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I Do Not Hate.....

I hate the way you drive me mad
And the way my head won't shut
I hate that you can make me glad
And the burning that won't cut

I hate the way you made me fall]
And how myself i found
I hate my mobile when you call
I hate that stupid sound

I hate the way my heart shivers
The time you call my cell
I hate that thoughts flow like rivers
Inside my head is hell

I hate the way you read my mind
I hate what you make me feel
I hate how I've become this blind
I hate that you are real

I hate it how you stole my pride
I hate that I admit
I hate the way I boil inside
And how my heart you lit

I hate to think that you are small
I hate to think you're not
I hate to think that above all
I might not get a shot

I hate the things you make me do
And how you make me shove
I hate that i do not hate you
I hate it might be love...

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