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A Teddy Bear Is Forever

There’s a spot in the garden of childhood,
That children and adults can share;
A place in the heart and memory,
For one’s very own stuffed teddy bear.

Now, a little girl’s dolls will get broken,
And a little boy’s kites fly away,
But a soft, cuddly teddy’s forever,
When we’ve gotten too grownup to play.

And a young lady’s dreams may be dampened,
And a man sees his plans go astray,
But a teddy bear kept from our childhood,
Through life’s troubles will faithfully stay.

For whether it’s kept in a bookcase,
Or lying on top of one’s bed,
A teddy bear waits for it’s owner,
With eyes wide awake in it’s head.

And if all the world’s children were given,
The gift of a soft teddy bear,
We should see their glad faces,
Reflecting love and goodwill everywhere.

© S.E.S

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