squish

My Joy You Cannot Squish
I am a joyful being, some say I have too much of it
I love a smile, a joke, a gag, smirk of irony,
the ache of a well laughed tummy
Chuckle as I go to and fro down life roads
singing Zippity Doo Dah, some halleluiahs
I chortle with the crows, I don’t care who knows

Laugh to yourself if you wish
My joy you cannot squish
A few Ebenezer’s have tried
On the rubble pile of former contacts they dwell
Joy is something to embrace no matter the consequence

On and on joy goes from trail to trail with me
For to quit joy would hold amiss a notion that
Eeyore was the leader or the band,
ridiculous we all know that was Tigger
with his joyous bounce and exuberance!

Pashaw me if you wish
My joy you cannot squish
Life’s rotten deeds have tried
I looked past that day chose joy for all time
Joy comes from choice to love your life each day
despite the rocks in the motorway

I like to say those who matter don’t mind so love
them and those who mind too
Bird in the hand is grand, I like the one in the bush too
If the glass is half full, fill it up and share
There’s always room for one more, his friend too
Joy To the World let heaven and nature sing, loudly

Cast this aside if you wish
My joy you cannot squish
Circumstance gave it a try
I want to be a soul that finds joy where invisible
leave it behind where I go along my path
falling off me like a joyful
dander not to be scrubbed

Let joy come in, I promise you’ll find it contagious
Spreading a joy plague through the circles of your life
Could be your new calling for healing
Bounce like Tigger, chortle with the feathered
Sing a little Zippity Doo Dah, Joy to the World
Fill up the glass and share, walk with me a while
Don’t squish your own joy, for your life there awaits
a wonderful view
full of joy

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