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I Love...

................................................I LOVE.............................................

*How he held me
*His beautiful eyes
*His half laugh half chuckle
*The music he listens to
*How he sung to me on the phone
*How he made my stomach do flips just by a look
*How he always said he wanted me to be with him forever
*His cute little nose
*How he said our kids would be the prettiest
*How hed kiss my forehead before my lips
*That he likes me best with no makeup and my hair curly
*How his hands were dark and strong
* How he kisses the hair away from my face
*How he always says my freckles make me noticable
*How he says I have the prettiest eyes ever
*How he says he loves me right when he picks up the phone
*How he claims me in front of his friends
*How his style is what he wants
*How his eyes sparkle everytime he laughs
*How he is quick to defend me-No matter what the costs
*How he stares at me then says I'm beautiful
*How he holds my waist when we kiss
*How he danced in front of people with me bc I asked
*How when we hold hands he says he has his whole future in his hands
*How he caught me on are first date when I tripped and said'I'll always be there to catch you when you fall'
*How he held my hand when we were in public
*How he would buy a milkshake and give it to me
*How he came to my first game and cheered me on
*How he never doubted me in any situation
*How he jokes about how whipped he is
*When he says he will wait for me till I'm ready-No matter how long
*How he said when I graduate we were getting married
*How he knows all my favorite things
*How he knows my pet peeves too
*When he gave me his favorite shirt just bc he knew I loved it
*How his smell was my favorite smell in the whole world
*How he will stay on the phone if I fall asleep, waiting till I wake back up to tell me goodnight that he loves me
*How no matter where he was when are song came on he would call me just to sing it to me
*How he loves me best no matter what
*How this list could go on forever

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