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His Own Image

I am alone
As cold as stone

- I’m going to leave you forever -
Sooner than you think

- Never wanted to be together -
I fetch the mirror from the sink

I say that I’m sorry, on the edge of insane
I’m not that crazy, don’t you call me that name
Just take a look in the mirror, we’re one and the same
You cannot live on without me, and I’m not to blame
You don’t want to see me get angry, I’ve not yet begun
You smash that mirror, and I’ll grab my gun

What have I done?

Where are you? Why don’t you answer me anymore?
Surely that’s not you lying upon the floor?

I don’t want to be here anymore
So I walk over her, and lock the door
One black moment, she’s gone without trace
Naught but my echo, remains in her place
I thought that I saw her, but she had my face
A cold wet scarlet mass is all I embrace

One last look out the window
One last look at my hands
One last look in the mirror

God created man
In His own image
And woman from man

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