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Here is a smile for you

This piece is about smiling and its aimed straight at me
there are hidden smiles inside that I want you all to see
My first smile should come in the morn: I’m still alive!
Its a powerful little expression that shows how I feel inside

a special thanks to the writer who inspired these thoughts
He adamantly wrote about smiling; then into I just bought
So each day as I awake, I’ll look in the mirror and smile
I’m granted a bit more time and I am still here for a while

With that smile, I’ll bring commitment, there is work to do
I’m filled with anticipation to bring a good day to me and you
A smile won’t save the world—but I believe that it will help
it shows others that I am thinking of others and not just myself

If just for a moment; can we trade our displeasures for a smile?
Can we commit to being positive and just go that extra mile?
I think that we can do it, stay focused and make it our intention
We all have access to a smile; let’s all just make the transition

Here is a smile for you

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