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A Heart's Sunset

Over the ocean, its waves are silent where they sleep;
a pleasing yellow orb of fire drops down to be swallowed by the ocean.
The orb's rays of light slice through the water.
Down and deeper it cuts
This is the magnificent beauty of the sunset.
Everyone has one in there heart.
Can you find your sunset?
A priceless sight that the heart can conjure,
as the orb seeps below the horizon, to the signify the dawning of the new day.
The new day will bring new changes and people.
To see their faces and be happy
But that will depend on your heart.
What shape is your heart in?
Your feelings will make your sunset.
Your sunset could be a happy or a sad sunset.
Your happy to start the new day for sunrise,
or your sad to see the day go
Maybe it was the last day of seeing someone.
Then that would be a sad sunset
Always watch your sunset.
Then your sunrise comes...

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