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Altered Perception

My drug of choice is poetry.
I need no chemicals to fly.
Imagination is the key
which leads me into fantasy.
I have no need to break the laws
because I choose a different course.

I can get high on poetry.
A pleasure that’s completely free.
Why use adulterated drugs
and join the ranks of ripped off mugs.
Why should you spend your hard earned brass?
on coke or horse or even grass.

When all you need is poetry
to set your restless spirit free.
Rise to the sky on wings of words
and emulate the flight of birds.
Who recognise no boundaries
they’re free to fly just where they please.

I can alter my state of mind
by reading poetry I find
From all my worries find release
and for a little time find peace
and oftentimes sheer ecstasy
Anaesthetised by poetry.


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