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I'm Tired

I’m tired
Dodging the hazes of yesterday
I’m tired
Swimming in dialogue with absences
I’m tired of last night’s sun
Dead images demote my memory
My lane wrinkles
Chalking the green of my grin

I’m tired
Seeing the youth on my baobab dined
By mice of yesterday
It seduces me to suicide
Splashing the ink of my patience

Come back
Break the karma-sure verdict of nature
Why not shame distance
On this torpedo of misty tomorrow?

Let me be free
To continue my medal-less marathon
Outside, dogs await my solitude
Let me be free
To dance to bye-bye rhythms
Of loosened handshakes in the noon

Whenever you return
Do not toy with my testes again
Hold your flirtatious caress from my chin
Long, I’ve bloomed, rotting
I’m the husband of that widow

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