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Feel The Music

What is music and why is it here?

Music is made for the ear.

To be made and played for many of decades.

To be embraced by different cultures and race,


the heart of man

Only it seems now only a few understand


The upbeat the down beat the chords the rhythm it plays.

Exchanging and changing forever.


Not one man can take the responsibility for making the music the music made us.

You have to trust in the


Classical Jazz, Swing, Country everything it brings.


Although music has a lot of names it will always remain the same

Music will always change.

The dramatic character of a story.

It will always end with the final glory.

Because of its graceful authority


Don't make music that embraces no heart

Make music that shall shine threw the dark.

Music lives every where.

Creating our atmosphere.

Our world circulates by the beat the music makes

So listen to the music see what is hidden in side.

Listen to the music shhhh! Close your eyes.

Unknown music is everywhere.

So open your ears stand clear

music it is taking over so beware!

There is no escaping

There is no replacing

There is no other so there is no point of looking further my brotha.

Without music where would I be?

It took sweet love music to create me.

The songs of Al green and Barry White stimulated the body so it is no fighting the


Because the music doesn't fight u it hugs u kisses u loves u

Cause the music only can be true

'Lets make music', I've it heard said

But making music is not just in the bed

Music is made threw gospel beats threw the songs of rappers through the notes of the streets.

So let's make music my friend.

A sad moment in your life

'The rain is on your window pane' as Mary J. explains threw a song.

What more do I have to say music is made to be played.

There is no escapade

It is understood music is what it should be

Music is what it will always be

Okay! U understand now so read the music

That sings threw me

Read the music it is written so clearly

read my music

Make your own beat

So let me ask u do u feel the music that I've Just made

Do you feel the music running through your veins

Do you feel the music in my poetry song

Well, if u don't feel the music then something is wrong

Cause music are written in these words

just listen hush! Cause music will be heard



Ó 2006 Tiffany Burton

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