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In Love's Memory

Two thousand seven, two eight less one,
In gusts of lust the deed was done.
Quenched at length, sans innocence;
Her kin’s dissent fell vainly pled
Husband and wife were wholly wed.

But oh! Yet prior to their vows made ripened,
And at the curious wife’s behest,
All confidence and trust, by guile, was broken
Gutted by a stranger’s kiss.
Though wed, wife’s life remained unchanged
Her husband’s heart was n'er the same.
Love promised haven nonetheless
…Yet delivered just a little less.

Wife’s words reduced to meaning less.
Words flowed profuse… but meaningless.
Exposed the wife’s core faithlessness.
And of wife’s nuptial promises?
- Those vows she did so bold profess! -
…She delivered just a little less.

Husband’s faith renewed through solitude,
Wife’s waxed and waned in fitful moods.
Husband, born to sing alone,
Reborn to sing his song alone
Wife, born to sing the siren’s song

Love promised haven nonetheless
…Or maybe just a little less.
Love promised haven nonetheless…

…A brief respite … no more, no less.

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