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Frogiven (no thats not a typo)

Not quite a Prince Charming
with your propensity to stick
the glass slipper
in your little green mouth
But alas if when I kiss you
you do not turn to my prince.
I guess I will have to love
an adorable frog that
occasionally acts as a toad

As many times as I kiss
your adorable green face
your still my adorable frog.
A prince of one indeed
but green and bumpy all the same.

Leaping through most days
sometimes you miss the lillypad
Splat you submerge
only'to swim up again.
When surfaced still no prince,
but toads dont swim

So 'ribbit, ribbit, ribbit'
let me get out babel fish and give you
the frog to woman translation
'Your frogiven for evermore'
try, if ya' would,
to channel your inner prince
and not be such a toad!

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