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For my aunt and cousins

Oh please 
oh please 
Just set me free
Give me some peace and humanity 
Let me see my family
Love me like you did before

Oh please
Oh please
Give me some innocence
Let me go build blanket tents
And run around the house looking for stars
Riding a rocket to mars

Oh please
Oh please
Bring us all back
To that happy family
When we sat around laughing
You avoiding them is bringing me agony

We were happy
A happy family
Loving and laughing
Every chance we get
But then hatred filled the world
And tore our family causing war
Distancing me from everyone
No wonder I'm the cousin that's 'no fun'

But what happened to my aunt
Why can't I see her every chance I get
And ya know my cousins too
I love them as much as you

Aunt... Was who I grew up with
Riding around in rocket ships
Being a child for as long as possible
She kept me alive
We went riding around on late nights
Eating ice-cream
And gossiping from what's in vogue
Listening to all the new music
Oh I remember being happy 

My cousins... And....
Gave me innocence
And let me live without regrets
Even when I am 13
I still act like a robot machine
I sail the endless ocean blue
And was a cowgirl on the moon
We could lay in the grass
Or climb trees
Talking about little kid things
I forgot about all the world
And lived by my 2 little boys

I remember
I remember
All those times
But you look at them with despise
So you just tear all my dreams apart
Not letting me live by their beating hearts
Now my 'girl times' are gone
With the women who made me belong
And my innocence will never come back
And I can't see the little boys smile or laugh

Goodbye aunt 
And thank you for the happiness
Goodbye cousins
And thank you for the innocence
Goodbye world
I never even belonged here

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