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Killer Compilation of Death

The foglight flickers on and off
Giving the scene a ghostly illumination
The murderer scampers across the state line
In search of a cave, he will find it this time
His crimes are unknown to the world around him
But they will know, they will know soon enough
Don’t try to look for him
The slayer is in your mind
He only comes out when the stars are aligned

The gentle folk in town are running about
A happy time, doing what they do
They fetch water from the cave by the old mine
There is a man who lives in there
He only comes out at night
The town has not always been so perfect
A mass murder several years ago
They man fled town, he went on the run
By himself with no one to come
But just last night he was seen walking
Outside the plantation mill
He has returned, and run out of people to kill
We are safe in a silent town
The killers footsteps were but sound

We awoke on a roofless bus
The man beside me had gone insane
Killed all but me
Why am I not slain?
He escaped to a jungle desert
Living with wolves in the trees
His likeliness has set him free

We danced on the sun for hours that day
A yellow frostbite covered our bodies
Three men were killed
They were burned to death
All that were killed were ministers
But that dancing means hell
Goodbye holy men of this earth
Together they sinned and together they will burn

A powerless man in a crowded station
Cries out for help
No one turns to look and see
His eyes are bleeding out slowly
They are all preoccupied with themselves

Death is the jokers magic number
Death is natures eighth wonder
Death is the place we can all be
And not be stepped on, we live mortally
Death is the knife clenched in your hand
Death is the body washed up in the sand
Death is the absence of your loved one
Death is not ever seeing the sun
Death is the loss of wife and kids
Death is three 6’s the devil bids
Death is god turning his back
Death is receiving bloodened attack
Death is the fall of stars and the moon
Death is you, prepare, it will be here soon

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