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Another Birth Another Time

Flower buds sleep,
hiding dreams inside.
Universe rests in grain of pollen.
When dawn touches,
by golden quill dipped in dew,
life wakes up afresh.

Divine breeze kisses soft,
Lips slight apart aghast.
Heaven slides down,
tongue twists exotic.
Drama of life unfolds,
as sun wakes up full.

Five petals spread far n’ wide,
trek every nook n’ corner,
acts in scenes of desire.
Time sinks in ocean infinite,
fishing out dead hopes.
Sun dives down in coma.

Mind floats dead in dead-sea.
Retirement arrives unaware.
Lying on a rickety cot,
life unknown, stretches frozen.
Day falls deep into nightmare.
faded petals retreat to dust.

One by one teeth fall.
Skin wrinkles. Tongue bites.
Eyes closes, as ears go blank.
Body remains among discarded flowers.
Life stinks, delves deep into abysses,
Off to another birth another time.
into dirt and filths again.

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