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Mental Asylum

Most blacks speak through ebonics
Most whites think we should get hooked on phonics
Our brain cells are enslaved by mental slavery
With racism as its barriers
You should break from this state for heaven sakes
If you don’t than you always be a enslave that’s checkmate
Your mind isn’t your own all twisted into twirls
Walking with ignorance for the next man
Cause they didn’t inherit your beliefs of the next-gen
Carved in our brain that will never go away like a bloody gag
You should open your horizons so you’ll never have a cold hand
Instead your brain cells are clawing through your skull so quickly man
Prison isn’t where you find your passage in
Mental stability is where you should pack your bags up in
This world for far too long has been constructed through slavery and bondage
Worse than forcefully being fed poison through the abdomen
When you finally stretch your mind you march alongside me
The inflation, the recession, the prisons are the footsteps of this nation
False propaganda is worsening your thoughts and your psychology
This isn’t over reacting or mythology
The world is crumbling plummeting at rear view
Hopefully on the other side I will grow powerful enough to see through
As I saw through I saw what brainwashing can do it was so violent
They were under bondage walking to their grave smiling
Their pupils widen at the lovely site of bloody tides and body counts
Brainwashed children are at a mountain top mounted at a deadly position
An everlasting existence blinded from any heavenly scripture
As I saw I continued to wonder if there was any escape from this political asylum! ? !

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