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Beauty Lies On The Shore Of Disgust.


Thunder is beauty
The lightning is beauty,
More than I can imagine

Beauty has rest
It resides along the shores of disgust

Love is beauty
Enough, it will one day bring back
What is lost at shore.

Curse thy beauty
For it is more grand than thou

I crave for a sound of the beauty I can hear
I will never understand

I still wish
To contemplate what beauty would once contemplate

To see it alive, breathing
Breeding, spreading

This of it was once rare as it exceeds
Living amongst this life
A world full of un-needingness

Please as I pleade for a life
I wish to breathe
Amongst the feeling of beauty

The rare of it’s occasion
Hanging on a wall
Jumping from a floor
Dancing in the light
I wish that beauty would live

Beauty can not be one in the deceased
Mearly waiting and suspended along
Shores of that which is disgust.

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