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Eternity By And By

A fictitious dream it may seem
A pie in the sky it may look
A piece of sweet music it may sound
Which the heart sooths but the pain intact remains

A childish narrative it may effect
A bitter sweetly camouflaged death pill it may spill
A delicate warm air filled balloon it may seem
That bursts into oblivion when pierced

Bribery into good actions it may be perceived
By the mortal earth inhabiting
The fear of mortal reality to subside
Yet eternity mortality thwarts

Eternity by and by ever be
As real as you breathing be
As intact and as in your conscience
Eternity by and by ever present ever real

Eternity by and by immortality presents
To the earth inhabiting mortal souls
It beckons it invites
Eternity by and by ever inviting

Eternity by and by so infinitely finite
Incomprehensible but within grasp
Within a conscience and without the universe
Eternity by and by ever within

Eternity by and by not elusive yet elusive seems
Deliberately decide its elusiveness to evade
Deliberately decide its comforts to enjoy
Eternity by and by ever comfortable

Eternity by and by …….

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