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Lusty Beasts


Little they care for orphans
Their lust violently blazing within their greedy woods
egoistically pouring their myriad sorts
On the little abandoned Janes

Parading their tents tight
audaciously breaking their storerooms
Spoiling the virginity of the innocent Carolinas they enjoy
Displaying the worthlessness of their brains they mind not

The slap is too soft I suppose
The spanners to fasten their zips have to be improved
Seven years behind bars is a joke your magistrate
We need spanners to fasten their belts

The lust beasts have no shame
Though warned they behave the same
Till they exhaust their November- December rains they will not stop
Their fervent entreaties are like gasoline tossed on a wild fire

Immersed deep in burning desires in the sheep’s fabric
masking mean faces in girls’ schools they parade as good Samaritans
Palm-oiling the poverty stricken Madalos with a little cash for HIV
Wake up lovers of justice
Let us break the silence and confer evil no room
The lust beasts should kiss the walls of frosty Maula.

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