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Appreciating Free Style Poetry, From The Loose Poet

for EVO e.i.c and his staff

poetic seeds germinate
above the 5 poetical quilts:
mood, imagery, thought
melody, rhythm

regardless of twigs sprouting -
matured poet reaps twists and surprises
immatured one duplicates

poetry is not a sole reflection of man's
damn imagination thru rhyme and metrical phrases

poetry is not a tone of
monotonous lines of ala-classical tounges of greatness
and hackneyed syllables, homonymous end-words

poetry is but a variation of
mute voices from artistic loose mind
puzzling emotions spill out in any wad of papers
in unlyrical odes, or sober sonnets
in rhyme or wild verses

then what makes my poetry
when read
to make my critics weep

they feed to every reader's mind
as they know -

my poetry has magic
most of us keep so well hidden
sometimes narrow
sometimes deep

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